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The World Online Chapter 1041

Chapter 1041 A Mighty Lord Falls

As time was of the essence, Ouyang Shuo was not in the mood to play games.

Looking out at Kublai Khan, Ouyang Shuo decisively tore a speed talisman. A white light shone across, and the three thousand Divine Martial Guards became like a lightning, chasing after Kublai Khan.

"Kublai Khan, you still want to run?" Ouyang Shuo hollered.

Hearing those words, the advancing Kublai Khan suddenly jolted and slowly stopped, turning around his horse.

Kublai Khan was a formidable person. Since he could not escape, he could only face him head on. He was riding on a precious Ferghana horse, and at his waist, there was a golden blade. He looked on without fear.

With a 'Shua!', Kublai Khan pulled out the golden blade. Under the sunlight, it shone brightly, "Who are you, report your name!"

Ouyang Shuo walked to the front of the troops. He tightly grabbed on the Tianmo Spear in his hand and said, "I am the Xia King!"

"It's you?"

Kublai Khan's eyes focused, as he did not expect that the person in front of him would actually be the famed player representative.

"Since that's the case, let's have a king versus king battle. Do you dare?" Kublai Khan was really confident in his personal strength. He was trying to make a final gamble to find a way to live from the dead.

Ouyang Shuo saw through his thoughts and smiled, "Who does not dare?" As he spoke, the two of them charged out of their forces and engaged one another.


The Tianmo Spear and the golden blade brushed past one another and sparks flew.

Gaia had evidently strengthened Kublai Khan. In just the first engage, Ouyang Shuo could feel that Kublai Khan possessed exceptional strength. His power was equal to his own, and he was really terrifying.

The golden blade was also really great, as there was no marks on it when it cut down on the Tianmo Spear.

The golden blade technique that Kublai Khan used was also really exquisite, and it was no weaker than Ouyang Shuo's spear technique. This was an equal strength battle, and it would be hard to decide a victor.

Seeing this, Ouyang Shuo went all out. Coordinating with Little Green, he adjusted his personal combat strength to his peak level. He rotated the primordial energy in his body and injected it into the Tianmo Spear.

All of a sudden, a storm like attack covered Kublai Khan.

Kublai Khan was slow to react, and he was forced on the back foot right away. Ouyang Shuo saw the chance and went all out. The Tianmo Spear turned into a black shadow and totally covered Kublai Khan within it.

When the Mongol cavalry saw that, they were all really nervous.


The Personal Guards of Kublai Khan saw that things were getting out of hand, so they wanted to advance to help out.

When Xu Chu saw that, he gritted his teeth and did not saying anything. Apart from leaving his Personal Guards to lock down the situation, he brought the remaining Divine Martial Guards over.

The entire battlefield instantly became chaotic.

Under the attacks of the Divine Martial Guards, Kublai Khan's forces were being forced back. Them getting crushed was just a matter of time. Once they dealt with the Personal Guards, it would be the death date of Kublai Khan.

Kublai Khan obviously knew that. As such, with a 'Dang!', the two of them passed one another once more.

"Scoff, do not get too gleeful!"

After Kublai Khan stopped, he did not rush to attack. Instead, he let out a roar toward the heavens. Hearing the sound, it was like the howl of a wolf.

Along with the wolf roar, an image appeared behind Kublai Khan's back. It grew bigger and bigger and looked even more real. Upon closer inspection, it was a really lifelike golden wolf head that was half as tall as a man.

The blood red eyes of the wolf looked like those of a devil.

The moment the golden wolf head appeared, not only Kublai Khan, but even the Mongol Personal Guards jolted to their senses. It was like they were injected with adrenaline, and their combat strength doubled.

When Ouyang Shuo saw that, his eyes focused. He suddenly thought about the red dragon of Liu Bang during the Battle of Julu. Both of them were really similar.

"The son of heaven? Really interesting!"

The wolf was the symbol of the Mongols. As the representative Kehan of the Mongols, legends had it that he was the reincarnation of the wolf king.

Ouyang Shuo was not afraid, as the imperial seal he had on him was the nemesis of all demons and gods. Back then, it was still in a sealed state, yet it could still subdue the red dragon of Liu Bang, much less now.

Just as Ouyang Shuo activated it, the purple dragon that was locked up in the Great Xia Vassal opened up its eyes, leaving the vassal and jumping out of Ouyang Shuo's dantian.

The purple dragon appeared once more. Very quickly, it transformed into a giant dragon as it started flying above the skies of the north barracks.


The dragon roar spread through the wilderness.

The moment the purple dragon appeared, Ouyang Shuo's sharp senses noticed that the golden wolf head was stunned, and its sentient eyes looked like it was about to back off.

However, before the golden wolf head could do anything, the purple dragon jumped down, opening its mouth and swallowing it up.


Kublai Khan immediately let out a pained shout. It was like a spirit was being torn away from him body. His entire person shriveled, losing the aura he had before, and his eyes became devoid of energy.

The purple dragon did not care.


The purple dragon did a human-like burp. It looked at Ouyang Shuo gently before disappearing. Once again, it hid inside the Great Xia Vassal.

Obviously, the golden wolf head was a huge nourishment for the purple dragon. This fellow was digesting it within the imperial vassal. Ouyang Shuo was thinking that maybe the purple dragon could evolve once more after it digested the golden wolf head.

The scenes from before were too shocking and too quick, dazzling everyone.

Ouyang Shuo was really clear, and he noticed the unusual look of Kublai Khan. He rode on Little Green and charged toward Kublai Khan, and the Tianmo Spear stabbing into his chest like a lightning bolt.


Kublai Khan had just awakened; unfortunately, it was already too late.

A mighty lord of a generation had fallen just like that.

"Your majesty!"

Seeing Kublai Khan die in battle, his Personal Guards went crazy, charging at Ouyang Shuo without a care about their lives. Obviously, Xu Chu would not let them do what they wanted, and he ordered the Divine Martial Guards to take them out.

"Do not leave any of them!" Xu Chu ordered.

Ouyang Shuo did not care about any of that. After landing on the ground, he confidently walked toward Kublai Khan. As expected, he saw three shining items.

One was a weapon, which was Kublai Khan's golden blade.

Name: Mongol Golden Knife (God Weapon)

Hardness: 87

Sharpness: 90

Toughness: 82

Specialty: Weapon Breaker (when a weapon's hardness is lower than the golden blade's, there's a chance that it will be directly broken).

Evaluation: the Mongol Saint weapon, the symbol of the Mongol Kehan, it has great meaning. If used along with the golden blade knife technique, its strength would be even greater.

The second item was the golden blade knife technique, which was a Gold Rank cultivation technique.

Taking these two items, Ouyang Shuo felt that they were a little scalding to the hand. After he returned to the main map, once the Mongol tribe entered the wilderness, they would stop at nothing to take these things back.

Great Xia and the Mongol tribe did not have a chance to live in peace since the start.

The last item was a mysterious ball of light. Looking at it, Ouyang Shuo finally revealed a happy expression. After using one summoning card and an adored talisman, he finally got something worth it in return.

Soul of the Cavalry (stamina): After use, permanently raises the stamina of the dynasty cavalry forces by 80%.

Maybe it was because the Mongol cavalry were famous for their stamina. As a result, such an item was dropped. This was a really practical item, as Great Xia had millions of cavalry troops, and all of them would benefit.

From this point onward, the Great Xia cavalry would become the stuff of nightmares.

Apart from that, Ouyang Shuo linked it to many other things. From the item, this was evidently a new tool.

This meant that there would be other souls as well as other branches apart from stamina.

Gaia really did not lack tricks.

Very quickly, the Personal Guards of Kublai Khan were wiped out by the Divine Martial Guards. Along with the death of Kublai Khan, the Battle of Yashan also came to an end.

When Ouyang Shuo led his troops back to the battlefield in the north, the Mongol cavalry had already backed off like a flood.

Along with them was Zhang Hongfan.

When Ouyang Shuo heard that, regret rose up in his heart. Not killing him on the battlefield would probably give rise to more problems in the wilderness.

Luckily, in this Battle Map, they had won in the end.

Wave after wave of cheers broke out from within Lin'an city. The civilians were immersed in unconcealable joy, and it was like each one of them was reborn from the flames of war.

Ouyang Shuo and the others look at such a scene. Although they knew it was just a fake one designed by Gaia, they still could not hide their pride and joy.

At least in this battle, the Chinese had developed their potential and fighting spirit.

Following which, the battle notification sounded out.

"Battle Notification: The Battle of Yashan officially ends, South Song camp has successfully turned around history."
"Battle Notification: The Battle of Yashan has ended, tabulating added battle contribution points based on players' participation in the battle."
A System Notification immediately sounded out by Ouyang Shuo's ear.

"System Notification: Player Qiyue Wuqi, South Song camp player representative, uniting the Lin'an people, planning the murder of the enemy leader, contributed greatly, awarded 80 thousand battle contribution points."

Gaia's evaluation of Ouyang Shuo in this Battle Map was quite good.

Since there were only six Lords left, the rankings were quickly updated.

1st: Qiyue Wuyi- 1700000 points
2nd: Di Chen- 1200000 points
3rd: Xiong Ba- 720000 points
4th: Feng Qiuhuang- 650000 points
5th: Zhan Lang- 550000 points
6th: Chun Shenjun- 500000 points

During this battle, in terms of just proper Mongol troops, they had killed 400 thousand. Along with the support troops, the South Song camp had killed over 500 thousand enemies. As a result, each and every Lord made a killing.

Due to Xiong Ba having Wuqi and also being a part of the Grand Council, he got a higher placing than Feng Qiuhuang.