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The World Traveller Adventure Of An Otaku Chapter 26

"If you want me to fight you then forget it," Noelle replied with arrogance in her tone. "I'm not going to lower myself to the level of some little bug who thinks he's all that." However while this was what she said on the outside, on the inside she was basically mentally slapping herself for talking down to someone who had much more mana than even she possessed.

"Oh really? The word on the street is that you can't control your magic," Max replied instantaneously, releasing Mimosa's hand. "Your a royal who cant control her own magical power...a failure, a Nobody who was born into a family of royals."

Noelle felt like she was receiving blows, each word like a slap to her face and a wound to her own fragile ego. She already knew that she was inadequate, unfit to be a royal, she was reminded by it every single day by her older brothers and sister. She didnt need to be reminded by a mere commoner though and was just about to tell him off when she realized that he hadnt finished his little speech yet.

"Your someone who possess's more power then your entire family but you just don't know how to use it." Max continued, glaring at the other three members of the noble Silva House. "The reason you don't know how to control it is due to the fact that you lack confidence in your own abilities, you doubt yourself. Tell me if I'm wrong!!"

Noelle was about to do just that, but closed her mouth as he was slightly speaking some truth, that she no confidence in her magic. This was due to how much her siblings put her down and verbally insulted her, treating her like someone who was beneath them.

"That's what I thought," Max said as he continued glaring at the other three. "The main reason for this is due to the fact that your siblings refuse to help or teach you anything, choosing to instead put you down and then kick you while your beneath them. However there is a way to make them acknowledge you." Max turned his attention to Noelle, his gold-purple eyes drilling into her bright pink ones.

Noelle, entranced by the eyes, asked the question that she was dying to ask. "Just who are you? Ive never seen you before, especially not a commoner such as you." She bljnked her eyes and looked down.

"My name is Max Dwayne and I'm a commoner, but one who not only possesses magic equal to that of a royal, but I also am the only mage in this entire kingdom to wield two types of magic." Max didnt hesitate to explain himself to her, trusting her completely and wanting her to trust him. "I can train you to become someone your brothers will look up to, someone they can be proud of, all you gotta do is to come with us." Max smiled and held out his hand.

"Us? so just you and my cousin?" Noelle was actually inspired by his words, if only it was a little bit. His words had hit all the things that she had dreamed about but she failed to see how he could achieve such results for a failure like herself.

"No, when he means us," Mereleona said as she hugged Max from behind, putting her arms around his neck. "He means me too, and who betfer to teach you about controlling your power better then me. I'll give you personal training and work side by side with you to teach your loser siblings a lesson cousin."

Noelle wasnt entirely sure what to say. On one hand, there was no better teacher than her own older cousin, but on the other it seemed as if her cousin had a thing for this dashing young boy. She wasnt sure why but it sort of bothered her when she clung to him like that even though it really shouldn't since she literally just officially met the guy about five minutes ago. Noelle glanced back at her brothers, but they didnt even pay her a second glance as they talked amongst themselves. At the sight of this, she grit her teeth and steeled her resolve. "Fine, I'll join you, you stupid little bug."

She stood up and took his hand, giving it a quick shake before letting go. "How soon can we get started on the training? Today, tomorrow?" Noelle was raring to go, but on the inside she was screaming in embarassement at having touched Max's hand.

Max sighed in relief and tapped Mereleona's arms, a sign for her to let go. "Relax Meme, no need to get so affectionate, your a bit taller then me, you'll have to wait until I get a bit taller for you to hug me like that." He laughed before turning his attention to Noelle. "We can head back now if you want. I did what I came here to do."

Noellen frowned. "I kinda have to ask, whats the relationship between you and my cousins? You guys seem extremely close to one another, a bit more then friends." She was merely speculating but she had a feeling that they were a step away from being more intimate.

"Im just a friend, well its a bit more then that as its a bit complicated." Max tried to explain but Mereleona and Mimosa interrupted with the exact same words. "We're in a relationship with him."

The whole room fell completely silent and everyone turned their attention to Mimosa and Mereleon whlse faces had turned red. "Okay, time to leave," Max said as he grabbed both their hands and pulled them to the door. "Noelle, follow behind us." He slid out the door and pushed the two in front of him.

"Get going you two, take a broom and head back before you embarass me even more." Max let out sigh as he placed a hand on their backs. "While we may or may not be in a relationship in the future, we definitely aren't right now so before you give people the wrong idea, take a broom and leave."

The two women turned around and gave him a middle finger before contimuing forward, looking for the brooms that Mereleona had placed somewhere nearby in case they needed a quick escape. Noelle watched from his side as the two found a broom, climbed on and flew off leaving the two of them alone with each other.

"Okay, now its our turn," Max said with a smile as he climbed onto a broom and gestured for her to get on behind him. At first she was reluctant, but after reminding her what the plan was, she swallowed her pride and climbed on behind him. She placed her hands on his shoulders but quickly switched to grabbing his waist after Max pushed off the floor. They rose of the floor at astounding speed, zooming through the sky, heading towards Mimosa's manor. The sky was blue, the sun was out, and the city was as beautiful as it ever was, sunlight shining off the multiple buildings as they flew past, Max keeping hot on the womens heels.

They eventually landed in the square training center that Max and Mereleona had been sparing in for the past week. However, Max wasnt the best at landing and it turned into more of a game of survival as Max stumbled through the process of landing before finally settling down in a tree.

"What the hell is wrong with you, stupid bug?" Noelle said as she struggled to climb down from the tree without raising her skirt up and flashing herself. Mimosa stepped up to help her while Mereleona simply laughed at her predicament. Max leaped down from the tree and brushed the leaves and dust off his hoodie, caring more abkut his hoodie and his necklace then Noelle. To be honest he had never been fond of Noelle, but he had always hated how her brothers trested her just because she wasnt very good at controlling her magic.

They finally managed to get her out of the tree and the first thing she did was to walk up to Max and punch him in the gut. Max groaned and leaned over, clutching his stomach while wondering if punching was a hereditary thing or if it was a learned technique.

"Okay, so....first rule in order to train with us is that there is no such thing as commoner or royalty," Max said as he regained his breathing. "Things like royalty and nobility dont make a difference here, only hard work and dedication. You wont get special treatment just because your of noble blood or royal blood. Now defend yourself." Max took a stance not even activating his grimoire.

Noelle, having not been prepared took out her wand and activated her grimoire. "I don't know what your going to do, but bring it on." She pointed her wand at him and shot a ball of water at him. The water shot forward with a speed that rivaled his speed magic, but at the last second the water ball turned left and smashed into the wall instead.