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The World Turned Into A Game After I Woke Up Chapter 259 2

Translator: HunterW

Editor: RED

“Blink 2.” I got right up next to Angel and stabbed at him with my spear.

“Enhanced Tentacle Shield.” His tentacles intertwined with each other, forming a shield to stop my spear. “Argh!” he cried out when my spear slammed into his wall of tentacles.

My STR was well over 200,000. My spear had ripped through his tentacle shield like a hot knife through butter and pierced his body, flashing yellow at the tip.

I pulled my spear back out and stabbed again.

“Wrap my enemy! Sticky Tentacles!” Angel’s tentacles wrapped themselves around my spear. “I have never experienced that much damage before. How did you do it?”

“You can ask the Devil himself when I send you to him!” I ignored Angel’s horrified expression as I kicked him in the chest with my right foot and used the momentum to pull my spear away. The tentacles practically screamed as they ripped from the pressure, but it only prompted me to pull even harder. Finally, the tentacles gave way as they ripped into pieces, leaving blobs of weird, fleshy parts on my spear. Just looking at them gave me the creeps. I quickly brushed them off and stabbed Angel twice, both attacks flashing yellow.

==[You have obtained 0 golden rings for defeating a powerful enemy.]==

It was the same message as when I first killed Angel, so it wasn’t over yet. The blobs of tentacle flesh that remained on my spear vanished into smoke. I twirled my spear to fan away the smoke and waited until Angel appeared again.

“Argh! I’ll kill you!”

“Right back at you!”

This time, Angel’s eyes and skin glowed red, but I didn’t have time to think about the change as Angel charged at me like a wild boar with a staff made of tentacle flesh in his right hand. I charged in the same way as before, as I was clearly overpowering him.

“Huh?” When we slammed into each other, I actually felt a repulsive force as my spear met his staff. It was as if his tentacles were tougher than before.

Angel cackled at my surprised expression. “I become stronger every time I die. I’ll be the one to send you to Hell!”

“Is that right? Let’s see how much stronger you can get.” I pulled away and slammed my spear into his tentacle staff repeatedly. After a couple of hits, the staff broke into pieces and I took that moment to stab him in the chest again.

“He said to attack when he dies a third time, didn’t he?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Huhbut he’s already died twice to one person” one of Claudia’s deities said as she watched the battle in the distance.

“It looks like he’s about to die again. The army will have to attack soon at this rate,” a deity of Adora’s faction added.

“What’s the highest number of times Angel has died in one battle?”

“I don’t know.”

“I do,” a deva said after quietly listening.

“How many times was it?”

“It was exactly eight times, ma’am. And it was to Master Adora.”

“Oh! Back then?”

“Oh, that’s right. Adora did manage to kill him eight times. I remember he had a hard time back then.”

“No, that’s not what happened. He stopped mid-fight and walked away.”


The deity fell into an awkward silence for a moment until the deity of Claudia’s faction spoke up as if nothing happened. “Well, either way, from what I remember, Adora could not kill Angel with one attack.”

“…” Silence enveloped the officers again. That meant that Angel’s current opponent was stronger than Adora.

“Butbut Adora has a powerful ability that makes him the most resilient being ever. Adora will never fall so easily.”

“I know that. Master Adora can’t be defeated so easily, but I can say with confidence that Angel’s opponent is powerful. He’s probably as powerful as Mistress Claudia or Master Adora.”

“Then what do we do? Angel’s about to die his third death.”

“We have to attack for now. Angel’s still the strongest out of all of us right now, and he’s only going to get stronger the more he dies.”

“Sounds good. Everyone, get ready to move! Once Commander Angel falls, we charge at the enemy! Whatever you do, don’t interfere with Commander Angel’s fight if you value your lives!”

“Yes, sir!”

The one million-strong Crootian army prepared to attack. It wouldn’t be long until Angel died again. Their original plan was to have Angel dig deep through the enemy’s ranks and deal enough damage before letting himself get killed, and cause chaos when he came back to life. That plan went up in smoke when Angel’s opponent was stronger than they had expected, but that didn’t mean they could turn back now.

The Crootian army waited with bated breath and when Angel finally fell for a third time, the twenty-one deity officers turned to the army, shouting as one.


“Kill the enemy!”


“He did die, right? My eyes aren’t playing tricks on me?”

“Yeah, he died alright. Commander Lee definitely killed him.”

“But he’s come back to life twice already.”


“Well, that’s a pain in the ass.”

Lee Jiwon was definitely in the lead. He was still killing the enemy commander with one attack, even after the enemy commander was somehow coming back to life. On the other hand, the enemy commander couldn’t properly attack Lee Jiwon, even with all those tentacles protruding from his body. The Empire’s army cheered at first, but now the soldiers were getting nervous. The enemy commander was still coming back to life. How many more times could he resurrect himself?

“Get it together! Our commander is still in the lead! It’s not over yet, so don’t bring yourselves down!” Madun shouted to the army. The Empire’s soldiers quickly steeled themselves right when the enemy commander fell for a third time, and the enemy army began to move.

“The enemy is attacking!”

“We bury those bastards here today!”

“This is our territory! Victory will be ours once more!”




After his third death, Angel’s hair turned red as well. He also became much stronger than before. “Grah! You damned slave! I’ll kill you over and over again! Multi-Iron Tentacles!” He also no longer had the same calm, confident tone.

“Slave this, slave that. Is that all you can come up with?” There were many deities back on Earth who liked calling devas like me slaves and whatnot. They didn’t exist anymore.

Stiff, sharp spikes of tentacle flesh flew straight for my chest. I tilted my body to the side and reached out with my left hand to grab a spike that flew past me. I held it under my arm and squeezed, trying to crush it, only to have it squirm under my hold. It did not feel nice.

“Gahahaha! Transform! Suctioning Tentacle!” The black tentacle turned red, but I ignored it. It could try to absorb as much HP from me as it wanted, but it couldn’t so much as make a dent. I just squeezed harder instead and charged at Angel, my right hand aiming my spear at his head.

“Razor Sharp Tentacle!” Angel sent a volley of tentacle spikes my way.

I didn’t bother to avoid them. “An attack that feeble won’t stop me, fool!” I let the spikes strike my body and I stabbed Angel in return.


From all the spikes that pierced my body, it looked like I should have been dealt heavy damage but they only managed to scratch the surface of my skin. My spear, on the hand, was sticking out of Angel’s back.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Heap of Exploding Tentacles!” The tentacle I was holding under my left arm blew up. It dealt the most damage so far, but it barely made a dent in my HP.

“Is that all you’ve got?” I taunted as I stabbed him again and again. After the second hit, Angel died again.

==[You have obtained 0 golden rings for defeating a powerful enemy.]==

That was his fourth death, but it wasn’t his final one. I didn’t care, however. I was prepared to kill him as many times it would take.

I took that moment to look around me. My army and Angel’s army were pummeling each other with skills and spells. It was absolute chaos, but I didn’t move from my spot. Angel reappeared once more.

“Ahhh! You insolent bastard!”

I realized by now that while he did grow stronger every time he died, he also grew ruder. Frankly, I didn’t mind. The angrier he got, the more prone he was to making a mistake. It was fine as long as he focused on me.

“May my tentacles become the maw of the demon that will consume my enemy’s heart!” The tentacles that were protruding from his body soon ripped to pieces and were replaced by sharp fangs that moved like actual teeth.

“Wow you’re full of tricks, aren’t you?” He just kept getting uglier and uglier. I could only sigh at his abominable state. I had faced off against many deities with a variety of special abilities. In fact, I had thought that the Predator Duke was the most hideous out of all of them, but Angel really took the cake. I really wanted to do away with him now, I was getting sick of looking at him.

I charged at him again.

“Tear him apart!” Angel shouted and fired a volley of bone spikes at me.

I avoided and deflected what I could and let the ones that I couldn’t dodge hit me. I just needed to attack.

“Get away! Get away from me, you crazy bastard! Exploding Tentacles!”

“Why would I do that?” I ignored the exploding bits of tentacles that broke my skin in places and stabbed Angel repeatedly.

“Fuck! What’s with your damage and all of those critical hits!?”

“Are you angry? Do you think it’s unfair? Then maybe you should have been born a deva instead.” All that talk about being chosen ones Now maybe he knew what it was like being a deva.

“Shut up! Fuck you, you shitty deva!”

“That same shitty deva is kicking your ass, so you shut up.” Angel definitely was getting stronger every time he died and came back. Those weird mouths of his were starting to make me bleed as they gnawed at my skin every time I got close. I was losing HP, but it just wasn’t enough to hurt me. “You’re still not strong enough to hurt me. Why don’t I kill you about twenty times to make this fight more interesting?” I taunted as I stabbed him repeatedly.


Angel was growing ever more frustrated. A damn lowly deva had already killed him four times. Now that he was close to dying his fifth death, Angel realized the difference in strength between him and the deva. Angel checked his exclusive ability again, that one that gave him the alias, the Immortal.

==[Death After Death (1/1), (Active)

Angel’s exclusive skill

Activating this skill allows the user to come back to life after death, stronger than before, for 24 hours.

Each resurrection will increase the user’s power by 10%-50%. (This effect stacks.)

The user has a limit of 13 deaths. The user will die a permanent death after the 13th death.

When the skill deactivates after 24 hours, all accumulated power will disappear and the user will return to his previous state.

Cooldown: 30 days.]==

Angel still had more chances to become stronger, but he still grew angrier by the minute. His opponent was a deva, but was possibly as strong as or stronger than Adora and Claudia! Angel hated being pushed around by a damn deva!

“Fuck! Fuck! Gaah! Die! Just die already!” Angel attacked his opponent again and again, but couldn’t slow him down at all.


Editor’s Note: 1.3^12 average results is 23x Stats after 12 deaths. Suddenly, Jiwon doesn’t look so OP.