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The World Traveller Adventure Of An Otaku Chapter 24

Max decided that he wanted to be the first one through the portal but both Mimosa and Mereleona refused, instead each one grabbed one side of him and walked through it together with him. The other side of the portal lead to a very familiar room, one he had definitely seen in the anime.

"Isn't this the place where they had the annual War Merits Conferment Ceremony? Why are we here?" Asked Max as he was slightly confused, not yet realizing that this was where the party was going to take place.

"Well, it is where it takes place but thats not all it used for." Mereleona replied, leaning into Max's arm. "We use this room for a variety of things. Private parties, war meetings, baby showers, you name it and we've probably done it here."

"Okay okay, break it up," shouted out a familiar voice. "We came to this party to see how family was doing, not to see how well you and Max are getting along." The voice belonged to Fuegoleon, who had a small smile on his face. Even he had dressed up for the evening, but the look on his face when he looked at what his sister was wearing told Max that Mereleona didnt usually wear a dress.

"Whats the matter dear brother," Mereleona asked as she let hugged Max's arm. "Do you like what you see, well too bad you can't have any." If Fuegoleon's face looked surprised at how she was dressed, he was even more flustered at how she was acting. He had never once in his entire life seen her act this way before, but he didnt think it was a bad thing, he was just shocked.

"Well, well, if it isnt the filthy commoner and his two tramps!!" Shouted a rather annoying nail-against-a-chalkboard voice. Everyone turned to see four people with silver hair walking through the nearby door. The one who had spoke had been the guy with a French braid haristyle and a rather smug look on his face. Max easily identified him as Solid Silva, the second born nobleman of House Silva.

"If it isnt the Royal Ass and his troop of douchebags," Max shot back, not even slightly afraid of insulting them back. He wouldn't have said anything back, but he made the mistake of insulting his two friends. "Do you wanna go at it so early in the party, why xont you jackasses go back to picking on your little sister like you normally do."

Noelle, who had walked in with her head down looked up upon hearing her name. It wasnt everyday that a mere commoner insulted her family and she didn't mind listening in to the conversation. Though for some reason, she was slightly worried for the poor bug that decided to pick a fight with royalty.

The other Silva's stopped dead in their tracks and a deadly killing intent began emanating from them, but the next words from Max stopped them from straight out attacking him. "If you really want to attack then go ahead, but do you really want word to get out that House Silva attacked a commoner from only a few words of provocation. Try to have some dignity!"

Nozel put out his arm and the other two reluctantly backed off, but not without shooting some curses towards Max as they walked towards a table. However, when they sat down, they kicked out the chair from under Noelle, Max though was more then expecitng it as the Silva family was full of despicable people. "Speed Magic- Instant teleportation." Max's formed disappeared and reappeared next to the chair and pushed it back before she sat, and she landed in the the chair without even suspecting a thing.

"You guys are disgusting," Max said as he teleported back. The spell that Max had used was actually just a quick movement spell, it didnt actually let him teleport, only move faster then any human eye can see giving the illusion of teleporting.

When Max's form arrived back he was immediately hugged by two bodies and, though it wasnt intentional, he wrapped his arms around them. "That was pretty cool, you did good Max," Mereleona whispered as she lead them to a separate table. She made sure that there was a two table difference between the two of them.

"So why do they treat their sister like that? I know they're ashame of her becuase she cant control her magic power, but this is just ridiculous." He watched as the three Silva siblings conversed and left Noelle out of the conversation, totally acting like she didnt even exist.

"They believe she was the reason that their mother passed away," Mimosa said with a sad look on her face as she watched Noelle get left out. "They think she's not only useless, but are stupid enough to believe that if she hadn't been born then their mother would still be alive to this day."

"Thats pretty stupid," Max replied, clenching his fist in anger. He absolutely hated when other people treated others like trash, he detested those who abused weaker then themselves. "I hate them."

Mereleona reached out a hand and placed it over his hand. "And thats what attracts people to you. You have so much power and so much potential but you treat those who are weaker with respect and kindness. You feel empathy and compassion, something that us nobles and royals lack. However dont let your anger get the best of you...I like you better when you smile." She leaned over and kissed his cheek.

Max smiled but was worried. Mereleona was a bit too affectionate today, and Max could guess why. She wanted to show everyone that she fell for someond and didnt care what they thought. It was like shs was inviting them to make fun of her, like she wanted to cause a disturbance, and that was probably also part of her plan. To cause a ripple of unease to pass through the people attending this little get together though Max had no clue as to why she would want that.

"Thanks Mereleona," Max said as eroed his gaze onto Noelle. If he remembered the anime correctly, before she met Asta and joined the Black Bulls, she had thoight that all the commoners and even nobles were totally beneath her. She had grown up with the mindset that she was better then the average riffraff and this was constantly shown in the manga and the anime time and time again.

If Max wanted to help Noelle out of this mindset, he would have to first help her overcome her insecurities and establish a some sort of peace or nuetrality withtin her family. It was this estrangement between Noelle and her own family that caused some of her tsundere tendencies to form. Being unable to speak her own thoughts without getting torn down or ridiculed would drive even him to being a tsundere.

"Whatcha thinkin about? A way to help out Noelle I imagine." Mereleona said a smirk on her face as she watched Max think something over. "That is so like you. Helpung others before even considering yourself."

"Mereleona, if I challenged one of them to a duel, would they agree?" Max had considered this seriously and figured fighting, like all things in a power based world, would have the biggest impact rather just simply talking to them and, unlike Nozel, he felt like the guy named Solid and his sister weren't much of a threat.

"Well, if you want to challenge one then I'll have to say that you challenge Solid, though hes a royal, hes only in the intermediate class and not even a first rank." Mereleona had lowered her voice, making sure that only Max and Mimosa could hear her. "As for the matter of a challenge, if you provoke him, Solid would be more then happy to fight you."

Max nodded and stood up ready to start a match. "Wait, you shouldn't start a match right now," Mimosa said, but before she could continue, her mouth was covered by Mereleona's hand and stayed there until Max walked out of earshot. "Don't interfere, Max can handle this. Who do you think was the one who trained him?"

Max was about halfway there when he felt his battle instincts cut in. He felt numerous waves of mana coming at him from all sides and unsure of what to do, pulled out his trump card that he hadnt been expecting to use. "Speed Magic- God Speed."

Time slowed down to a near standstill allowing Max to take in his surroundings. He hadn't expected to be attacked, and it was unexpected, not exactly what he had bargained for. What he didnt know was that as soon as he left the two royals behind was when the other magic knights entered, about 4 others, three of whom were prone to jumping the gun. Max saw each and every one of them in literal slow motion and wasn't too surprised by each of the faces he saw. The faces of Yami, Charlotte Roselei, and Jack The Ripper were all present.