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The World Traveller Adventure Of An Otaku Chapter 6

Max tapped his chin thoughtfully, a habit that he had picked up back in his orginal world, always doing it when he was thinking of something or found something rather amusing. It was actually a pretty funny story when one thought it over in their head, how he ended up with 5 magic knight captains surrounding him with their brightly lit grimoires. If one wanted to understand the reason to why Max was just standing there with not a care in the world, one would have to go back to the beginning to when he first appeared in this world. It was actually a pretty long story.


Max opened his eyes, his bright gold and the dark red irises flashing in the bright sunlight, the warmth of the sun spreading through his skin, seeming to seep all the way to the bone, making him feel comfortable and safe. If given the chance, he would've preferred to just lounge around on the floor for a while longer, but when one had an annoying roommate living inside of their head, one couldn't expect to sleep for too long.

"Max, get the fuck up you lazy ass," Tilith said with her usual condescending tone. Everytime she spoke, each and every word dripped with revulsion and venom, her tone filled with condescension in every syllable. It was obvious how much she hated him, though why she hated him was completely beyond his own knowledge.

"Yeah yeah Tilith, I'm up, I'm up." Max muttered as he reluctantly rolled over and slowly pushed himself into a sitting position. "It wouldnt have hurt to let me sleep for a few more minutes you know. There's nothing wrong with sleeping in."

Max stretched out his arms and yawned loudly, his arms making strange cracking sounds as if every bone was in protest against the actions he was doing. He finished his stretches before finally rubbing his eyes and taking a look at his surroundings. He seemed to be situated in an empty alleyway, one that actually smelled kinda bad, and the fact that he hadnt smelled it before genuinely surprised him.

He pushed himself up off the floor and began to stretch his legs. "Hey Tilith, where am I? Do you know?" He was hesitant on asking Tilith for anything but if she decided to cooperate with him then he wouldnt have to stroll around blindly and could act without drawing to much attention to himself.

"Bitch, figure it out yourself using 'The Card', you should learn to be self reliant rather then me having to constantly hold your hand like a little pussy ass baby."

While this was the expected response, Max still sighed slightly out of irritation.

'Since when have I ever relied on you though,' Max thought as he moved to lean against the alley wall. The wall was dirty and unhygienic, but it provided him with support and something to hit for when Tilith decided to push him over the edge.

"Okay, System, can you pull up everything that you know about the Black Clover? And I by Black Clover I mean Clover Kingdom, because thats really all I need to know about right now." Max took a deep breath and waited to see if it would work, and apparently it did because almost immediately after he finished speaking a short passage on the Clover Kingdom appeared along with a map.


Clover Kingdom:

The Clover Kingdom is the home country of the wizard king, Julius Novachrono, and the Order of the Magic Knights. It is currently being ruled by Augustus Kira Clover XIII.The kingdom is a mountainous region and is bordered by 3 rival kingdoms: Diamond kingdom to the North, Spade kingdom to the West, and Heart kingdom to the South. A sea Lies to the east. The kingdom is divided into 3 different realms: The Forsaken realm, The common realm, and the noble realm. Those in the outer regions are usually the poorest and typically have the weakest magic, having just enough to easy up their mundane day to day tasks and are, more often then not, looked down upon and abused by those in the inner regions. Despite peasants being accepted into the Magic Knights, these prejudices follow them, even if they have unusually large amounts of mana.


Max scanned through each and every word in a fastidious manner, even looking it over twice more before moving his hand over it, swiping it out of existence.

So, this was basically the same world as the anime and manga that he had seen. It didnt appear that there would be any difficulty for him to navigate this world, apart from the places that never appeared in the manga/anime. Those areas would have to be discovered and explored by him if he wanted to learn more about them. This was fine with him since he planned to stick around for the long run, he wasn't planning on leaving until he had accomplished his goals, to achieve the dreams he held in his heart. He would have plenty of time to wander around Clover Kingdom in the near future.

"System, where am I located right now? Itd be a huge help if you could let me know that bit of crucial information." Max pinched his nose as the rotten smell seemed to be getting stronger. "Make it quick please, cause this place smells like a sewage plant."

A minimap appeard in front of him, with hinself appearing as an arrow in the center of it. "Perfect, thanks for the help, now please share some info on what town im currently in please." Max liked fiddling with the system and wanted to play with it more, but the smell was starting to get to him. A small popup screen exploded into existence with a small summary about the town and Which realm he was currently in.


The Noble Realm - The Royal Capital

The Royal Capital is the city at the heart of the Clover Kingdom. The city is placed atop the tallest mountain in the clover kingdom, a wall separating it from the rest of the Noble Realm and a magic barrier protecting it. Within the city are the Magic Knights Headquarters and Clover Castle, the place where the king resides.


Max nodded his head before once again swiping the popup to the side. Most of that information wasn't really necessary to him as he only wanted to know his own general location, although knowing a bit more about the city could never hurt. The Royal Capital was a place that not many could have acess to apart from high ranking magic knights, noblility, and the rich and if you werent any of these then you'd no doubt have great trouble entering it.

Moving to the entrance of the alleyway Max peeked his head out, glancing from side to side before spotting what he wanted. If he was gonna move around the city then he was gonna need to be inconspicuous and blend in to the environment. His dark blue hair and clothing were a dead giveaway that he wasn't from around here and would attract more attention then was necessary. The only way he could blend in at this point was to "borrow" some clothes from someone else.

The thing Max wanted was a magic knights robe, preferably a common one that most magic knights wore and from a squad that wasn't too popular. He spotted one almost immediately after poking his head out, a rather nice looking one that looked as if it had seen a fight or two. It was being worn by a rather average looking knight and judging from the emblem positioned over his chest, he was from the Green Mantis's which were led by Jack the Ripper.

Pulling himself back in, Max contemplated his choices and mulled over the best strategy in his head. Getting him over to the alleyway would be the easy part, but subduing him would be a different story altogether. If he attacked him without a plan, the guy would be able to squash him without a problem, using his magic to restrain, severely injure, or even kill him.

Since a head on assault wouldnt work then the only choice he had was a sneak attack. To him, sneak attacks were a cowards way out as he preferred it whenever the protagonist just attacked with brute strength. However, he didnt really have a choice, since the outfit was a part of his plan.

He thought it over for about a minute before a solution popped into his head. Though it was embarassing, he would have to channel his inner Natsuki Subaru in order to complete it. Grabbing the hem of his shirt, he pulled it over his head and tossed it over to the side, making sure it was ready for use.

He then stomped on the ground, raised his head, took a deel breath and shouted at the top of his lungs, "HELP ME, I'M BEING RAPED!! STOP DONT TOUCH ME THERE, NO, DONT LOOK AT MY PANTIES!!!"

There was a moment of silence and then the sound of a pair of feet running towards him. The situation was actually pretty funny, but now wasnt the time to laugh as it was almost time for him to act. Moving close to the entrance, Max pressed his back to the wall, waiting for the perfect moment because he would no doubt only have one chance at this. The sound of running came closer and closer and eventually a figure ran past him towards the alleyway.

Max reached out and grabbed the mans face, kicked the back of his legs out from beneath him and slammed him head first onto the concrete as hard as possible. There was a loud crack and a thud as the body followed after the head and then complete silence.

"Man I'm awesome," Max muttered as removed his hand from the guys face. He moved his hand to the unconscious man's neck and checked to make sure that he at least had a pulse. He didnt have a problem killing a possible background character, but it would be rather troublesome for a magic knight to die in an alleyway.

The pulse felt a slight shaky, but after confirming that it was there, Max left out a small sigh as he set to work over the body. He grabbed the tshirt he had taken off earlier and began ripping it into strips. Once he finished with that, he began carefully patting the man down, hoping to at least find some cash on him but sadly it appeared as if this guy was broke. Well beggars cant be choosers, he was just fine with stealing the clothes, although the money would've made his job a bit easier.

Max began to take off the clothes with some difficulty and switched them with his own. Then after putting his own clothes onto the man, he took the strips of cloth he had made out of his shirt and used them to tie him up. He wouldnt have bothered doing this if he wasn't afraid of the guy waking up too soon and spoiling his plans.

"Im sorry bro, but your just gonna have to take this as a life lesson. Never let your guard down especially when there are bastards around." Max said sincerely, referring himself as a bastard. He truly loved fighting but when it came to underhanded methods he was pretty good at them and he wasnt proud of it.

After readjusting the magic knights robe he gave a half bow to the unconscious body that he had leaned against the alley wall. Turning around Max smiled confidently as he walked out of the alley. "Time to see what this world is made of. Show me what you got Black Clover."