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The World Traveller Adventure Of An Otaku Chapter 29

(NSFW by the way, please go inside, close the blinds and turn off the lights for maximum effectiveness....I hope you enjoy)

Tilith simply smiled and jumped onto the bed. "So why'd you even bother changing if you were gonna go this far with her?" She was still wearing her long dress-like button-down shirt, and this made her seem even more childlike.

"Well, I wasnt planning on her soliciting me for sex." Max replied. He sat down next to her and rubbed his forehead, feeling a headache coming on. "I'm actually feeling sorta nervous" Max said truthfully, laying down completely.

"You? Nervous?" Tilith asked incredulously. "Thats hard to believe." She pulled her knees up to her chest and wrapped her arms around her legs. "You faced a new world head on, stared down foes stronger then yourself, even flirted with death and the thing that makes you nervous is using your own dick? You sure have a couple screws loose Max."

Max laughed softly as he stared at the ceiling, the events of the past week running through his mind. "I'm not sure that I'm even ready for something like this... but I already made up my mind to do it. I refuse to be someone who runs away from the inevitable." He clenched his fist, a fire in his eyes.

"You make sound like your going into battle," Tilith said with a laugh. "And you wouldn't be wrong. Sex is similar to a battle, but a fun battle." Tilith nudged him with one of her hands. "You just got to know some tricks that'll make her happy. Women say that you should focus on enjoying yourself but since its your first time, try and please her. Just do what you normally do and worry about her first. Finish her off first BEFORE you finish yourself off, thats the key to getting more sex afterwards."

"Who said I want more sex afterwards?" Max asked, turning his head to look at Tilith. "I dont plan on making this a regular thing between me and her, its just a one time thing until I fix a couple things in this world." He smiled softly and reached out, touching one of Tiliths small feet.

"Tch, you say that now but just you wait." Tilith snickered a little before pushing his hand away with her foot. "Once you have sex, you won't want to live without it, you'll crave it and start to spiral out of control." Tilith nodded her head with a serious expression. "That's how most men are, at least in this world. Its the dark side of this world that the anime doesnt show."

Max frowned a little, a bit disturbed at the route her story had taken. "Well, I'm definitely not like those men. If you couldn't tell, I'm someone who has more then enough self-control." He pushed himself up into a sitting position to get a better look at Tilith.

Tilith laughed and simply shook her head. "I know your different which is why I'm trying to warn you not to get too attached to it....someones coming, guess its my time to go." She crawled over a placed a gentle kiss on his lips. She pulled away quickly and grinned. "There, now I've stolen your first kiss and thatll be enough for now. I guess I'll see you tomorrow." With those parting words she disappeared in small flash of light.

Max barely had time to register the kiss when there was a knock on his bedroom door. It seemed that Tilith was better at sensing the energy of others better then he was because he didn't hear anyone approaching, let alone sense them. He got up out of bed and opened the door, and unsurprisingly, there stood Mereleona, clad only in a black bra and panties.

Mereleona smiled and pushed her way inside without so much as a form of greeting, making herself completely at home as she dropped down onto his bed. She was dressed for occasion in a matching set of undergarments and had let her hair fall down naturally.

"Wait, your not ready yet?" Mereleona asked gesturing to his jeans. "Well, maybe I was a bit too early getting here, but can you blame? Its been so long since I had a good....well you know." She laughed and gestured to his pants. "We can start whenever your ready."

Max took a deep breath, mentally prepping himself for the new experience he was about to jump headfirst into. "Look princess, lets just take this nice and slow, this IS my first time after all and I want to make sure its enjoyable for the both of us."

Mereleona tapped her chin thoughtfully before nodding. "How about I let you inspect my body at your leisure for the first part of it? It'll let you get accustomed to my body and let me get to enjoy your hands all over me."

Max mulled it over in his head before nodding his head in agreement. He grabbed the hem of his shirt and pulled it up over his head, tossing it to the side. For the first time he was actually glad that he kept his body in shape. He hadnt necessarily cared about being naked in front of them while bathing, but that was the bath, this was him getting ready to be intimate with a female.

He approached her slowly, unsure of how to begin so he decided to follow his instincts which had always been pretty good. He placed his hands on her shoulders and pushed her down onto the bed with a bit of force. Mereleona however didn't seem to mind how forward he was being even smiling at how rough he was.

Max didnt know where to go from there but he placed a hand on her bare stomach and slid his hand across the smooth surface, marveling at how soft it was. Her skin was akin to silk, allowing him to slide the tips of his fingers around her skin, causing her to give a slight shiver. He moved his fingers to the top of her bra and traced the skin there, becoming slightly curious about what he would find underneath despite having seen her naked in the bathroom. He slowly tugged the bra downwards, revealing a beautiful sight.

She had an exquisite pair of breasts which were surprisingly a tan color with quarter sized aerolas and puffy pink nipples. Max, feeling slightly curious, he ran his thumb over her nipple, drawing out a sharp inhale from Mereleona who was now gripping the sheets, her eyes tightly shut. Max smiled at her reaction and decided to test out her weaknesses. He leaned in close and flicked tongue across her nipple, the stiffness of it feeling great against his tongue. She let out a sharp gasp followed my a moan, and Max took this as a go ahead to begin slowly licking her nipple, each little contact with his tongue causing her to moan and gasp, making her writhe in pleasure. He did this to one nipple and then the other, licking, sucking, and even giving it soft little nibbles.

Mereleona was like putty in his hands, her breathing heightened, moans escaping through her lips as she squirmed underneath his teasing tongue. Max was amazed at how sensitive her nipples were, but he continued to explore her body. He kissed his way down her stomach, stopping occasionally to bite down on her soft skin. He trailed his way all the way to the bottom of her stomach, kissing the skin next to the edge of her panties. Hooking his thumbs on the edges of her underwear, he slowly pulled them downwards until they were completely removed. He tossed them to the side with his other clothes before turning his attention to her long legs, admiring them. Starting from her feet, he began layering a stream of soft kisses down her leg, kissing down her calf, along the inside of her thigh before finally stopping at her clit.

This was the first time he had seen it up close , though he had seen the girls naked a couple of times this weekend, he had never actually seen this part of as clearly as the rest. One thing that interested him though was the fact that she had no hair above it like it did the day before.

Shrugging it off, he focused his attention back on her vagina. There was liquid pouring out and onto the bedsheets, and from it came a very intoxicating smell, one Max didn't recognize. Leaning closer to it, he pushed her legs apart and ran his finger over the lips of it. Mereleona's hips jerked as his finger came into contact, but then became still once more, allowing him to continue. He reached out again but this time slid a finger through the lips, pushing it inside of her all the way. A muffled moan escaped from Mereleona as she covered her mouth with one of the pillows. Using that as encouragement, Max inserted another finger inside of her and began to use them. Though he had never had sex before, Tilith was a big help as she instructed him on what to do next. Placing one thumb on top of her clitoris, he began to move his fingers in a rapid fire piston movement, in and out, up and down, while also moving hus thumb over the small little bead above her slit.

The result was Mereleona practically screaming out in pleasure as her body writhed and squirmed under his touch. Her hands gribbed the bed sheets, her body arching and suddenly convulsing, numerous spasms shuddering down her body as she climaxed. Max kept going though, rubbing his fingers even faster over the little bead which seemed to be the main point of pleasure for her. Just as she was about to come down from her last climax, her body arched once more and began spasming. Her blissful scream tore through the night as she slumped back to the bed, her body sweating and her hair an utter mess.

Max removed his fingers from her now soaking wet twat, bringing it up to his face, licking it up from his fingers. The taste was surprisingly sweet and actually tasted a bit on the good side. He licked his fingers clean waiting for Mereleona to regain her senses. Her breathing had turned ragged and uneven, her body still rocking from little spasms from the aftereffects of her intense double orgasms.

Max moved back and climbed off the bed, thinking that he might as well take off the rest of his clothes while he was waiting. The jeans were becoming a bit too tight anyways as his erection had pushed against the fabric of his pants. He undid the button and pulled the pants down along with his boxers, letting his erection pop free, extending outwards proudly for all to see. He stepped out of them and walked back towards the bed and was about to climb back on when Mereleona managed to gasp out something. "Wait there for a second......Ill return the favor you just showed to me."

Though he was slightly confused, he took a step back from the bed and watched as Mereleona pushed herself up from the bed, crawling all the way to the edge before falling off the side. Max wanted to help her up, but she recovered rather quickly as she sat up and crawled over to him, stopping in front of him on her knees.

"You showed me pleasure," Mereleona said as she reached her hand out, wrapping one hand aound the base of Max's dick. "Now, I'll show some to you. Feel free to pull my hair if you want while I work, I like it rough."