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The World Traveller Adventure Of An Otaku Chapter 27

Max frowned. "Is that all you got? Come on, try again." Max began to walk towards Noelle slowly, his gold and purple grimoire following close behind him. Noelle, beginning to panic, began firing rapid balls of water at him, but each one failed to reach him. Max smirked at her, at least until one actually managed to hit him. However, the blow didnt really do much except make him take a step back. It was still enough for him to smile though as Max wiped the water away from his face.

"Yeah, thats what I'm talking about, see that? You managed to hit me!! You keep that up and you'll show your brothers up in no time." Max was genuinely excited since she had never hit anything in the beginning of the anime even by sheer luck.

Noelle simply flipped her hair back with her hand, "Well, what do you expect? I AM royalty after all." However on the inside she was feeling warm, having never been praised for anything before, and it felt nice, made her want to work harder. "Anyways, lets continue little bug. I'll show you what I can really do."

Having regained her long lost confidence she began firing her water bullets once more, this time missing a lot less, one or two hitting Max as he walked towards her, secretly makong it easier for her. The first part of Max's plan in helping Noelle was to restore her confidence.

The human being was miraculous creature! Even if ones confidence was shattered from the very beginning of life, it could easily be restored with the right amount of inspiration and a little push. Noelle already looked more alive then she had at the meeting as her confidence steadily grew whenever she managed to make contact with Max. Combined with the cheering of Mimosa and the instruction of Mereleona, in just an hour she had fixed the problem of not being able to hit anything, she developed into someone who could at the very least hit a target that was standing completely still.

Max was a bit surprised though as it took Noelle a much longer time to develop in the anime and the manga. She only really started truly developing her magic attacks during The Underwater Temple Arc, so it was very intriguing to think about why she would be advancing at such an incredible rate. He made a mental note to ask Tilith about it later...she was probably still relaxing in his room.

"Alright lets switch it up Noelle," Max said. "How about we try a moving target? Plus I'm tired of being the one to get wet." He pulled his soaking wet shirt over his head and waved it at Mereleona with smile. "Hey Meemee, could you be a doll and dry this for me."

Mereleona laughed and shook her head, her vermilion braid swinging back and forth. "The only way I'm gonna dry that for you is if you call me baby girl." She lit up her hand with a fireball, a smile stretching from ear to ear on her face.

Max shook his head. "Never, well....maybe in a little bit. Mimosa, come and cover for me while I go inside to change jeans." He walked over and took Mimosa's hand, dragging her to the center of the field. "Your job is to try to evade Noelle's magic." He turned to Noelle and smiled. "Mimosa's wearing a dress so she wont be as fast as me. Do your best!"

Max turned around and ran towards the building, his dripping wet shirt clutched tightly into his hand. It wasnt until he ran inside the door that everyone looked at each other. Instead of working like he had instructed them both of them went to sit by Mereleona.

"God damn, does he ever get tired?" Noelle asked. She had seen him stand up to her siblings, escape the blow of three captains, convinced her to join him, rode a broom across the city with her on the back, and then trained with her for a whole hour. "It seems like he should at least be mentally exhausted."

"Well look whose speaking her mind for once," Mereleona commented as she sat down after readjusting her dress. "Max is an interesting guy, he doesn't have an off button and seems to be soley interested in increasing his strength." She placed her head in her hands and let her gaze drift off.

"So you guys said your in a relationship with him, the both of you?" Noelle was asking, confused as to how that was even possible as it made no sense.

"Well, to be honest its not really a relationship since Max hasn't done anything. He probably just wants to see how long we'll wait for him...I plan on waiting the long run." Mimosa laughed and picked up a stick, tracing pictures in the sand.

Mereleona, still smiling at nothing just gave a thumbs up. "I say I'm in a relationship with him, but I havent really done anything with him though. However I'll change that eventually, someone has to teach that virigin something."

Noelle blushed and turned her head away from them and decided to just stop asking questions. "And who said I'm a virgin?" A voice said from beside Mereleona. Both Mimosa and Noelle flinched, blushing like crazy, but Mereleona was cool as ice as she turned to look at him. Max stood over them, a fresh pair of jeans and tshirt, a slight smirk present on his face.

Mereleona laughed. "You cant put it off forever twerp, itll happen eventually. When it does you'll definitely be begging for more." She grinned as Max knelt down next to her. She leaned in, preparing to give him a quick kiss but was surprised when he grabbed and pulled her ear.

"We really should get back to training, so how about we get to work. If you do well, then tonight...Well, if you promise things won't get weird between us then we can give it a try." Max smiled and let go of her ear, and literally felt her temperature begin to intensify.

"You serious?" Mereleona asked as she stood up, visible flames lighting up her clothes. She looked like she was ready for a fight, like she could take on the world. "Lets do this, Noelle, get your shit together and lets do this!!"

"Okay Mereleona, lets dial it back a bit." Max said with an awkward laugh, knowing that she was about to go overboard. "Your only here to instruct, not to actually fight. If you fought her, there'd be nothing left to teach."

Mereleona blushed a little and the flames died down to a small flicker. "Oh, I'm sorry I didnt think it through hard enough. I got overexcited, I promise to behave myself, Noelle lets go and do this." Mimosa and Noelle were both blushing hard, although theu were pretending not to have heard their conversation.

"Okay Mereleona," Noelle said picking up her wand. "Im ready." She lifted up her wand and activated her grimoire. "I can't wait to get stronger."

Mereleona lit up her hand and lit seven places around Noelle on fire, making each one brighter then before. She then extinguished her flame and smiled. "Now what I want you to do is to put out these here flames. Each flame is stronger then the last meaning youll need a precise concentration of mana. You have an hour, begin."

Max watched Noelle train, and he had to admit that she was a fast learner, either that or Mereleona was a great teacher. Noelle had some trouble at first with the amount of mana she put into her spells but she soon figured it out after about 45 minutes of training and ended the session a bit earlier then they were supposed to.

Max shook his head and stood up. "Okay lets just call it a day, all three of you head to the bath. With the addition of Noelle, I wont be allowed to join you anymore." He turned around and walked to the door opening it behind him. He looked back and stared at the three girls. "You guys go ahead and eat without me as well. I might just turn in early."

"Maxy," Mereleona said with a small flirtatious smile on her face. "We still gonna get at it tonight right?"

Max laughed and nodded before shutting the door behind him. Almost as soon as he did he felt a small figure jump onto his back. "What are you gonna get at? Sex?" Tilith asked as she cuddled his back. Max smiled as he turned around and headed to his room, carrying the light ten year old form of Tilith.

"Well, yeah," Max said as he entered into his room, closing the door behind him. "She seemed so adamant about it that I felt that sex might not be that bad. I never had it before and she seems to be someone who could teach me."

"After you finish with her could you do me next?" Tilith asked as she jumped off his back. "In my older form of course. I know your not a pedophile so I wont ask you to do that."

Max was shocked for a moment, but regained his composure quite quickly. "Fine, but I get to choose when and it wont be anytime soon as sex isn't a big part of this."