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The World Traveller Adventure Of An Otaku Chapter 9

Ever since Max had arrived in this world, he hadn't felt a single thing, didn't feel a single ounce of magic anywhere. At first he thought, maybe he would be like Asta with no magical ability. However, after recieving his grimoire, the moment he had made contact with it, a strange feeling had begun to arise in him. A sort of cold, calm, and overwhelming power spread throughout his body. This power felt cold yet somehow refreshing as if his entire body was getting lighter.

Most people in this world were born with magic ability and therefore didnt notice the difference, but it was actually much harder to live without magic in this world. This was one of the reasons Asta trained his body, to be able to fight against people who could use magic, though without his Anti-magic swords, it probably wouldve been nearly impossible for him succeed.

The point was, that Max now had magical abilities but while he knew the names of the spells thanks to the connection of the grimoire, he didnt have the slightest clue anoit what they did. However that didnt make him even slightly nervous, on the contrary it made him fired up.

"Alright," Max said smashing his fists together and giving his opponents a serious look, "I'm all fired up now."

The three nobles simply looked at him strangely before casting their spells. The one on the left summoned fire in the shape of a lion, the one in the middle shot a tornado of wind, and the right one sent birds made of water and threw them. Each one was perfectly coordinated and their teamwork was perfect. If battling a normal opponent they would've quickly been buried beneath the onslaught of spells. However, even though Max wasn't quite accustomed to battle quite yet, there were still three spells that were available to use.

"Sound Magic- Disruption Wave" Max said, hoping this spell was just like it sounded. There was a full second pause in which everyone's magic seemed to stand still for a second before the wave began. It wasn't a completely visible wave, but rather a growing sound waves that pulsed and vibrated at such a frequency and with such force that it actually pushed everything backwards. However, the sounds it emitted were so loud that even the caster, Max, had to cover his ear in order to block out the noise.

"Talk about a backfire," Max said as the sounds continued to ring out. He cut off the flow of magic that was in the spell and dispersed it, and the sounds slowly began to diminish. "Next time lets bring ear plugs to the battle."

While Max was contemplating his next move choice, his now less-than-enthusiastic opponents struggled to get from up off the floor. Having been on the receiving end of the blast, they were hit with not only an unbearable magic sound wave, but they were also hit with their own attacks. It appeared that their opponent possessed an spell that could not only injure and stop a magical and physical attacks but could repel them back at the user.

"Well, f*ck, this is some stupid shit," muttered Caitlin as she picked herself off her butt, her hair now a complete mess. She glared at Max with undisguised hatred in her eyes. She swore right then and there that she'd make him pay.

"Caitlin, I think we can win," said boy #1 with a small smile. "We now know that he possesses sound magic, and that should be easy to overcome, lets set Plan B into motion."

Caitlin listened to him then nodded, her eyes never leaving Max's body, but it wasn't becuase he was shirtless, but rather because he was currently glowing. This was the manifestation of mana, ones that usually only at senior ranked magic knights possess. The physical manifestation of mana, or rather the glow around the user indicated that the mana was so strong that it couldn't contian itself inside the vessel and would begin to spill out. Those who had reach the power of magic knight captains could actually use this to suppress other mages.

"Okay, then lets go," muttered boy#2 and they ran towards Max but kept a good distance away running around him instead of straight at him, their own grimoires following their every step. They ran around him until they surrounded him.

'Using that last attack as a basis, he may not have any omnidirectional attacks in his arsenal' thought Caitlin, as she mentally turned the pages of her grimoire to her next spell. 'I'll use the strongest spell I have and utterly annihilate him.'

Max watched as the three of them tried something new, and was actually quite pleased with their new idea. In his own world this was a military tatic that was used in multiple places, known as Encirclement, where a force or target is isolated and surrounded on all side by enemy forces. It wasn't much to work since they only had three people and they had taken his Sound magic into account, the fact that the magic could only go in one direction.

However, it wasn't a big deal as he already knew what move he wanted to use next, a move that was basically explanatory in its brilliant name.

"Wind magic- Dance of the Fairies" uttered boy#1 as he shot out his magic.

"Fire creation magic- Fire Lion" said boy #2 repeating the same spell he had used before

"Water creation magic- Water Cannon," shouted Caitlin, a huge cannon made of water appearing and shooting out a blast of high pressurized water bombs.

Max planted his feet crouched down low and smiled softly. "Speed magic- Hirenkyaku" Max uttered and suddenly everything that was happening around seemed to have a huge reduction in speed, and it felt as if every drop of his mana was moving to his legs and feet. He grinned and began running and was so surprised by the burst of speed that, even though he had originally planned to dodge the attack and counterattack one of them, he overshot his destination and went flying forward, only stopping when he ran into a nearby tree causing the magic to be cut off. Max quickly sprang to his feet and wiped away the blood spilling from his nose before anyone could see. In the distance, towards the spot he had been standing at previously, a large explosion followed from the combination of three spells.

"Damn guys, seems you were trying to kill me." Max said, making sure his voice was loud enough for all of them to hear. They were actually much farther away from him then he had originally wanted them to be. His Speed magic was incredible, it was insanely fast but he didnt have such a good handle on it yet.

While Max was admiring his newfound magic, everyone else, spectators and opponents alike were stunned to the point where nobody was comprehending what they had seen, let alone being able to speak coherently. What they had just seen defied logic and hadn't been seen in the Clover Kingdom before. There wasn't anyone that they knew of that could use 2 types of magic. It was common knowledge that a person could only use spells based on the origin of the magic when they were born. It just wasnt possible for someone to have two types, yet here was a 15 year just like the rest of them who could do it.

And to put the icing on the cake the magic he had done was fast, so quick that only a few from the crowd had actually seen what happened, most just seen his body vanish from the spot and reappear kneeling on the ground by the tree about 30 meters away.

Mimosa clenched her teeth and tightened her hands into fists. She was having conflicted feelings at the moment, feeling proud, jealousy, worry, and some other feeling that she couldn't identify. It felt close to admiration but also not admiration, it was hard to describe. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, clearing her mind of all thoughts except rooting for her new friend. When she opened them again, she had regained her composure, showing no hint of the internal chaos that was going through her mind and heart.

"How?" asked Caitlin, who had finally found him after turning a full 180. "What kinda freak are you? What trick is this? No mage, even the current wizard king, wields more then one type of magic. Just who the heck are you?"

"Who am I you ask?" Max said his eyes sparkling. "I'm just a guy who doesnt know how to control his magic power yet. If you noticed, I haven't even used my grimoire yet. I'm basically playing it by ear. However I wanna try that spell again becuase i think I'm starting to understand its properties."

The other three tensed up and prepared for the next attack, but it was already too late as Max had already started to run. "Speed magic- Hirenkyaku," said Max and, to the eyes of the audience, his figure disappeared, reappearing next to wind magic user. "Your first," Max said with a serious expression as he slid to a stop and swung out his leg towards the guys head. There was crunch as the guy blocked it at the last second with his arm, but ended up having the bone splintered as boy#1 slid backward a few feet before landing unconscious on the grassy field. Max disappeared again, this time reappearing next to the fire magic user, who was actually ready for it.

"Fire creation magic- Flame wall" The guy screamed as Max's foot came towards him. A wall of flames appeared between Max and the fire wielder and it seemed as if it would stop the attack, however Max kept his kick going. He swung his foot through the wall of flames and slammed it into the guys ribs. The poor guy flew backwards and was slammed harshly into the ground.

"Well, that wasnt too bad I guess," Max said as he looked down at his leg. However the onlookers didn't exactly agree. Though the kick itself was powered by his speed magic, it didnt little to actually help his body withstand external forces. The pants leg had been burned completely off leaving the leg for all to see. The leg itself was burned black from the ankle to the top of the calf and was cracking in some places, blood oozing from the large burns that were scattered across the leg. However, what threw everyone off was the smile on Max's face, a mixture of pain, satisfaction, and excitement. They watched him turn his attention back to the noble who called herself Caitlin, directing the rather confident looking smile her way.

"So, whats it gonna be Caitlin?" Max asked with a small smirk, pushing back the pain that was making his leg throb. "Do you admit defeat, or do you wanna keep going?" After Max kicked through that fire, he had felt most of his magic drain out of him, no doubt the magic had been used to shield his leg from most of the damage. So as a last resort he pulled out his final maneuver that he liked to call "Vegeta's Bluff".

This move referred to the time when Goku and company fought against the Android's. Vegeta had just finished off Android 19, and turned his attention to Dr. Gero. Vegeta's energy had been almost been used up but he had kept a confident face and managed to bluff his way out of it, and Max had deeply respected him for this tactic.

Caitlin seemed to be debating on what to do, but like most nobles, she couldn't see an inch past her own pride. They never took defeat gracefully or bowed out, and she was no different from the rest of the pack of idiots.

"I think I'll take my chances," she said as she raised her hands up. "Water creation magic- raging water needles."

Max cursed on the inside as his bluff failed, and moved to dodge out of the way but an excruciating pain lassed through his leg and more blood began pouring out. He was rendered motionless as dozens of long, spear shaped water came flying at him. He only had time to curse once more in his mind before the water hit him, and he blacked out.