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The World Traveller Adventure Of An Otaku Chapter 11

Max drifted in and out of consciousness for what seemed to him like days. He saw various pieces and bits of things, some he could recognize and some things he could not. A man long vermilion hair and markings around his eyes who appeared to be carrying him, the face of Mimosa above, and then an unfamiliar ceiling. This was the last thing he saw before he passed out for good, drifting off to realm of unconscious people.

Max hated the feeling of being unconscious, it wasnt the same as being asleep. Sleep was comforting, refreshing and you never really know when you drift off to sleep, you just nod off without even realizing it. Being unconscious however was an entirely different sensation from sleep, one in which you were forced into a state of dormancy, where you felt as if you were floating in an endless sea of darkness. The only good part about being unconscious was the part where you woke up, the relief spreading throughout your very being.



System- Having previously detected that the users health was below 20%, the user had been sent into an unconscious state. The user's health now, however, has once again risen above 50% enabling the use of Auto Recovery.

Estimated Full Recovery Time- 3 Days 23 Hours 56 Seconds

Until the time of full recovery, all Speed type magic shall be rediverted to accelerating the healing process.

Now returning user to consciousness


Max barely had time to read the popup that appeared in his head before it vanished, almost as fast as it had come. A wave of energy passed over him, feeling began to return to his body, and finally he was able to open his eyes.

The unfamiliar ceiling didn't surprise him too much as he had caught a glimpse of it earlier. No, what surprised him the most was that the tall figure with vermilion hair was still in the room, standing in the corner, his eyes never leaving Max. Max's own eyes met his, and the man smiled before walking up to him, though slowly and with traces of caution in his steps, as if he found Max to be some sort of dangerous entity.

"Good, your awake....its good to see that you woke up, and only a day after you nearly died." The man said with a rather deep voice. "My name's Fuegoleon Vermilion, its a pleasure to meet you."

Max didnt know what to say, or rather anything he did say would've been inappropriate to say in the current situation. It was far too soon for him to meet with the captain of the currently ranked #2 magic knight squad in the Clover Kingdom. He couldn't figure out if his luck was good or freaking horrible, just that it was 6 months too early to meet a captain without mental preparation.

"Yes," was all he managed to get out as Max attempted to sit up. However, right in the middle of pushing himself up, a sharp pain exploded across various areas on his chest, stomach, and thighs. The feeling was excruciatingly painful, causing him to fall back onto his back. It was then that Max noticed the numerous bandages that surrounded his body.

The blanket had hidden them from his sight and he didnt exactly feel them when he woke up, but he wasn't too surprised as he knew he was wounded from battle. However, recalling what the Fuegoleon had just said, it seemed that he had been on the verge of death. The last attack.....he remembered it clearly as if it had just happened, the spears of water flying towards him while he stood there helplessly without any mana left in his system. The image was quite haunting!

"You shouldn't be trying to get up so soon after we bandaged you or you'll just reopen up those wounds." Fuegoleon explained sitting in the edge of the bed. "To be honest your lucky to even be alive, since Mimosa completey refused to heal you. She said that you should take it as punishment for acting recklessly. Although I think she had a different reason altogether for not healing you."

"What reason would that be?" Max asked curiously as the pain began to fade into a light throbbing sensation. He couldn't understand the reason why she would just leave him hanging, other then the fact that he had been to cocky and reckless. If he had used his grimoire from the start, he no doubt would've been hurt a lot less or maybe even have won the fight.

"Think about it, we're currently in one if the manor that houses the nobles and royals of House Vermilion, can you guess whose house it is?" Fuegoleon asked with a small smirk, acting like a patient teacher lecturing a student.

"Yours?" Max asked, though not totally serious as he had already guessed who house it was, but it seemed ridiculous when you think about it. He had barely met the girl yesterday, and he had even lied to her about a number of things, he certainly wasn't anyone that deserved to be treated kindly.

Fuegoleon shook his head and laughed softly before leaning closer and whispering to him, "We're currently residing in the house of Mimosa Vermilion, one of my cousins." He leaned back and tapped the diamond shaped burn mark on his forehead. "Just think about what that could imply. Anyways, I have to leave for now, you rest up. There are a couple questions that I want answered but you should take this opportunity to rest up."

Fuegoleon stood up from bedside and strolled over to the door, placing his hand on the doorknob. He suddenly stopped, smiled, and looked back at Max with a gleam in his eyes. "It appears you have a guest, try and behave yourself while this person is here or you'll end up with a lot more wounds than the ones you currently have."

With those departing words of wisdom, Fuegoleon left the room, and before the door closed, in walked Mimosa wearing her usual puffy clothes. She glanced over at Max, saw he was awake, ran over and jumped into his arms. It was hard to say what hurt Max more, the pain from when she landed in his arms or the tears that streamed down her face and soaked into his bandages, but nevertheless it still hurt him. Even though he was in pain however, he grit his teeth and didnt utter a single sound as Mimosa hugged him.

It took a couple of minutes, but she finally pulled herself together, and when she did, the first words out of her mouth were used to verbally assault him. "You stupid idiot," She said, wiping the tears from her eyes. "Why the hell did you do that? Do you know how worried I was?"

"Why would you be worried about me?" Max asked with a small smile. "You only met me yesterday. Did you fall for me already? I was planning to have you fall for me, but I never expected to have it happen so soon." He laughed a little before receiving a punch to the gut for his joke.

"You don't need to tease me," She said as she retracted her fist from his stomach. "Your far too weak to have been so reckless. You may have magic thats close to even that of senior magic knights but you don't have enough combat experience to utilize it. Jumping head first into battle with three opponents right off the bat was just plain stupid and cocky."

Mimosa reached over and touched his bandages, looking at them with a rather sad expression, before gritting her teeth. "There are six months until the Magic Knight Entrance exam. I'm assuming you'll be trying out?"

Max sighed inwardly, but not because of the punch to his gut but rather that this current Mimosa was nothing like the Mimosa from the manga or anime. Though she was still kind and caring, she was far more violent and strong-willed then her anime counterpart.

"Yeah, thats the plan," Max said after thinking about his answer. "I was gonna use the money I won from that fight to pay for a hotel or rent a house over in the Common realm. Seing as how I lost that fight though, I dont see that happening." He began to unconsciously tap his chin again.

Mimosa shook her head. "Denied, you'll be staying here!! It's already been decided, and I've even cleared it over with my family." She walked over to the wall and leaned against it. "The simple reason being that we want to monitor your health and see if there are no long terms ramifications from the battle you fought in."

Mimosa then broke out into a small smile, one that made Max's heart feel all warm and mushy, at least until she spoke again. "Also, you'll be doing personal training with another cousin of mine. She's doing this as a favor for her brother, Fuegoleon."

Max's brain stalled for a second before it finally clicked on who she was talking about. A hint of worry began to build up in his heart, but he managed to keep a straight face. "So, whose the one that'll be training me?" Max asked although he was almost positive that he knew the answer.

Mimosa smirked a little, seemingly amused by something before answerinf his question. "Her name is Mereleona Vermilion." She began to laugh but quickly recovered, the laugj forming into a quick giggle. "Consider it punishment for making me worry."

She pushed herself off the wall and began walking to the door, but was stopped when Max called out to her. She turned back and looked at him with a quesitoning gaze. "Don't you know healing magic? How come you didnt just heal me?" Max asked with a bit of curiosity.

Mimosa's face blanched for a second before it evolved into a full on blush that was almost the same shade as her hair. She turned around so he couldnt see her face and muttered something under her breath. "What?" Max asked, slightly confused.

"I said, its because I wanted to take care of you personally. Magic isnt the same as natural healing, I want make sure that your back to full strength." Mimosa turned around and walked out the door, stopping to say one more thing. "If thats all you need then I'll take my leave. So get some rest!"

Max just watched her walk out the door before face palming himself and pushing himself up into a sitting position, ignoring the pain. The excuse she had gave to him had been so lame, it was so obvious that it was a lie that even a stupid man could figure it out. She had probably took him to her home without healing him in order to gain sympathy from her parents and guilt trip them into letting him live here for the time being. She then had to keep up the excuse by wrappong him up in bandages. If she had healed him on the spot, then he would still be on the streets instead of lying in a rather large room meant for nobles and royalty.

Max made a mental note to thank her for going through so much trouble for him, even though he was only a commoner. At least in this aspect, her personality was still the same as in the anime and manga. He didnt have to worry about what he was gonna do about living arrangements, showering, or food related tasks. At this point in time all he really had to do was worry about surviving the ensuing 6 months that awaited him, because with a teacher like Mereleona Vermilion all one could hope to do was survive.

Max shook his head and lay back down on the bed, deciding to leave later problems to a later version of Max. He closed his eyes and drifted into the realm of sleep and dreams.