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The World Traveller Adventure Of An Otaku Chapter 23

Max slid on his jeans but didnt bother to put on a shirt as he was heading off to bed anyways. He never really slept with a shirt on in his original world as it felt uncomfortable and after living in this alternate world for a whole week he was beginning to grow accustomed to it.

Max slipped into bed and closed his eyes, not planning on letting Tilith know because he didnt want anyone barging in and seeing him laying in bed with a ten year old little girl. He imagined that neither one of the girls would be too thrilled about it unless he told them it was someone related to him. Even if he told them that though, he didn't think that itd be all that believable, it sounded phony even to him.

However while he hadn't planned on telling her, it seemed that he didnt even have to, because as soon as he closed his eyes something heavy landed on top of his stomach without even a bit of warning. It was a dark shape, a figure of sorts, and it had landed on the spot where Mimosa always punched him and it definitely hurt.

Max grunted, attempting to push the figure off of his stomach and was marginally successful as the figure rolled off and lay beside him. He immediately sat up to take a closer look and was pleasantly surprised. A woman with long blonde hair and a white button-down shirt lay next to him. If he was a denser main character of an anime he would've asked who she was, but he already knew this was Tilith.

"So this is your other doesnt come with pants?" Max asked as he noticed that Tilith was only wearing a white button-down and nothing else, attracting attention to her long white legs. Max didnt have a leg fetish but he definitely found himself attracted to the pair she had on her new form.

"Yep," Tilith said, sounding a bit proud of herself, "Do you like this form better or my younger honest." She smiled and teasingly poked his cheek was scooting closer to him. It was a pretty big bed but it seemed that she wanted to be next to him instead of keeping the thing called 'personal space'.

He thought carefully about his choice of words before answering, not wanting to dig a deep hole for himself. "When it comes to cuddling, I think both sides would be great. When it comes to womanly charm then this form would most definitely suit you. Though your younger form is rather adorable if I'm constantly seen chatting with a ten year old people will start to get the wrong idea."

Tilith nodded. "So what your saying is that if I want to seduce you then this form is the ideal choice in order to achieve that." She pressed herself closer to him, her eyelashes tickling his chin.

"I think you completely ignored what I just said." Max replied, giving up and wrapping his arms around her waist. "I said that both forms are fine when we're alone but in public you should just use your older form."

"Thats not what you said, you told me that snuggling in either form would be fine and to be honest I like this form better." Tilith turned around, snuggling her back against his chest. "Now just hold me for a bit before you go to sleep."

Max was happy to comply, tightening his grip on her waist slightly and burying his face in her blonde hair. It didn't take long after this to feel a bit drowsy and without even realizing it, he had drifted off to the dreamscape.


Max slept like a log, that is to say he slept pretty well, though he didn't wake up naturally, that would've been too nice of Tilith. Instead he was almost suffocated in his sleep.

Max forced himself to wake up, the feeling of being unable to breath growing stronger. The reason for this was unclear as the only thing Max could see when he opened his eyes were two mounds of flesh and felt a heavy pressure on his stomach. In an attempt to save his own life, he had no choice but to grab Tiliths waist and practically toss her to the other side of the bed using all the strength he could muster. Admittedly it was a drastic choice but he wanted to stay alive.....breathing was his favorite thing in the world.

"Tilith," Max shouted after taking a deep breath. "What the hell? You trying to kill me with those boobs of yours?" Max was ready to give her a stern lecture, but it turned out that even though he had thrown her through the air, she was still fast asleep.

He frowned and rolled off the other side of the bed, deciding to just leave her there. "Well Tilith, you just get some sleep. I got somewhere I need to be." He grabbed his shirt from the floor of the room and pulled it over his head.

Today was the day of the royal meeting, the first event in this world that wasn't in the anime. To say that Max wasn't nervous would definitely be a lie. He didn't know what to expect, didn't have any details, he couldn't even ask the system since the System was over there sleeping in his bed.

"Well, I'm off," He told the sleeping woman. He pulled on one of his hoodies and grabbed his Black Bulls necklace on his way out. Just as he finished closing his bedroom door (the one that he didn't have to pay to get fixed), a door near the end of the hall opened up. A woman stepped out of it and for a second Max didn't recognize her.

The woman had long vermilion hair that was neatly tied up in a ponytail, her eyes a bright green with a touch of eyeliner that commented her skin perfectly. She sported a short blazing red V-neck dress that reached mid-thigh with matching boots that reached up to her calves. If this was hisnown world he had no doubt that she would be a top class idol or a model. She was absolutely enchanting, and Max's mind blached when she began walking towards him with a shy smile on her face.

"How do I look?" Asked Mimosa unable to look Max in the eye, clearly beyond embarassed. "This is the best outfit in my entire wardrobe, so I hope you like it."

Max was speechless for a moment but quickly recovered his usual composure and took her hand. "You look like an angel, one that transcends the heavens. I would be honored if you'd accept my hand in marriage, we can even go on a honeymoon and spend the rest of...oof!!!" Max hadn't even finished his sentence this time before Mimosa punched him the gut.

"I get it, you really like the dress, no need to be dramatic about it," Mimosa replied as she retracted her fist from his stomach. She looked stern but a blush could be seen on her face, making it apparent that Max's words had impacted her.

"My my, you two seem to be getting along quite well," Said a slightly flirtatious and seductive voice. "You shouldn't start the party without me, I love a good romantic comedy." Both of them turned to see Mereleona standing there, but were both surprised at how womanly she looked.

Mereleona wasn't someone who oftend showed her feminine side, it was rare that she ever did, but Max didnt anything as his brain had been mentally fried. Mereleona was wearing a tight fitting waist length black dress with various gold designs on it. The dress accented her skin nicely as well as show off her voluptuous toned figure leaving little to the imagination. Her hair was braided into a large singled braid that extended a bit past her waist and it appeared that she had even taken away the red markings away from her eyes. The thing that interested him the most however was the Black Bulls necklace hanging around her neck that looked identical to his own.

"That necklace," Max said after regaining his ability to talk. "What does it mean? I noticed that even Mereleona has one. Is there anything special about it?" Max wasn't able to think about it on his own as he had two gorgeous women standing on either side of him.

"Yeah" Mereleona replied simply. "It means that we want to join the Black Bulls. I requested a transference into the Black Bulls last week...I hope you dont mind. I'll be living here until you finally join up with the Black Bulls."

Max wanted to open his mouth to comment but found that his mouth wouldn't work. He was certain that she did it for him, it wasn't even a matter of 'if'. The fact that she would even change squads for him made him feel both proud and a bit uneasy. He wasn't even aware that members COULD change squads, but he didnt think about it too much.

"Okay, to change the topic, how are we getting to the party?" Max asked trying to shift the conversation in a different direction from the way it was headed. "You tellongme that we're all gonna fly on broomsticks with you girls in dresses?"

Mereleona laughed and shook her head. "No thats for the return trip as we might habe an extra member depending on how the day plans out." Mereleona reached behind her and pushed someone who had been standing there unnoticed the entire time. "This is our ride!!"

A man almost as tall as Mereleona stumbled forward. He had unruly dirty blond hair, droopy eyes, and seemed to be sporting auote a lot of green. However, what drew the attention of the eye wasnt the green or his face, but rather the Black Bulls insignia on the the cloak his wore. Max knew who this man was and could feel his inner otaku screaming in delight.

"Finral Roulacase," Max murmured, so softly that no one could hear. It was the man who had fought alongside Asta in both the anome and the manga, rescuing Asta and his squad on numerous of occasions.

"Good Morning lovely ladies." Finral started runnong his hands through his hair. Max's face twitched as he mentally face slapped himself, he forgot that Finral was the number one flirt in the entire Clover Kingdom. This became apparent as he approached Mimosa, taking her hand. "Hey there pretty lady would you like too.....oof." He didnt get to finish his sentence as a fist made contact with his gut.

"No one gets to hold my hand unless I let them," Mimosa said removing her hand from his. She then scooted closer to Max and took his hand, and this made her meaning clear causing Max to feel both happy and slightly scared. If she made her feelings towards him known outright, he wouldn't be able to deny her much since he had feelongs for her as well, but also for Mereleona. He needed to switch where things were heading to a much safer direction.

"Excuse me Mister magic knight," Max said remembering that he wasnt supposed to know his name. "Could you please take use to the party please? It would help us greatly." Max gave Mimosa's hand a gentle squeeze, and taking the hint, she bowed alongside him.

Finral looked at the two of them and then back at Mereleona, who simply nodded. He sighed and activated his grimoire. "Okay, but its only a one time thing, you'll have to find your own way back."

He lifted one of his hands and a gray and white portal opened up in front of them. "Now who wants to go first?"