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The World Traveller Adventure Of An Otaku Chapter 14

In the original storyline of the Black Clover anime and manga, there was a group known as The Eye of The Midnight Sun, which targeted the Clover Kingdom. In the battle ensuing battle they managed to not only ambush Fuegoleon, but also managed to cut off his right arm. Due to this incident, Fuegoleon, severely injured and with only one arm, was unable to return to service as a captain and was replaced by his sister Mereleona, the one who was assigned to teach him. Things actually would've turned out much differently if Asta had known what he was doing, but following this mindset, Max had a great idea on how he could prevent Fuegoleon from losing his arm. While it meant changing the original story completely, it wasn't much of a problem for him after taking into account that he never had to follow the original plot line anyways. Of course, he would have to be smart about the way he went about doing it.

"Sorry, but I'll have to refuse your offer," Max replied, picking up a chicken leg, the only food that he recognized on his plate. "I already have a group that I want to join." He took a bite of his chicken, making sure to keep his manners as he chewed the food with his mouth closed.

Fuegoleon nodded his head, expecting the answer. After all, a kid with his abilities would strive for nothing less then the best, he would want to join the #1 magic knight squad instead of settling for second best. It was only natural, and this kid could almost definitely reach this goal if he worked hard enough.

"I completely understand," Fuegoleon said, retaining his warm smile. "Its only natural that you'd want to join the Golden Dawn. No other place in the Clover Kingdom would suit you better then the number one spot."

Max shook his head almost immediately, and made sure to swallow his food before replying. "Your making a small assumption Mr. Fuegoleon, that I'm thinking about joining the Golden Dawn. I'm actually planning on joining the Black Bulls, believe it or not."

The room became dead silent once again, not a soul made a sound. Max however was unaffected by the tense atmosphere and continued to eat his food like nothing was wrong. He knew they'd be surprised by his honest answer, but he had no way of knowing that he had offended not only Fuegoleon but Nozel Silva as well. For someone to turn down the rank #2 Magic Knight squad for the worst of the worst magic knights was a huge insult to not only The Crimson Lions but to all the magic squads.

Fuegoleon simply cleared his throat and nodded his head, deciding to overlook the insult to his honor and turn the other cheek. It would do him no good to start a fight with a commoner, lest word get out and ruin his reputation. So he simply, folded his hands together and sat silently, looking as polite as ever.

"However," Max continued after swallowing some more of his food. "I do have a proposition for you, one I'm sure you'll be interested in." Max layed down his fork and wiped his face with a napkin, making everyone else focus on him. He had just given his full attention to Fuegoleon, which he hadnt done since he entered into the room.

"I have a cousin over in the Forbidden realm known as Hage Village, he can't use magic at all, but he has an anti magic that can completely nullify all forms of magic."

Fuegoleon listened to him as he began to tell the story of Asta, his past, his dreams, his goals, and above all else, his amazing strength and combat ability. The longer the story progressed, the more spectacular it sounded, but since it was coming from Max who hadn't proven himself a liar yet, the entire group accepted it as fact without asking too many questions.

After the story ended, Fuegoleon tapped his chin with a curious expression. "I'm just gonna assume that you told me about this particular individual because you not only wanna help him but you want me to have him join my squad."

Max nodded, his eyes passing over Nozel, who still had a rather hostile look on his face. "I know its not my place to ask you to do this for me, but please...Will you accept him into your squad?" Max decided that this time, in order to appease to Fuegoleon's vanity, he opted on lowering himself to the degree of a commoner.

Fuegoleon only mentally debated it for a second. If it was Max's cousin then thats all the proof he needed that this Asta kid would be great magic or no magic, but what intrigued him was the thought of a sword that could literally dispel any kind of magic it could slice through. "Okay, I accept. Just give me his description later and I promise that I'll accept him into my squad, however youll owe me a favor that I get to cash in whenever I want."

"Preposterous," Kirsch shouted, no longer able to contain himself. He had been sitting there waiting for Fuegoleon to reject this filthy commoner for the past minute, but seeing his own cousin readily accept the cousin of this uncouth heathen was much more then could possibly stomach. "Cousin, it was already too generous for this ingrate to be invited to your squad, which he refused. However, not only did he insult you, but he also had the nerve to send you a far weaker commoner in his place."

Mimosa, who had been passively watching everything play out, immediately stood up once Max was being insulted. However, knowing that she was intending to argue with her brother, Max placed his hand on her shoulder and gently pulled her back into her seat, his gold and purple eyes fixated on Kirschs face.

"I got a question for you Kirsch," Max said, taking Mimosas hand below the table so she wouldn't get up again. "What is your issue with me? Is it the fact that I'm a commoner?" As Max finished he held up three fingers on his free hand and showed them to Kirsch, who frowned in disgust.

"Don't shove those disgusting fingers near me, just the sight of you already makes my stomach crawl." He looked away, but couldn't help but ask the question that was on his mind. "Whats the three supposed to mean?"

Max mentally grinned as he took the bait, but managed to keep his face serious. "Three months! In three months time I challenge you to a duel, and if I win, you change your ways on how you view commoners." He lowered his hand and waited for what he assumed was going to happen.

As expected, Kirsch froze in place for a full second before bursting out in cold laughter, one without even a trace of his usual elegance in it. "That's an interesting challenge you offered, but lets say for a second that I play along.....what do I get if I win?"

Max smiled a little before tapping his chin habitually, unaware of the action. "You'll not only receive the honor of besting me in battle and humiliating me, but I'll never again even think about joining a magic knight squad for as long as I live." He flashed a wide smile, before returning to his meal which was almost finished.

"Max, are you sure about this?" Mimosa asked, worried that her friend had completely lost his common sense after almost being killed. He was being far too arrogant, declaring that he could defeat the vice-captain of the Corral Peacocks, a senior ranked magic knight, in just 3 months!!! It was just too crazy to outright admit, and while Max was admittedly stronger then even some of the royals, he didnt even approach the combat experience that her brother had.

"Relax Mimosa, just trust me," Max said, giving her hand a squeeze, his eyes never leaving Kirsch, a hint of amusement visible in his eyes. "Well Kirsch, whats your answer mister royal? You gonna accept or are you gonna shy away from a mere commoner?"

At this point Kirsch was basically a fish with a hook dangling in front of it, and if he responded in any way then he'd be caught hook, line, and sinker. It seemed that Kirsch himself realized this, but he didn't think much of it and readily accepted, giving Max a short nod before standing up and walking away. It wasn't until that Kirsch left, closing the door behind him, that Max let out a relieved sigh.

The others had been watching this show in complete awe, and simply stared at Max as he slowly began to recover his composure. "Well, I'm glad that that's over with.....I think I'll be heading back to my room now if thats okay." Max stood up, letting go of Mimosa's hand.

"Wait just a second, commoner," Said Nozel, not even looking in his direction. "I got a question for you...what did you just do and why did you do it?"

Max paused halfway to the door and clenched his fists. "Do you really think I'd ever speak to scum such as yourself? Someone who'd treat his own sister poorly just because she happened to be born? Just because your mother died giving birth to her? Death doesn't give you a reason for cruelty, it doesnt give you a reason to belittle someone. However, if you wanna know what I did I'll tell you since you dont scare me in the slightest."

Max turned around to face the now frozen Nozel. "I may not be the best mage or the strongest but I assure you that I'm probably the best tactician that you'll ever meet. I wanted to beat some humility into that guy so he'd learn a lesson. He was surprisingly easy to manipulate, and he wasn't exactly the brightest person in the world. It seems that all you royals are good for is flaunting your strength over commoners and acting all high and mighty. Incapable if thinking ahead accept to pick fights and to suppress those weaker then you when you dont get your way."

Max turned around and began walking towards the door, this time with Mimosa following him closely, worry written on her face. Mereleona, who had been watching everything from beginning to end, was slightly amused.

"Max," She called out, lifting a cup of tea to her lips and taking a sip. "Training begins tomorrow, so make sure your ready."

Max raised his hand up and riased a thumb without even turning around, giving everyone a deep impression of him walking away. Max opened the door and walked out into the hallway. He was being fueled by adrenaline, his instincts screaming that he was in danger. Of course, that was to be expected when one insulted the #3 magic knight captain.....there was only so far that you could push someone. The sounds of crashing came from the dining room but Max kept on walking, like it was nothing. It was time to start taking this place more seriously.

Max stopped and turned around, letting Mimosa catch up to him. She had been the only thing that had given him confidence during the whole ordeal and he planned on thanking her for it. "Hey Mimosa, thanks for that before....I greatly appreciate it."

Mimosa stopped and began to blush, her fingers now twiddling together. "What are you thanking me for? I didnt do anything, unless you meant when you held my hand." She held up her hand and her face flushed an even deeper red.

Max laughed mentally before turning around and heading down the hall to his room. "Yeah, thanks, if it wasnt for you then I wouldn't have been brave enough to pull that off. Your hand was nice, so thank you." He didnt stick around to watch her reaction as he continued to walk down the hall.