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The World Traveller Adventure Of An Otaku Chapter 12

Max only slept for about 3 hours before waking up, but he still felt remarkably refreshed for such a short rest. He was even able to stand up, however he couldnt move his arms very well yet, and he still felt rather weak, almost like he couldnt stand up. It was then that the fact that he had been completely naked finally registered with him. His whole bottom half had been bandaged, and this fact made him feel slighty uncomfortable. It didnt matter who did it, Mimosa or Fuegoleon, because he considered both of them too unfamiliar to be taking a look at his junk. While he wasn't ashamed of others looking at him naked, that only applied to when he was fully conscious. It fully bothered him when he thought about bandaging his naked body while he out cold.

Well, there wasn't anything to be done about it so he didnt let it bother him too much. What was done was done, there wasn't any way that he could change it so no use bringing it up. Max took a shaky step forward and quickly realized that he would need support if he wanted to get around.

Placing a hand on the wall, Max leaned against it as he began a slow unsteady walk towards the door. It was just like during when he first died, when he had woken up naked in that bizarre hallway. It all felt painfully slow, but at least this time he had something on, even if it was just bandages. By the time he reached the door, he was covered in sweat and desperately need of a shower.

Max opened the door and peeked his head out, looking left and right. After making sure thayt no one was there, he stepped out. The place he was currently was just a hallway, but this one had multiple doors on each side of them, every one of them had intricate designs carved into it, with every one containing their own unique patterns.

"This must be how they know what behind each door. However, they could have at least had one that has a bathroom sign on it. The fact that they didnt even have a bathroom in the room is stupid." Max mentally sighed as he began walking down the hallway, checking each and every door in search of the legendary bathroom that's said to appear every once in every ten years.

The first couple of doors on the left side contained only bedrooms, which led Max to believe that there was actually a number of people living in this house. The next room was where things got complicated, but not for him as he didn't see anything wrong with it.

This door had intricate designs of roses on them and even had a name on it, but Max was in a hurry and didnt even bother to read it. Actually, he should have known better since this was usually how cliches and misunderstandings came into play in cheesy animes. However, he wasnt thinking straight and opened the door anyways without thinking about it.

The room itself was gorgeous! The walls were painted pink with numerous roses scattered along them, and the furniture was top class, probably suited to fit the latest fashion of this world. However, this all compared to the beauty in front of him. She had long vermilion colored hair and bright green and sported a matching set of lacy pink bra and panties. If this had been an anime, blood would have definitely started pouring from his nose.

Of course, the beauty in front of him was Mimosa, but to be honest he didnt have time to appreciate her voluptuous body, as a book came soaring at him followed by an embarassed scream. "You pervert, either learn to read or learn to knock." The book nailed him in the forehead and hit him with such force that he not only fell on his ass, but blood even trailed down from the wound on his forehead.

The door slammed shut and the sound of cursing could be heard from the other end. Max just shook his head and struggled to stand up, rubbing the blood away with the back of his hand. "You couldve at least told me the way to the bathroom." He shouted as he began walking away.

There was the sound of a bang from behind the door and then the sound of a lock turning. The door opened ever so slightly and Mimosa peeked her head out. "You wanted to take a bath? In your condition?"

Max turned around and stared at her, obvious confusion in his face. "Um yeah, how else am I gonna get clean? You expect me to go the next couple of days without so much as one single bath?" After watching so much anime, he already knew where she was about to go with this, but it was still important to go through the motions. He didn't plan on being one of those weak, dim witted protagonists who couldnt even tell when a girl or woman was hitting on him.

Mimosas face slowly turned red as she stepped out into the hallway, her pink underwear a sharp contrast to her light skin complexion. "My cousin said that I have to take care of you. Don't think too much of it as I'm only doing what I was told." Her face had become so red that Max wouldnt have been too surprised if steam had started pouring out of her ears.

"So what your saying is," Max said, a smirk spreading across his face. "That you wanna take a bath with me? Sounds like your moving forward very are very cute but I'm not sure how I feel about being seduced so suddenly." He would've kept going with his joke, but was interrupted by a strong punch to his gut.

"Don't get the wrong idea pervert, I'm just gonna wash your back for you." Mimosa said as she pulled her fist away from his stomach. "There will be no intimate contact, I'm only watching to make sure nothing happens to you, and if you do anything too brash or indecent.....well, I dont need magic to kick your ass while your in this sorry state." With these words Mimosa walked off towards the bathroom, gesturing for him to follow.

Max gave a low cough, spitting out a bit of blood but didnt say anything as he followed closely behind her. She was so much different from the anime that it was scary, she was almost like Noelle Silva, a tsundere girl who had a crush on Asta in the original anime. It was quite disconcerting, because now he would be unable to predict what she would do in the future and how she would respond to his words in the future. He already knew she was crushing on him, he would have to be a moron to NOT notice all the obvious signs. However, if he had to deal with more of those punches in the near future, he wasn't sure that he wanted to get closer to this rather violent female.

Mimosa stopped by a door with wave designs carved into its door and pointed at it, gazing at Max's face with her own rather red face. "This is the bath, I'll go in first and get into the onsen first and then you follow after, I dont want you staring at me with your perverted gaze."

She blushed a bit more before opening the door and slammed it shut behind her. She was acting very much like a tsundere, clearly unable to express how she really felt. It wasn't a bad thing, but if one were a dense protagonist (cough -Asta -cough) then it could easily be seen as someone who was veing rude.

It took three minutes, but to Max it felt like hours. "Why do women always take so long to get ready?" Max muttered to himself as he leaned against the wall. This may not have seemed like a long time but it would take any guy no longer then thirty seconds to strip down and climb into a hot tub. On top of that, all she had on was a bra and panties, so what would she be doing for the other 2 minutes, assuming it took her one minute to get undressed.

"Okay, you can come in," she said, her voice travelling through the door. Max muttered silently so himself as he pushed open the door and walked inside. "Its about damn time, what took you so long." Max closed the door behind him and stepped forward.

There were a small staircase that lead to a couple of cabinets and dressers that one could place his clothes on. The bathroom was actually pretty large, about the size of a master bedroom, the onsen taking up about three- fifths of the entire bathroom. It was an altogether a true japanese experience, one that Max greatly appreciated.

"Wow, this is a nice bathroom," Max said with a small grin as he began unwrapping the cloth that had been covering him. He ignored Mimosa completely because he didnt want to start bleeding from his nose. He had never seen a naked female before let alone a beauty like Mimosa and he didnt want to look like an idiot.

After he took off all the bandages from his top, he began to unwrap the bandages from the bottom half, but was quickly interrupted by a noise made by Mimosa. Max took a quick peek at her and was slightly relieved that she had buried herself in the water all the way up to her chin, peering up at him from the water. He didnt have any objections to people staring at his naked body so he kept going and unwrapped everything from his lower body. He walked over to the onsen and stopped as Mimosa began to cough and spit out water.

"You okay?" He asked in concern as he stepped into the tub, his eyes on Mimosa's back as she coughed up the water she had inhaled. He was honestly confused about why she had suddenly inhaled water, but didnt put too much thought into it.

Mimosa just nodded at his question and ignored him. She had been embarassed at first but now she was slightly in awe. His body wasn't anything too amazing, at least it wasn't jacked like a body builder, but the wounds made by the fight earlier made his body seem much more manly and cool. However the problem wasn't with his upper half but rather his lower one, in fact just thinking about it made her face feel hot.

Max grabbed the soap and clean rag that was next to the onsen and began the tedious process of washing his body. The warm water was killer on his body and the wounds he had suffered, but it also felt rather good. It was as if all his cares were being washed away, eahc and every ache and muscle cramp was slowly loosening up.

It took a while, but he finally finished washing his front half, and, upon seeing that Mimosa was gonna be absolutely no help whatsoever, he began washing his own back. "Well, you should wash yourself Mimosa, otherwise whats the points of getting into the bath with me? You just wanna get closer to me? Haven't you ever seen a guy naked before?" He would've kept going but he once again received a fist against his abdomen, causing him to lean forward slightly.

"Why do you have to talk?" She asked, her face completely red as she floated over to the edge and quickly climbed out. Max was able to catch a brief glance at her body before she wrapped herself in a towel. He nodded his.head in appreciation for what he observed in that brief moment as blood began to flow from his nose. She turned back once and looked at him before walking towards the door and slamming it shut behind her.