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The World Traveller Adventure Of An Otaku Chapter 13

Max stayed in the bath for about ten more minutes, enjoying the hot water surrounding his entire being. It was his very first time inside of an onsen and he wanted to fully enjoy the experience. Back in his own world, he was one of those people who would stay in the hot shower for 15 minutes, even after he finished washing himself clean. There was something about hot water that made him feel so much better.

After he was satisfied with the soak, he placed his hands on the sides of the onsen and, with great difficulty, began to push himself up. Due to his wounds, he could barely muster up enough strength to even do a single pushup, let alone get out of the onsen. However, he was somehow able to manage this spectacular feat after expending much effort. If he hadnt already been wet, he would've been soaked in sweat as he rolled onto the floor. "Damn it Mimosa, next time we take a bath, make sure its in one that has stairs." He grumbled as he slowly stood up.

Max stretched his body and began walking towards the door, not bothering to put his wrapping back on. He needed real clothes, not wrapping that made him feel and looked like some sort of walking mummy. He walked up the stairs, strolled over to the door, and opened it. The whole trip from the onsen to the door took more then thirty minutes, when it should have taken only thirty seconds. However, it seemed that his wounds were beginning to act up again as pain started spreading throughout his whole body. It made it hard to move his body but it wasnt entirely impossible, it just took marginally longer tjen it normally would've.

After opening the door, Max stuck his head out and looked back and forth to make sure that no one was there before stepping out, closing the door behind him. Now all he had to do was make it back to his room before anyone could see him. However the wounds were really gonna get in his way, though he didnt really have much of a choice. After going through the choices in his head, he began walking towards his room at a rather fast speed, tbis being the only chouce he coukd come up with, him being opposed to flagging down someone woth his junk hanging out for everyone to see.

Max was about halfway there when he felt a cold chill run up his spine. It wasn't from the cold but rather it felt like it had more to do with battle instinct then actual chills. Without even thinking about it, Max pushed himself forward, regardless of injuries he had suffered, and rolled a couple of feet before struggling to a sitting position.

This was actually a rather wise move as it turned out that the spot he had been standing in looked to have been burned black. Standing behind the black spot with glowing grimoire beside her, was a tall woman with long vermilion hair which by itself was already an indicator of who she was. However, it was the Crimson Lions magic knights emblem that pointed out who she was. Mereleona Vermillion, a woman with a hostile attitude and a short temper. This woman had appeared in the manga but thats all he really knew about her as the manga hadnt gone too in depth of her. Also, he couldn't really let her know that he knew who she was or he would just put himself in suspicion. He had to play this next part smartly or it wouldn't end badly.

"You have good reflexes for someone who was almost killed in battle." She noted as she took a step forward, her blue eyes taking him in. It was probably his imagination or just him trying to appease his own vanity but he felt that her eyes lingered over his lower half for a bit longer then necessary.

"And You have some great hinor for attacking a man while he isn't looking." Max shot back as he stood up with great difficulty. His body was screaming in pain, but he shook it off, unwilling to let down his guard. This woman was someone who would beat him to a pulp over something as small as a cough. No doubt she tried to hit him for walking around naked.

She laughed lightly as she took another step forward, a smile flashing across her face. "Oh, a feisty one...Im gonna go ahead and assume that your the one who I've been called to train? The one who wields two types of magic?" She glanced over him once more and smirked. "You look like a boy, but I guess your more grown up then I thought you were."

She closed her grimoire and walked past him. "I left clothes on your bed earlier so go and change into those, lest someone mistake you for a pervert and attempt to burn you to a crisp." She waved her hand as she walked away and turned the corner.

It was only when she had turned the corner that Max let out a sigh of relief and continued his walk towards his own room. He exerted a bit too much energy from that encounter, but he had more then enough stamina to make it back to his room. He opened the door and walked inside, gripping his sides as he walked slowly, closing the door behind him.

The first thing that stood out when he entered the room were the clothes. They were a bit too extravagant, especially the hoodie...they actually looked like something from his own world. There was a pitch black form fitting t-shirt and black jeans. The hoodie was a dark navy blue with fur or some sort of gray fluff lining the rim of the hood itself, this outfit even came with a keychain, but seemed to have some sort of emblem of the Black Bulls in it. All in all, the outfit looked as if it cost quite a bit, and was actually deeply touched by their thoughtfulness.

He slid on the shirt and was actually surprised by how well it fit. They must've taken his measurements while he was asleep, not even bothering to ask him if it was alright. Still though, it was still better then anything he had ever owned back when he had been living in his original world. He slid on his boxers and then the jeans with some difficulty, then his hoody was the last to come on followed by his keychain. It all fit like a glove and made him feel snug and comfortable rather then being tight and uncomfortable like most tight clothing he had worn before.

"Well, damn, if I had a mirror right now, I bet I would look great." He said with a small smirk, just imagining how Mimosa would react, especially with her blushing red face. He was just about to go and ask her what she thought when his gut started growling, his stomach informing him that he needed food inside him pronto. "Well, I guess we should get some food before anything else, haven't really eaten anything since I got to this world."

Max Walked over to the door and stuck his head out, looking both ways before stepping outside and closing his door behind him. He was still in guard from earlier and wasn't willing to become complacent just because she had walked off to another room.

He then began the search for food, walking down the hallway and peeking through doors. He was just about to give up after 17 fialed attempts when the next door lead to a huge dining room filled with tables and chairs. The tables themselves were filled with food, and sitting at the table were 5 people, upon which he recognized four of them.

The guy on the far left was Fuegoleon Vermilion, with his usual serious look on his face. The guy next to him was someone who was easily recognizable as the captain of the Silver Eagles, Nozel Silv, whom Max actually held a deep rooted hatred for (stemming from how he abused his sister, Noelle Silva, in the anime). The one on the other side was Mimosa, sitting there politely with a cup of tea in her hands. looking slightly bored. The fourth one was Mereleona, who was currently looking at him with a mixture of a smirk and appreciation, obviously admiring the way the clothes looked at him. The last guy was someone who he didnt know about, but felt like he had seen before.

He was a young man with long side-parted hair that was tied back and had a single braid going across his hairline and a thin band around his head. He had two dark hanging earrings and sported the Coral Peacock vest. The man bore a striking resemblance to Mimosa which lead Max to believe that he was a sibling of hers. He seemed so familiar but Max just couldn't place a finger on it.

"Oh, Max, welcome, come sit down," Fuegoleon exclaimed, motioning for Max to come over and gesturing to an open chair next to Mimosa. For some reason he was giving Max the distinct feeling that he was trying to play match maker. However, he decided to take a seat next to Mimosa anyways even though it was also next to Mereleona, who was giving him a small laugh.

"So Max, we were just dicussing things about you." Fuegoleon explained as Max reached unabashedly for the food situated at the center of the table. He began piling the food onto his own plate even though he knew that it wasnt proper table manners.

"I apologize for what I'm doing in advance Mr. Fuegoleon, but I haven't eaten in three days." Max explained as he loaded up his plate. He was actually immensely sorry but was unable to help himself after getting a single wiff of all this food."

"How disgusting, commoners lack both decency and beauty," muttered the boy at the other end of the table. Max stopped midbite, in the middle of eating a delicacy that was rather unique to the world. He gazed over at the boy, a strong dislike of the man taking root in his mind.

"Brother," Mimosa exclaimed incredulously, unable to accept what he was saying. "Take that back right now, Max is both of those things and more!! Having just met him, you should watch what you say before you get to know him."

Every eye in the room shifted over to Max, who had set his food back down onto the plate, his gaze fixed upon the man in front of him. He stared at ths man with cold eyes for a full minute before turning his attention back to his food. "If you apologize right now, then I promise we can let bygones be bygones. However if you cannot, then you will have made yourself a future enemy."

The room was dead silent, but it was mainly becuase everyone was shocked that Max had dared say that to a royal. After merely 5 seconds of this silence, two major sources of magic power exploded into being and filled the entire room. This energy alone was enough to suppress even a commoner with exceptional ability, but for some reason Max didnt feel anything.

"Nozel, Kirsch, retract your magic this instant," Shouted Fuegoleon, the only one in the room who hadnt reacted in the slightest. "You should be ashamed, pressuring an injured youth with your mana just becuase of a few words." He sighed in exasperation before turning his attention to Max. "As I was saying, I wanted to talk to you about something Max."

Max turned his attention towards Fuegoleon, thinking about what it was that this man wanted, but, after being unable to guess wbat it was, he simply nodded for him to continue.

"I want you to join the Crimson Lions during the Magic Knights entrance exam in six months." Fuegoleon explained with a small smile.