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The World Traveller Adventure Of An Otaku Chapter 21

Max walked down the hall, water dripping off of him and leaving a small trail. He had admittedly panicked quite a bit, but to be honest he was still a virgin and while he was capable of dealing with flirting, when it came to skin to skin contact, he just wasn't used to it yet. This was espcially true when the woman was completely naked, it just threw him off.

Max rubbed his face with his hands and opened the door to his room, walking inside without bothering to close it. Mereleona had told him that there was going to be a meeting so he had to mentally prepare himself. Where there were royals and nobles, there would always be people whose temper ran short. Max had to prepare himself to keep hinself in line and only say something when it counted. He couldn't afford to offend anyone tomorrow.

"Hey Tilith, I have a question for you." Max said as he sat on the edge his bed, completely neglecting to dry himself before sitting down. "How come the personalities of others here are so much different then their anime counterparts? I thought this world followed the anime..."

"It does, but you know what doesn't," Tilith began with a bit of amusement in her tone. "You!!! The reason things are changing, that peoples personalities are changing, is due to yout influence. You could say that its all your fault."

Max frowned, not completely understanding what she meant. "Okay, I understand, but can you explain it to everyone else who doesnt understand? What's so special about me?"

"To this world? Everything," Tilith said with a laugh. "You dont see how different you act compared to others because you're from a different world. The way you carry yourself, the way you behave, your beliefs, your ideals, everuthing about you is different from the way normal people in this world think. This causes people to see you differently." Tilith sounded both amazed and amused which was something Max never thought would happen. "Why do you think Mereleona's affection rating is at 92? It isnt because your like everyone else on this world, its because your you."

"Because I'm me?" Max asked, and then a realization came over him. "Wait 92? Mereleona has a number higher than Mimosa? What does it mean that she's at 92?"

"Well, let me put it to you this way," Tilith replied patiently. "At 92, of you asked her for sex she'd most likely agree. Its a bit more complicated then that, but I'm just giving you the simplified version. As for your first question, the women here a normally used to dealing with either arrogant, power hungry snobs, or weak commoners who think all nobles are trash. There are more people, some who are exceptions but these two types of people make up the majority. To the women your a breath of fresh air and a new experience, a string, kind commoner who not only likes royals but is also not afraid of putting them in their place."

"Okay, next question, why is Mereleona's affection so high? What did I do to get it that way?" Max was genuinely curious about what he possibly did to have a gorgeous woman hit on him, especially one as hot as she was.

Tilith laughed. "It seems that she was the easiest waifu for your harem. The only way one can win her heart, was to have better instincts then her and, get this, have unlomited future potential. This means that she actually prefers younger guys, and this doesn't contradict the anime. Have you seen anyone in the anime that matched her preferences?"

"Asta, yuno," Max said from the top of his head, unable to see where this was going. He could probably name more from the anime if he actually tried but he wanted to see where she was heading.

"And that's where preferences number three and number four come into play," Tilith said with a laugh, clearly having fun with this. "The third preference is that he not be too much shorter then her."

"okay," Max said, starting to get the picture somewhat. "Then there's still yuno, he's only about three inches off from her and he's got limitless potential."

Tilith giggled and lowered her voice, her tone taking on an almost girly quality. "The third preference she has is that he must have a big," she cleared her throat instead of saying it but Max got what she was saying and groaned in embarassment. He could actually imagine that wild woman wanting something like that.

"I thought she was cool but doesn't that seem kinda shallow?" Max asked as he placed his head in his hands, getting a clesr understanding of why Mereleona fell for him.

"Hey it isnt shallow to like it bigger, sure irmts useless if you dont know how to use it, but if you have a big one it reaaly stretches you out and makes you feel good. I personally prefer big ones too!!" Tilith said with giggle.

"Question...why do you like big ones when you dont even have a body?" Max was curious about this, Tilith didnt strike him as a pervert. "You can't even enjoy the sensation of a big one if you have no body, or did you not take that into account?"

"How rude!!!" She said, her voice contained traces of hurt. "I have a physical form you know, but just because you said those mean things, I refuse to share it with you."

Maxs face blanched for a second, apparently finding it difficult to process what she said. He blinked a couple of times before what she told him finally hit home. "YOU HAVE A PHYSICAL FORM???!!!" He basically shouted this, the echo travelling down the hallway.

Tilith didn't seem to be bothered by the outburst as she answered his question. "I have two actually, one little girl form and another mature form. The forms are based off the vampire from the anime 'Negima'!! If you apologize and beg, I'll show them to you." She laughed and waited for his response.

"Okay, I apologize for how I treated you just a moment ago," Max said and bowed his head, more then willing to throw aside his pride for just a simple glimpse at what she looked like. He remembered the anime Negima but didnt know which girl she had been talking about as there were loads of them.

"Thats more like it, Ill now apear before you, you can touch me all you want." A flash of light lit up the entire room, blinding Max temporarily. The light only lasted a second, and as it died down, something fell into his lap. Max blinked his eyes rapidly, trying to rid the light from them.

It took a while for him to get his sight back, but when he did, the first thing he noticed was a head of long wavy blonde hair. Sitting on his lap was a young girl, maybe around 10 or 11, with waist length blonde hair. She had green eyes and a large white button down shirt that was a bit too large on her.

Max wasn't too sure what a little girl was doing in his lap until he recalled that Tilith had a younger form. "Tilith? That you?" Max wasnt entirely certain due to the fact that he had never seen her true form before.

"Yep its me," Tilith replied happily waving her small arms at him, wrapping them around his neck. "What do ya think, you like what you see?"

"If I was into little girls like a pdeophile I'd definitely be, but since I'm not...." His voice trailed off as he saw Tilith start to frown. "I mean this form you have is super cute, you really are adorable." He sighed in relief as she smiled again.

"I do have an adult form bit I'll show you that later before you head off to bed," Tilith said with a small smirk. "I kinda wanted to continue the conversation we were having before, about why women here liked you." She turned around and pressed her back against his naked chest, not seeming to mind that he was in the nude.

"We finished talking about Mereleona," She began, closing her eyes. "Mimosa however is a totally different story as she had even more preferences to deal with. She wanted a man who was strong, caring, sweet, energetic, and had a never give up attitude. You had all of these attributes and a bit of the more private ones."

"Private ones?" Max asked, reaching his hand up to play with her blonde hair. "Ones like what?"

"Well she actually had some secret desires that she probably thought you could fulfill. Desires that I actually share with her. The desire to be dominated." Tilith blushed uncharacteristicly and fell completely silent.

"Dominated?" Max was confused a bit as he didn't know what she meant by dominated. "What exactly does that mean?" However Tilith refused to explain what she meant leaving Max frustrated.

"Anyways," Tilith continued as she ignored Max who had asked her the same question again. "The next girl who'll probably fall for you is Noelle. So you should be prepared for that, itll probably be inevitable."

Max frowned as he fiddled with Tiliths hair. "Why is it inevitable, and more in the hell do you know that. I haven't even touched her yet so you couldn't possibly know that."

Tilith laughed and glanced at Max. "Haven't you noticed that although the women have a reason for liking you, they BOTH like you? Its because in this world no one cares how many women you date...well they actually do, but in this world the ones with the most power decide what they want to do. You could date half the country and if you were one of the strongest mages then no one would care. As to why Noelle would like you is simple, its because your just that type of man."

Max scoffed and lifted the eleven year old girl off of him, setting her on the floor. "Thats not even a legit answer. You blatantly answered my question with a vague answer. Not cool!!"

Tilith laughed and stared at his lower half. "Well I know one thing she'll like about you." She giggled again and disappeared once again in a flash of light, her voice appearing in his head. "Go and put some clothes on, then just try and go to sleep, I'll join you after you climb into bed."

"The hell you will," Max replied as he headed towards his closet. On the second day of training, Mereleona had taken him shopping for clothes, but while he thought they were gonna buy more then one outfit, theu ended up buying muliple sets of the outfit Max had on. It was clear that she wanted this to be his new signature look.

He took out a new pair of clothes and put them on. "Well, this was an interesting day."