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The World Traveller Adventure Of An Otaku Chapter 31

Max slowly opened his eyes, the light shining through the window, signaling the start of a new day. Though he wanted to move away, Mereleona simple pressed her back against him, snuggling up to his warmth. Max thought this was adorable and the rays from sun gave her an even more youthful appearance. After some thought, he decided against getting up, content with just staying here for a while longer.

After about an hour later, Mereleona opened her eyes, and took in her surroundings. Max, after an hour of just watching her sleep, broke out into a sweet smile and kissed the back of her neck. Mereleona, still being a bit sleepy, turned her head slightly to the side, an enchanting smile on her face. She looked content and happy, her expression showing one of love and joy. "Good morning sleeping beauty." Max said with a wink, tracing his hands over her bare stomach.

"Morning my royal prince." She responded back, turning around to face him, her wild hair falling around her body. "Did you sleep well? She reached out and touched his face, tracing her fingers along his jawline. "I certainly did."

Max smirked and took her fingers in one of his hands and kissed the tips of them. "I bet you did, after all that happened last night. I would hope you'd feel tired otherwise I wouldnt have done a very good job." He laughed softly and used his free hand push a strand of her hair back behind her ear.

"You did just fine love," Mereleona replied, snuggling up to his chest. "But on a more important note, don't you have to go shopping with your other two friends? I'd hate for them to be kept waiting because of me."

Max shook his head, "They can wait for me, I think an hour to ourselves wouldn't hurt much." He laughed and ran a thumb over her now erect nipple. He was already ready to go but wasnt in any hurry to leave her side. "I think we should strengthen our relationship even further dont you think?'

Mereleona giggled, wrapping her arms around Max's neck, her eyes sparkling. "Well if you want to go again then who am I to say no to you." She nudged his dick with her knee, smirking slightly. "Even though I was sure that you were gonna leave me alone this morning.

Max smirked. "I wouldn't leave you, although you are a bit too much for me to handle." He rolled away from her but was stopped her hand on his dick. "Oowww, hey watch the merchandise, I need that." Max stopped moving and began scooting back to ease the pressure off his now captured member.

Mereleona smirked and let go of Max's penis, freeing him from her grasp. "How about this.....I let you go, but later me and you go on a date? I figured that me and you deserve just a bit of quality time together."

Max tapped his chin and pretended to debate it causing Mereleona to playfully knock him in gut, it wasnt hard or harmful, just a playful tap. "Okay," Max replied, leaning forward to kiss her lips before pulling away. For reasons that he couldn't place she felt different from yesterday, more relaxed and less flirtatious. He made a mental note to ask Tilith about it later. "Then I'll be going now okay."

"Max," Mereleona said as she watched Max climb out of bed. "I love you, I figured you had a right to know. You should also know that, even though I'm old and worn out, I'm going to pursue you." She smiled and sat up, raising the blanket around her breasts.

Max listened to what she had to say before nodding. He definitely felt like she had changed, her overall demeanor more loving then flirtatious, the way she spoke was more confident then before and much more life then she previously had the day before. "Your not old your perfect the way you are. I'm not yet sure what love is quite yet as I'm still young and inexperienced, but I feel like if I have you by my side then I'll have the chance to experience it for myself. It may be selfish of me to ask, but I want you to stay by my side, if you agree to it."

Mereleona smiled, a flowing heat filling her heart and making her feel warm and a sense of happiness almost to the point of wanting to shed a tear or two. She nodded her head, knowing that if she said anything she'd probably start crying. Max, noticing this, reached out his hand and took hers, entwining their fingers together. He didnt say anything, just sat there smiling for a few minutes.

Max eventually got up and grabbed his boxers, sliding them on. "Mereleona, your part of my world now. Your not worthless, amd though you may be a bit older then me, theres nothing wrong with, so hold yourself proudly and feel free to shout to the world that your not only a royal but someone whose in a relationship with a commoner. I may be weak now but Ill be strong eventually and when that day comes, Ill proudly yell to the world that you belong to me." Max reached down and picked up his jeans.

Mereleona had tears coming out of her eyes, but she did make make a single sound as Max put on his jeans and grabbed his shirt. She was beyond overjoyed but was unable to show it in any form other then the tears now streaming down her face. She watched Max slip on his necklace and grab his hoodie before walkong to the door.

Max stopped, his hand on the doorknob, looking back a big smile on his face. "Ill buy you something at the shop today, though I wont be the one paying for it this time Ill still get you something." With those parting words he shut the door behind him.

Beyond the door however lay an awkward situation that made Max want to turn back into the sanctuary of his own room. However he sucked it up and faced both Mimosa and Noelle with a normal smile. "Shall we go?" Max asked the two blushing girls as he walked away from the room as if nothing happened.

Mimosa was embarassed beyond belief after hearing eveything that had happened last night and hearing the last words Max had said to Mereleona. The whole thing was just a full on blushing fest and made it hard to even look Max in his eyes. She also had a strong urge to punch him in the stomach, but she held it in as she ran to catch up with him, Noelle following close behind. Noelle was along similar thinking of Mimosa except that she had a much stronger urge to hit him for even more reasons than Mimosa.

They reached the training ground where they had parked their brooms from last night, Max being the first one to arrive at the field. Noelle and Mimosa arrived a bit after him since they had been dragging their feet.

"You better hurry up ladies," Max said cheerfully, picking up one of the brooms and throwing his leg over it. "I'll leave you behind if you dont speed it up." He pushed off the ground and began to soar the skies around their heads.

Mimosa and Noelle and looked at each other before racing to get on the other broom. It took them a couple of seconds but they managed to get airborne, flying alongside Max as he followed behind them, he didnt really know where the shopping district was. It must've really close though because it only took them 5 minutes by broom to reach their destination.

The shopping district was plentiful lines of booths and stalls, various luxurious stores lined one side with numerous advertising on the outside. There was even a place where people could land there brooms and store them for a fee rather then carrying them around. This was the place that they decided to land.

Well, land being the improper word for what Max did, which was to come in as slow as possible and then land in with a front roll to minimize the impact. It was a pitiful way to land compared to how Mimosa and Noelle landed, gracefully and elegantly.

Max walked up to the guy storing the brooms and asked how much it cost to store one. The price was actually pretty cheap, just 10 yul, which was pretty cheap in this world. After Max paid the man his money (the money the girls had given to him because they took pity on him).

Max took both his broom and and Mimosa's broom and handed them to the man before returning to where the girls were standing at. "Okay, so whose ready to start shopping?"