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The World Traveller Adventure Of An Otaku Chapter 25

Max felt his magic draining at a rapid pace, luckily for him he had more then enough to keep this up for more then 4 minutes. This was his trump card, his strongest spell! While this spell was in effect hardly anything was able to move. He wasn't sure that it would do much good against anyone with light magic as light was much faster then anyone here, but it was still a strong spell nonetheless.

"How should I play this?" Max asked himself as the captains attack came towards him slowly. "Should I attack them back or should I just dodge their attack?" After some quick thoughts on the matter, attacking didnt seem like a good idea. "Okay so just dodging will be fine."

He moved out of the way of the two slash attacks, one made of darkness and the other was green, and the pile of green bushes that had nearly reached him. He moved to sit near the two girls, who had gotten up to try and warn Max of the incoming attacks. He pulled out the seat and sat down before releasing the spell. Time returned to normal and the spells crashed into each other, exploding on contact.

"Damn that was a pretty strong attack," Max said as leaned back in his seat, lookong unconcerned. "However is it wise to be attacking a guest who just happened to be walking and minding his own business."

Numerous eyes flickered over to where he was sitting, most of them were in shock but Mimosa and Mereleona sighed in relief and returned to their seats next to him, even giving him a hug. Upon seeing this scene, the three attacking captains didnt try to unleash another attack, instead they deacticated their grimoires and approached him.

The first to approach him was Charlotte Roselei and the two women next to him tensed up, but only Max noticed this as theynwere currently hugging his arms. Charlotte Roselei was considered one of the most beautiful woman in the entire Clover Kingdom, she had many suitors and people who tried to woo her but Max knew that she usually disliked men, apart from having a crush on Yami.

"Excuse me for my hasty attack, I had no idea that you were a guest to both of these royals of the Vermilion family. I meant no disrespect even if you are a man." Charlotte simply said before walking away. This was pretty much how Max thought the conversation between him and Charlotte would go, but he wasn't bothered much by it.

The next person to step forward was Jack, the one who loved to cut everything and anything, and loved to boast about his amount of strength. "I apologize for trying to kill, but how about next time we go out for a challenge, you have some interesting magic." With those words, he left and went to sit at one of the empty tables. This was also within Max's expectations, he didnt think that captains were all that sociable with anyone other then their own squad.

The last one to approach him was the infamous worst knight squad captain, Yami Sukehiro. His usual sloppy appearance and muscular look was oddly comforting to Max, and he could feel his inner geek beginning to come back as Yami walked up to him. "That was some impressive magic there kid, what squad do you belong to?" Yami then glanced at the other two women who were sitting beside him.

"Oh, your the fire lady," Yami said with a nonchalant voice, "You requested to join my squad about a week ago. Well, if you answer my question then I'll be glad to accept you. Why do you want to join my squad?"

His question was directed at Mereleona but Max answered him instead. "Actually all three of us would like to join your squad if thats okay...As you can probably tell by our necklaces." Max lifted his up and showed him the Black Bull insignia engraved into metal.

Yami looked into Max's gold and purple eyes, as if he was searching for something. Finally, adter what seemed like a full minute, he looked away and turned around. "In 5 months and 3 weeks the exam will start and if you impress me with your magic then of course Ill you and your girlfriends join. Just keep the mushiness to a minimum."

"They're not my.....errrr sure thing captain Yami," Max said, not bothering to correct him. To be honest they did feel a little like girlfriends but there was no way in hell he would ever admit such a thing out loud.

As he watched Yami walking away another captain approached but this one was different as she seemed to be asleep. He knew who this was but decided not to say anything. There wasn't much information on Dorothy, the captain of the Coral Peacocks. He didnt know ANYTHING about her, the only time she was shown anywhere, she had been sleeping. He wasnt exactly sure how to deal with her, and he wasn't sure what to say to her.

Dorothy stood there for a few seconds before turning around and walking away to sleep somewhere else. Max let out a sigh and slumped over on the table. "So many people tried to kill me just now...I had to use my trump card...that was scary."

Mereleona leaned over and softly his back comfortingly. "I think anyone would've forced to play the trump card in a sneak attack by three captains. Although I do think that they jumped the gun in that particular instance." She giggled a little and glanced over at the Silva table, all of which, including Noelle were staring over at them, or rather staring at Max.

"Hey, weren't you going to fight against Solid just a minute ago," Mimosa asked teasingly clearly trying not to laugh. "What happened to all that bravado? Did it fly out the window along with the rest of your mana?" She took his hand and entwined their fingers together, Max didnt bother to resist.

Max simply grunted and closed his eyes, feeling immensely tired, but an idea began forming in his head. One that was likely to work, it was a plan that guarenteed the rescue of Noelle from her family and even guarenteeing that she get rid of her tsundere habits. He slowly opened his eyes and sat up in his seat, wanting to put his plan into action. He gripped Mimosa's hand and pulled her up with him. "Come with me, I'll be needing you as support for what happens next."

Mereleona smirked and tapped her chin. "Oh? Yoh already formed a new plan? Are you gonna fill me in on what it is?" She was super curious as to what Max was planning but was unable to figure it out as he stood there holding Mimosas hand.

"No, you just and watch as the guy you like handles it all by himself. Lets do this Mimosa, we're gonna save your cousin from those douches." Max began walking towards their table once again, ignoring the stares from the other captains as he approached the Silva family.

"Oh? Since when did you think I fell for you?" Mereleona muttered as she watched the young man approach the Silva family. She had complete confidence in his ability and wasnt the least bit worried about his safety. What she was concerned about was Noelle falling for Max. Max didnt realize it but he was a magnet to females able to attract them without too much effort or rather any effort at all. While she didnt mind him having a couple of girls around him, she felt that if too many young ones joined him in his little group then older ones like her would become irrelevant. Despite these worries however, Mereleona continued to watch Max with complete faith that he would work things out.

Max was halfway to the table when Solid whispered something profane into his sisters ear. Nebra (the name of his sister) let out a long ugly laugh and then glanced at Mimosa, letting Max know what they were talking about. Though he wanted nothing more then to attack, thats not what he had in mind, he was actually going to try something different this time. This time instead of even looking at the other 3 siblings, Max went straight to Noelle herself.

Noelle had been sitting there, watching the scene where the magic knights had attacked Max, and then the part where he had seemed to disappear. She personally thought this boy had great magic, but she found it hard to think of him as anything other then a mere bug that she could squash if given a chance. However, this thought changed immensely when Max came up to her personally.

Up close he was rather handsome and emitted a mysterious aura around him. With pale blue hair and gold-purple eyes, he was definitely a peculiarity, something she had never seen from a commoner. Furthermore, there was the fact that he was holding the hand of her cousin Mimosa. This greatly confused her as Mimosa didnt usually allow strangers to touch her.

"May I help you little bug?" Noelle asked, flicking her hair back as she did in the anime. "My time is precious and I can't be wasting on you. So either spit out or leave."

"Or what?" Max asked, putting on his acting face. "You gonna hurt me with your magic, if so please do." He gave Mimosa's hand a squeeze when she tried to pull him back. He knew what he was doing.

Noelle simply stared at him with an incredulous look on her face. There hadnt been anyone before him who had the courage to talk to her like that when her siblings had been around. Though she knew they wouldnt come to the rescue, she kinda hoped that they would. Of course this was just a dream that wouldnt come true, so she had to rely on herself to defend herself.