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The World Traveller Adventure Of An Otaku Chapter 20

To say that the training wasn't hard would naturally be a lie, as a matter if fact it was absolutely humiliating. Max had figured that Mereleona had already showed her full power with that fire pillar. It turns out he was wrong as she easily fended off each attack that Max threw at her with minimal effort.

It was only now that Max understood the gap between him and senior ranked magic knights, the thing that separated him from those on top. Mereleona had years of battle experience under her belt and to top it all of she had a massive storage of mana, almost as much as Max did. Using these two factors by themselves was more then enough to beat him within an inch of his life, but there was also the number of spells she had which never seemed to end.

Max trained like this, day in to day out, morning till night for a whole week, a each day he improved more and more. Each day though, Mereleona seemed to get tougher and tougher. It seemed that though during the beginning of the week she barely had to lift a finger to beat him, at the end of the week she had to actually pay attention to what he was doing or she risked getting beaten. It continued like this until Saturday when Max recieved the most shocking news since arriving in this world as it was something new that wasnt shown in the anime OR the manga.


Mereleona held out a hand and caught Max's kick without too much difficulty. She then swung a fist and nailed Max in the jawline, knocking him to the ground. Max hit the floor hard and immediately tried to get up, but was stopped by Mereleona as she held out her hand.

"That's enough for today Maxy, we should finish up with a bath and then call it a day." Mereleona turned around and headed for the door that lead back inside.

Max was confused for a couple of seconds, but he quickly snapped out of it. "Wait Meemee, why are you cutting off our training so early today? We still have a good 2 hours before quitting time!"

Mereleona just shook her head and smiled. "Tomorrow is the annual royal meeting, a meeting for the two royal families to have lunch and catch up on all we missed. Everyone from the Vermilion Family will be there as will all the people from Silva as well as some of tha captains and vice captains."

Mereleona began to walk away again but this Mimosa jumped in front of her. She had a weird look on her face, one that Max couldn't quite understand. "Will Max be allowed to attend the meeting? I don't care if its against the rules, I want to bring him as my guest."

Mereleona simply nodded and walked past her. "You can bring him, but everything that happens afterwards will be on you and you alone. Anyways, Ill be waiting for both of you in the bath, don't keep me waiting too long." She opened the door and walked through, letting it close behind her.

Max shook his head as he approached Mimosa, simply stunned that she would even ask her. "Mimosa, if its a against the rules then why did you want me to come? Because you want me to be with you?"

Mimosa's face turned bright red and she started to fiddle with her hands. "That's one of the reasons, yeah. The other reason however is that I want you to protect my cousin, Noelle. Every year during the meeting she becomes the object of ridicule and shame. She's looked down on for being the weakest royal, one whose unable to control her magic." She looked up, a serious look in her eyes. "But if your there I know you'll protect her, you always do your best for others even if it inconveniences you."

Max laughed and walked past her, grabbing her hand and pulling her along. "I don't know what kind of man you see me as in your head but I assure you that I don't just help anyone and everyone I meet, just those who truly have no way of helping themselves. However, since its you whose asking me I guess I can gove it a shot. Not lets get to that bath."

Over the past week, on direct orders from Mereleona, the three of them had been not only eating and training together but also bathing together. Now this may sound like a male's dream come true, but for a male that was holding himself every time he bathed it wasnt that fun.

The first time they had bathed together was awkward. Mereleona flirted with him the whole even though she was over twice his age, though she still looked about 20, and Mimosa simply sat on one side of Max just blushing and occasionally sneak quick peeks at Max. Over the days however, it got a lot better, although Mimosa still blushed and Mereleona still flirted. Max wasn't an expert on Black Clover, but he was fairly certain that these weren't the characters usual personalities and made a mental note to ask Tilith about it later when he was alone.

Max let go of Mimosa's hand leading them down the hallway, to where the bathroom was. Mimosa, as she usually did began to blush as they neared it and seemed to walk a bit slower. By the time they reached the door to the bathroom her face was like a tomato, and Max wondered how her face could hold that much blood.

He opened the door and descended the stairs at a rapid pace, stopping when he saw Mereleona in the middle of stripping, and as per usual, his little friend rose up to greet her. He ignored both her and Mimosa as he began to strip down, throwing his clothes to the side and making his way to the bath at a rapid pace, covering his junk.

Nothing happened at all during these brief moments of bathing together, but Max would always have to control himself in order to keep it that way. On top of having to ignore Mimosa completely, he also had to deal with Mereleona who was constantly trying to get some sort of reaction out of him though she never did anything that went too far.

This bath was no different except Max had a couple of questions that he wanted to ask the both of them. So after the two girls had climbed in on either side of him, Max turned to look at Mereleona, who was beginning her usual routine of washing her breasts. If asked, he would admit to her having a great pair but he wasn't about to get sidetracked.

"Mereleona, do you know which captains will be at the meeting?" Max asked as he grabbed the soap and the rag. He wanted to know if Yami would be there, not to mention a few other choice captains that he had always wanted to meet. He felt his geek side coming out and felt that if he met with the captains he would be curious and excited to the point where it was downright annoying.

"Well," Mimosa began running her hands through her wet vermilion colored hair. "I know Fuegoleon and Nozel will be there since its a royal gathering. The other ones who'll probably show up are Jack the Ripper, Charlotte Roselei, Dorothy Unsworth, and Yami Sukehiro. Though Yami usually shows up either early or late, there is no 'right on time' with him."

Max rubbed soap on his upper chest as he thought about what to ask next. "Then I got a really good question. Why do you royals hate commoners so much?"

This time it was Mimosa who answered gis question her eyes staring at the far wall, her back faced to him as she washed herself. "Well, I don't dislike brother and cousins however are a different story. Its all on how we were raised, we were taught that we were special and we had our own destiny that was already layed out for us. We simply had to follow it and not let simple normal people with no worth so much as speak to us. If not for Noelle, I'd probably be ridiculed as well for only possessing supplementary magic."

Mereleona smiled and scooted closer to Max until her breasts were pressed against his shoulder. Max's expression didnt change much, but blood did start pouring from his nose which gave him away. "Well, honestly I dislike commoners as well, your actually the first commoner I've hung out with and actually like in quite a long time."

Maxs heart raced, his mind fogging up and one thought came to mind, chickening out like a coward. "Speed magic- Hirenkyaku," Max said and his body vainshed reappearing at the top of the steps. He looked back at the shocked Mimosa and the laughing Mereleona before exiting the room without even taking his clothes.