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The World Traveller Adventure Of An Otaku Chapter 30

Mereleona smiled as she stroked the shaft of Max's stiffening penis, her eyes never leaving it as she moved her hand at a steady speed. "You have such a beautiful cock, I winder how long it is, seven inches maybe eight? Either way the thickness of a dick is the thing I like and you got both." She sped up her hand slightly, putting more pressure on each and every stroke. Max groaned, leaning his head back and closing his eyes, enjoying the sensation of her warm hand against his now steel bar of an erection.

Mereleona smiled and leaned forward placing her lips against the tip, her tongue slipping out and surrounding its bulbous head, rolling around like she was licking a popsicle. She then pushed her hand all the way to the base of the dick and began to insert the penis into her mouth. Max froze but didnt say anything as the warmth of her mouth surrounded his cock making him feel exquisite waves of pleasure from just being inside. Instead of giving Max enough time to adjust, Mereleona began to see how long he could last. She pushed herself as far as she could go, the dick hitting the back of her throat, while her hand stroked the rest of the shaft.

Max, not being used to this type of simulation, reached out and gripped her hair, his knees beginning to feel weak. Mereleona took this as encouragement as she removed her hands and began to her best at deepthroating, taking his cock almost all the way in and the pulling back out. She went back and forth, her head bobbing and her cheeks caved in as she sucked his cock into her mouth over an over again. Max responded to all this simulation by thrusting his dick repeatedly into the back of her throat, his hands pulling hard at her hair. She didn't seem to mind it though as she let him moved his dick in her mouth until he finally couldnt take it anymore.

"Holy shit," He groaned loudly as he thrust once more into her mouth and came, spraying his contents into the back of her throat without so much as a warning. Mereleona however managed to swallow each and every drop before Max, who was still spasming, fell to his knees and into Mereleona's arms.

"Hey Max," Mereleona said, tapping his cheek. "Dont give up now, we're almost to the best part." She wrapped an arm around his waist and helped him to the bed. "This is the part where you fuck my brains out and do it so rough that I won't be able to get out of bed tomorrow."

Max slowly raised his head and sat on the edge of the bed, his strength slowly returned to him. He stretched out his limbs and then turned to face Mereleona. "Okay lets do it, how do you want this to be? I heard from somewhere that there are numerous positions for sex." Mereleona smiled, laying down at the center of the bed and spread her legs. "No fancy techniques this time Maxy, just give me a good dicking."

Max nodded and pulled himself completely onto the bed before crawling over to her. He stopped in front of her and narrowed his eyebrows, a look of concentration on his face. He grabbed his rock hard cock, positioned it in front of her entrance before slowly pishy his way in. He gasped along with Mereleona at the sudden warmth, pleasure, and tightness that he felt from slowly entering into her pussy. The feeling was amazing, the walls squeezing around his shaft as he pushed himself in until he almost bottomed out. He remained completely pressed up against her for what felt like hours but it was only a minute as he enjoyed the feeling of being this deep inside of a woman for the very first time.

After he finished his little moment, he began to move, taking it slowly at first, placing his hands on her thighs. He closed his eyes and moaned as he went slow but rammed into her forcefully.

"Holy shit," Mereleona moaned as she pinched. her own nipples clearly enjoying how rough he was being. "Rougher Max, I can take it, hit me hard thrust everything into me, I'm your own personal whore today."

Max grit his teeth and gripped her thighs, pushing himself to speed up, but kept his thrusts at full force. Very quickly, the room was filled with sounds of slapping and moans as the bed shook and creaked from the amount of force Max was putting into his thrusts. Mereleona was in pure heaven as he gripped the bedsheets and moaned loudly after each hit, combining both pain and pleasure that was so close to pushing her over the edge.

Max pushed himself even harder, his hips moving faster and faster, his cock slamming into her so hard that Mereleona was constanly hitting high note after high note, her moans never failing to be louder then the last. This kept up until Mereleona came, her back arching, a moan so loud the next door neighbors in Spade Kingdom could hear it, and an intense blast of her liquid came spewing forth as her body ricked from the intensity of her orgasm.

Max pulled out and smiled, waiting for Mereleona to come down from it. He wanted to cum as well but hadn't made it in time. Grabbing Mereleona's hips, he flipped her over onto her stomach and pulled her ass up into the air. He smiled as Mereleona's breathing began to stabilize, but he didn't plan on stopping as he positioned himself over the entrance once again.

He slowly entered into her once again, but this time, he wanted to see how rough he could be. He raised his hand and brought it down across Mereleona's ass. There was a sharp smack followed by a light moan as Mereleona seemed to enjoy it. "No way," Max said smacking her ass again. There was a sharp smack followed by yet another moan and though Max thought that this was mildly interesting, he decided to explore this another day. He began moving his hips, his rock hard hard dick moving in and out of her at a rapid pace. He didnt bother moving slow this time as he went all out from the beginning.

He thrusted himself inside of her over and over again, loving every second of it. The heat, the tightness, the moans from Mereleona that grew increasingly louder the harder he thrusted himself into her. The feeling of it was like nothing he had ever felt before, and it was pushing him closer and closer to the brink, to that place of release that he sought after.

Remembering what Mereleona said in the beginning of all this, he reached towards Mereleona's head and grabbed her waist length vermilion hair and pulled on it roughly as he pushed himself to go faster. The noise of her moans increased even further as Mereleona's head was pulled back along with her hair. Max could feel himself nearing the end as he pushed himself to go beyond his limits, thrusting into her harder then ever.

Max lasted three more minutes before he was pushed over the edge, uttering a loud moan, though not nearly as loud as Mereleona's was, before pulling out and spraying Mereleona's back with his hot cum, making sure to move her hair out of the way. His body convulsed as stream after stream of hot liquid poured out of him as he had the most intense orgasm he had ever experienced.

Max let go of Mereleona's hair, with her falling face first onto the bed the moment he did, and he crawled over to her side completely exhausted. He knew that if he really tried he could probably go once more, but he was feeling a bit tired and it looked like Mereleona was out of commission.

"How was that princess?" Max asked as he lay down beside her, wrapping an arm aroind her stomach. He reached behind himself and pulled the blanket over both of them, pulling Mereleona up against his chest.

"That was fucking excellent, though I may have to call off tomorrows training due to the fact that I might not be able to walk tomorrow." Mereleona laughed as she snuggled against his chest, loving the warmth and safety that his hug brought, it made the love she already secretly had for him grow even more.

Max smiled and kissed her cheek. "Well feel free to sleep in then my sweet Meemee, I was planning on going shopping with the girls tomorrow anyways." He closed his eyes and rested his face against the top of her head. "Goodnight Mereleona."