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The World Traveller Adventure Of An Otaku Chapter 2

Max took a deep breath and gripped one side of the enormous wheel, his heart speed steadily increasing and his breaths becoming ragged. "Okay so your basically saying that all I have to do it spin this wheel and thats it? Nothing else? Just spin this wheel and pray that I land on what I desire the most?" Max stared at Gintama, staring so intently as if he could see through the kirin mask that he was currently wearing. Gintama simply nodded his head and took a step back in order to give Max some breathing room. This was where most people began to falter, where most of them began to panic and lose their nerves. It was hard to keep one's cool when the next step of their life was decided by a spinning wheel. It was almost comical how each human reacted to the situation. Some cursed under their breaths and began to hyperventilate, others would become nauseous and begin to look green in the face, and others would begin to cry at the overwhelming pressure. Almost no human has ever withstood the pressure for an extended period of time. Each and every one had succumbed to their fears and doubts before finally giving the wheel a weak spin. It was just in human nature to have a fight or flight instinct, and most ordinary humans seemed to only have the flight rather then fight. Oddly enough though, Gintama had never seen a human last this long before, staying calm up until this point even after being told that he had died was truly commendable, a feat truly worthy of praise when considering how mortals had handled the matter beforehand. Max seemed to be a rare case, where the fight was far stronger then the natural urge to flee.

Max took a deep breath to calm himself before giving the wheel a sharp pull before collapsing from physical exhaustion, he was actually surprised he hadnt collapsed earlier considering the condition his legs had been in. He glanced at the spinning wheel with an expression that showed a mixture of worry and hope as he mentally and physically crossed his fingers, praying to every god and goddess he knew that he would land on the wild card.

Realistically speaking though, the chance of him landing on the wild card was slim to none considering how the small sliver barely took up 1% of the entire board. If one were to guess the probability of him landing on the wild card then normally it would be 1/100 and it would be okay odds. However, if he understood what Gintama had said earlier, the more he wanted something then the harder it would be to obtain it. Using this as a reference then the more he wanted it to land on the wild card, the less likely it would, meaning he probably now had a 1/500 chance at obtaining his hearts desire. Max took another breath as he watched the wheel begin to slow. Its speed dropped slowly, teasing its way to a small crawl as Max held his breath. The wheel kept turning, and though it seemed it was a long way off from the 'wild' card, but against all odds it kept on going. The wheel seemed to be moving on its on volition, the momentum from the pull Max had given it should have run out, but the wheel was still turning, until it stopped, against all odds, on the Wild card.

"Thank f*cking Buddha, Id like to send my thanks to Hades, Lucifer, Satan, and every other devil I can thank of for this marvelous win, because it sure as hell wasnt a god that helped me." Max laughed softly as he attempted to calm his rapidly beating heart which was thumping like the wings of a hummingbird. Gintama nodded his head and the other 3 figures began clapping as they al stood up from their chairs. "Congratulations Max, your the third person to ever win the wild card in The Wheel Of Destiny. I raise my metaphorical hat off to you. You now have permission to receive your hearts desire, now tell us what you desire and we shall make it so."

Gintama stepped back as the other 3 walked over to stand at the ready by his side, forming a solid white wall. Max smiled up at them and simply laughed before rolling over and pushing himself off of the floor. "I already know what I want, becuase its something that affected my life and my actions in so many ways. I dont know where I would've been without it so I only want one thing. I want an object that allows me to travel through the various worlds of anime with no guys have something like that right?" Max gazed back and forth between the 4 of them with a hopeful expression. Gintama looked over to his partner next to him and then looked back at Max.

"Please step forward and receive your reward Max Dwayne, for your wish shall be granted as is the law that comes with the Wheel Of Destiny." It suprisingly wasnt Gintama who talked this time but the figure next to him, one who was now holding a rather larger looking card that looked a bit like a Yugioh card but the back was a swirl of red and black instead of brown. "Take this and travel to the different worlds and meet the heroes that changed your life for the better. You have earned it, I just hope that we dont have to meet you again for a while." Max laughed awkwardly as he walked forward and took the card from the figures hand. "I'll guard this card with my life," Max promised with a smile. "I appreciate this second chance at life more then you can possibly imagine."

Max would've kept saying more but was interrupted when he heard a ding, like a microwave going off after it finished heating up the food. The sound didnt originate from anything near him, but rather it sounded inside of his head.

"Hello? Is this thing working properly? Yo dumbass, can ya read me?"

A rude feminine voice suddenly blasted out of nowhere causing him to drop the card, cover his ears and scream out in pain. "Holy F*ckin shit what the hell, no need to be so loud. What retard is shouting in my ear?" Max glanced at the four of the figures but none of them seemed to hear the other noise and actually didnt even seem to be surprised that Max did.

"Oi, dumbass, I dont appreciate being called retard, how about something more formal, like Master, or Senpai?" The feminine voice wasnt as loud as it was previously but the arrogance and the overwhelming condescension was still evident in its tone. "Who the heck are you? Never mind, I don't care, just get the hell out of my head." Max grit his teeth and knocked his hand against the side of his head as if he could knock the voice out of his head.

"Tch, whatever, say whatever you want but unfortunately for both of us, I'm stuck inside this empty shell of a head so get over it. As for who I am, my name is Tilith but you can call me Master, Senpai, or Owner." The tone was filled with mock politeness and a touch of annoyance seeming to be truly mad at having been stuck with him. "That card your holding in your hand has many functions to it and I've been assigned to help you gain control over them and teach you hiw to use it to the best of your ability. For example, try thining about travelling to another world."

"Screw off, I'm not doing shit you say. I'll just work on it by myself. Why in the literal hell would I listen to someone who cant even be bothered to hide the condescension and arrogance in her voice." Max thought about what she said but it was mostly reflexive because he truly had no intention of listening to a literal voice in his head. As soon as he thought of travelling, dozens of popup screens apeared in front of him, like the kind you see in video games asking what you wanted to do or giving you information. In this case it seemed to be giving him information about the various worlds that he could travel to, with a detailed description below it.

"Hey Tilith are you telling me that I can travel to any of the places that are on this list? Cause if so then thats a lot of places." Max momentarily forgot how he was supposed to hate the female because of her rude attitude but he was quickly reminded of it.

"Well, look at that, the monkey has a brain after all, well done for figuring out the obvious dumbass. You want a medal?? Anyways, there are some rules to visiting the worlds and you should know them before diving into them." Tilith sighed and took a deep breath before launching into a lengthy lecture about things he ABSOLUTELY UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES must not do, along with other various things he'd have to know before travelling between worlds.

It seemed that it was not as simple to travel between worlds as Max had first thought. His previous thought had been that he could travel back and forth between the worlds as he pleased but that didn't appear to be the case. Once he set foot in a world he had to wait one full year before he could travel to a new one again. There was no rule in place that stopped him from staying but he had to wait until a year past until he would be able to switch worlds. Additionally, if he did happen to switch worlds then any strength, skills, or other abilities obtained there would be reset to the stats that he currently had. The next rule was that he couldnt bring someone from one world with him when he traveled, because if he did that then the the card he owned would be thrown out of whack and the card was powerful enough to destroy worlds, not just travel to them. This led to another ironclad rule which was to NEVER, EVER give anyone the card. This didnt apply to stealing it as it wouldnt work for anyone UNLESS he gave it to them voluntarily with full intention of letting them keep it. There were various other rules that Tilith spoke about but after she finished with the big rules, Nax tuned her out and began scrollling through the various worlds. He smiled as he scrolled past one and clicked on it. Another popup showed itself in front of him


\\Would you like to travel to this world?\\



"Hey you twat, what the hell are you doing dont click that button, I havent finished telling you the rules." Tilith screamed at him to stop but was too late as Max's finger pressed the letter Y. There was a click, a whir, and finally a ding before a beam of light flashed and he disappeared.

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