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The World Traveller Adventure Of An Otaku Chapter 16

Mimosa's heart was racing inside of her chest as she walked down the hallway back towards the dining room. She had just finished talking to Max, who had complimented her, and she was feeling so very special as a woman usually does when she develops a crush. She had known Max for less then two days, but she had already developed a crush on him, she didn't know why either but she didnt really care. She didnt fall for guys for no particular reason, this was actually the very first time she had ever felt this way, which was why her heart was pounding. She didn't know how to act around him, what to do, what she should say. She was a total novice when it came to boys, but she knew someone who could help her understand her feelings and point her in the correct direction.

Mimosa walked up to the door and pushed it open, entering the dinig room where three people sat, seemingly in the middle of a heated argument. Mimosa didn't pay ot any attention as she walked over and plopped down in the seat she had been sitting in previously. The moment she sat down however, the volume of the entire table slowly died down and each pair of eyes shifted to Mimosa. She didn't mind this either as it made the next question she wanted to ask so much easier.

"Cousin Fuegoleon," Mimosa began, a light blush spreading across her cheeks. "What do you know about relationships." She wasn't accustomed to asking these types of questions as this was a brand new territory for her so she was leaving herself very vunerable. She wanted to know how to get closer to Max, but she wasnt sure how to go about it. She wasn't in love with the boy, but she was definitely crushing hard.

The room was dead silent for a couple of seconds before it was finally broken, but it wasn't Fuegoleon who spoke up first but rather Mereleona. "Why do you wanna know about relationships all of a sudden Mimosa?"

Mereleona had a knowing smile on her face as she talked, clearly already knowing what Mimosa was currently feeling. Mimosa looked down shyly at her lap before confessing to the whole table that she had a crush on Max. She went on to explain that she had this feeling in her chest ever since there first meeting, and though the feeling felt warm at first, it started hurting after she watched Max nearly die. The way she described it, it almost sounded like she had a simple attraction to him. However, it was clear to the others that it was far more then that.

Mereleona was about to say something when Nozel stepped in. He let out a cold glare and stepped forward, his gaze piercing and condescending. Deep in his eyes, one could see a deep rooted hatred, but Mimosa could tell it wasnt directed at her.

"So," Nozel Silva began, his voice bland and unfeeling, as if he was talking to someone who was talking to a wall. "Your telling us that you fell head over heels for that commoner piece of trash?"

"Nozel, you shouldn't..." Fuegoleon began but was interrupted as Nozel put his hand up, signaling to back off. He didnt want anyone interfering with him right now. He had so much pent up hatred for the brat who had walked out that at this point, venting on this young girl seemed like a minor thing.

"I'll ask you again.....are you telling me that you, a woman belonging to the royal House Vermilion, fell for a commonef?" Nozel asked, a little more forcefully. His gaze sharpened and coldness began oozing from every part of him.

Mimosa simply nodded, unsure of what she did wrong. She had only meant to come and ask her seniors for advice on how she should proceed with these feelings of hers, she hadn't expected to be interrogated.

Nozel took a step back and let out a sound of disgust, his eyes shifiting away from her and looking into the distance. "You call yourself a royal? You couldn't even call yourself a commoner with your level of strength. The only thing that you'd be useful for right now is support, otherwise you'd just be nothing but dead weight. You wouldn't even be able to stand on the same field as that wretched commoner, let alone get him to reciprocate your feelings."

Nozel glared at the wall behind Mimosa still not looking her in the eyes. "The commoner is rash, reckless, cocky, and above all, he's a filthy piece of trash unworthy of even cleaning the dirt of my feet, and your no better. You develop some feelings for him on the very same day you met him like some filthy whore, and then dare to come and ask us captains for help? Do you understand how indecent your actions are? Do you even comprehend how the foolishness and the stupidity of falling for a mere commoner?"

Mimosa was actually stunned for more then a couple of minutes, unable to comprehend what was coming out of her cousins mouth. It just didnt make any sense, that the man whom she had always looked up to talked down to her and belittled her, it just didnt register. Tears formed in her eyes and a sharp pain formed in her chest, but she ignored it as she got up and ran out of the room. She didnt stop running until she reached her room, slamming the door shut behind her.

She was used to being belittled, cursed, and unfairly treated by usual commoners. People with more power then others were always looked down on by others who lacked it. They would try to belittle them and to kick them down just for existing. Royals and nobles didnt make it any better though and only made tension between commoners and nobility even worse. This lead to her being looked at with disgust and envy by commoners and the ugly lustful eyes of the nobles.

This was actually one of the reasons she had fallen for Max. He was kind to her from the moment they met and was kind every moment after. She knew she wasnt a slut, but thay didnt stop Nozel's words from hurting. The worst part was that some of his words were true.

Mimosa was mainly skilled in various support magic, possessing no actual attack magic. Normally she wouldn't have minded since it didnt matter much as long as she was of some use to whatever squad she joined. However, her opinion had drastically changed in the course of a single day. She wanted to be stronger, to be able to fight alongside Max, to stand by his side and support him.

The words that Nozel spoke to her had struck a serious blow and left her wounded. She made her way to her bed and sat down on the edge of it, placing her head in her hands as she struggled to hold back tears. She hated feeling like this, but she didn't know what to do about everything, this was the first time she had gone through this, and after that first awful attempt at getting advice, she sure as hell wasn't going back to ask for help again.

She stood up and began taking off her clothes, the tears barely being kept at bay. She wasnt even sure why it hurt so much. It was only mere words, she wasn't a little girl, it shouldn't have affected her to such an extent. It was pathetic to even be acting like this, but she couldn't stop the hurt as it throbbed painfully in her chest and made her throat feel slightly blocked.

She undid her bra and tossed it to the side, but decided to leave her panties on. She had decided that she would go and talk to Max about what had happened. She was sure he would listen and even comfort her, she was almost positive that he would.

She looked around for something put on until she found a nice looking dress that she had bought the day before she met Max. Coincidentally, the dress had the same colors as Max's eyes, and this had brought her some amusement when she had realized it, but right now, she didnt feel all that happy as she slid on the dress. Taking a deep breath, she grabbed a hairtie and put her hair up into a ponytail.

She opened the door and walked out of her room heading for Max's room. The closer she got however, the more she began to have second thoughts, began to doubt herself. She wondered if he would comfort her or just say that she was complaining too much. If he would hug her, or tell her how weak she was and just push her away in disgust.

However, even though it was hard she reached out and knocked on the door.