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The World Traveller Adventure Of An Otaku Chapter 3

This was the second time that Max had passed out, but unlike last time, this time he was able actually feeling slightly better then before.

Max slowly opened his mix-matched eyes and stared at the sky above, the corner of his lips curving upwards. 'Did it work?' He thought as his gaze drifted from cloud to cloud. 'Did I travel to a different world? Cause I swear if I didnt Ill find that stupid Gintama and kick his ass so badly that even the Soul Society couldnt help him.'

Pushing himself into a sitting position, Max gave a swift glance around before standing up completely. When first entering into an unknown territory, one must never drop his guard, this was one of the crucial things that Max had learned from anime and manga, because the moment you drop your guard something always seemed to happen that you'd regret. He glanced all around him, taking in every bit of his surroundings, though even if he was sure there was no one around, it was never a guarantee as this world was predominated by ninja.

"Hey you piece of dog shit, are you listening to me?" A loud grating voice once again interrupted his thoughts, making him wince. "Why in the literal F*CK did you just randomly click a world before reading the description? Do you have a death wish? I thought you wouldve had SOME common sense, but I guess I was wrong."

Max tuned her out as he pulled out his new card, the thing he was now dubbing as "Guilty Crown" just because he was feeling like naming it after an anime. He had thought of travelling to worlds and the popups had appeared so he assumed that thinking about the world he was in would bring him some clarification about the where and the when. However, even when he thought about it, nothing happened, even after furrowing his brows and concentrating his all his energy on his thoughts nothing happened. 'Maybe its voice activated?' Max thought, tapping his chin lightly. Although it didnt seem that logical to make one part thought activated and to make another part voice activated, it wasnt entirely impossible.

"Description of Naruto, show me where and when I am." Max said, speaking directly towards the card. Almost immediately after he spoke a popup showed in front of him



Naruto: A world predominated by ninja....for more information please level up



"The hell do you mean 'level up'? What are you playing at you damn thing?" Max asked in absolute incredulity, his mind just not wrapping itself around what it was saying.

Almost as if in a taunting reply, another pop up appeared in front of him and this one seemed to list his abilities.



Max Dwayne

Level: 1

Strength: 6

Agility: 10


Endurance: 5

Chakra: 100

Strength - 6 (Advise against facing off against strong opponents, because in this world, at your current level even a 12 year old could kill you)

Agility- 10 (Slightly higher then average beginners, your still slower then a 12 year old but its still marginally better then your STR stat)

Dexterity- 8 (Your skills with your hands can not be denied but skill is meaning less without power, so unfortunately the only thing you'll be good at right now is masturbation)

Endurance- 5 (Id be embarassed if I had a stat this low, you probably wont even be able to run for 5 minutes without being completely exhausted)

Chakra- 100 (Congratulations, you have a stat at a hundred, but unless you jutsu then this category is completely useless to you, good luck in life)



Max stared for a second before closing his eyes and taking a deep breath in an attempt to go to his happy place. Apparently it seemed that even the system itself was against him, which would normally be okay with him, except for the fact that Tilith was still screaming in his ear. Although now that he actually thought about it, she did seem a bit urgent about it.

"Max move your ass NOW!!" Tilith screamed, her voice breaking through the mental block he had on her voice. The hair on the back of Max's neck stood on end as he left away from the spot he was standing in. The moment he dived away, three small objects impaled themselves into the ground right where he had been standing. Without a doubt, if it hadnt been for Tilith, then the wouldve been seriously injured or killed by it.

Max's senses kicked into high gear, adrenaline began to pump into his veins, but unfortunately for him, there was more then one attacker. As he was focusing on the place where the objects had come from (he mentally noted that they had been kunai) a man in a dark gray outfit and a red kirin mask snuck up behind him and slammed him to the floor. Max weezed out a gasp of air upon impact, the blow completely knocking the wind out of him, causing him to see stars. The last thing he comprehended before passing out was a loud shout and a number of people who looke both familiar and strange running over. Then everything turned black.


When Max's consciousness finally surfaced, he didnt know where he was, which was honestly very frustrating considering how many times it had already happened. The first time was waking up without any clothes, and this seemed to be a repeat since, once again, he was naked, except with gauze wrapped around his chest.

"Tilith, where am I," Max murmured softly as he closed his eyes again. The guy who had slammed him must've really put some strength into it because he could feel it all the way to his toes. Either that or he was just super weak.

"Your a dumbass you know that?" Tilith began with her usual almighty tone. "Why would you teleport straight away to one of the most dangerous anime that exists? Did you think you were special just cause you received The Card? Well news flash your not."

Tilith forced open a popup up to show him what she meant. The popup contained the stats of someone who was only 12 years old, and it was a HUGE blow to his own self esteem.



Name: Unknown

Gender: Unknown


Level: 3

Strength: 30

Agility: 39


Endurance: 31

Chakra: 34



Max frowned at this before swiping his hand to the left, closing the popup and swiping it completely out of existence. Closing his eys, Max took a deeo breath and collected his thoughts before speaking. "I know I'm weak Tilith and I get where your coming from, but thats not the reason that I chose this world. I didnt come here to fight, to train, or even to relive the story, I came here to enjoy myself." Max stared at his hand vefore clenching it into a fist, a fire now burning in his eyes. "To live in a world that encourages you to follow one's dream is why I'm here. My dream is the same as Issei Hyoudou, my dream is to form a harem of beautiful women." Max smiled and pushed himself to sit up. "I came to this world because there was no other choice. If I want a harem then the best place to hone my skills with women would be here, where the majority of women are tough and currently have crushes. Do you understand? I came here purely because I'm thinking of my with dick rather then my head."

Tilith remained silent for a good while before finally saying something. "So then you didnt come to fight? In a world where strength is everything and the majority of women here only like strong men, you came to pick up women? When your strength is barely enough to beat a 5 year old? Nice logic you have there, I see nothing wrong with your plan whatsoever you nimrod."

Her words were like a slap to the face, like a bucket of ice water poured over him. Max hadnt really thought about it until she mentioned it, but how exactly WAS he supposed to gain strength when everything and everyone around him were two to ten times stronger then he was.

At that moment, the door to the room opened and in walked a tall figure with long hair pulled into a spiky ponytail. He wore the clothes of a jonin level ninja but he walked as if he didn't really wanna be there. His black eyes stared into Max's before tossing him a pair of pants that he had carried in with him.

"Put those on," said Shikamaru Nara as he sat across from him with a rather bored expression. "And then when your finished with that I want you to explain how exactly you ended up outside of our village without sending off the Anbu Black Ops. The village has several lookouts that wouldn't fail to spit a non-ninja personnel who doesnt even seem capable of performing a decent genjutsu."

Max slipped the pants on and quickly buckled them, avoiding Shikamaru's laser like gaze. Although being lazy for the entirety of the anime, Max knew he wasnt someone to be trifled with, having been labeled as a genius even at the age of 12. It was pretty clear that if he didnt come up with a believable story the consequences wouldnt be pretty. He was completely familiar with how the Hidden Leaf treated people they suspected of being spues or traitors. The best course of action would be to say that he didnt have any memories, but the question remained if he would actually bought it.

Shikamaru Nara at the age of 12 was classified of having an IQ of 200, a true genius that was capable of thinking tens of dozens of moves ahead of his opponent. He wasnt someone that would be tricked with simple words or acting. However, there was also the fact that Shikamaru was a naturally lazy guy, one who preferred to lay back and watch the clouds then to actually perform the duties of a ninja. While that tendency towards laziness lessened as he got older, he would probably still definitely be prone to slacking off. Max shifted his gaze to Shikamaru and met him eyes to eye. The next move would have to be played perfectly otherwise he risked the chance of exposure, and even though he had something as powerful as his Guilty Crown, he still hadnt learned how to use it.

Sweat poured down his neck as he thoight aboit what he should say to get him out of this situation. "My name is Max Dwayne and I'm afraid that thats all I know. I woke up in the middle of that clearing earlier and thats really all I know. If you could help me figure all of this out then I would greatly appreciate it Shika....Um I mean Mister jonin." Max crossed his fingers mentally and prayed that he didnt notice his slipup.