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Thousand Face Demonic Concubine Chapter 238.1

Chapter 238.1 - Not sparing any expense

When Lan Bai said Ye Jis name, Lou Qingwu didnt speak for a long time.

She just furrowed her brows and looked into s.p.a.ce.

Her dark eyes had no light in them.

Just as Lan Bai felt like the room was dead quiet, Lou Qingwu suddenly lifted up her head and looked at her.

Tell Thousand Face to come.


... tell him to investigate, find out what Little Bell said to the Night Prince, and where the Night Prince went.

Lan Bai froze and then her face darkened, Master, are you suspicious of something?

After receiving Lou Qingwus agreement, Lan Bai was so angry her face was red.

If Little Bell had really dared to betray their master, she definitely wouldnt let her go. Ill go tell Thousand Face now! Lan Bai ran out.

Lou Qingwu was still for a very long time, as she stared blankly at her book.

Thousand Face and Lan Bai didnt end up coming back until nearly daylight.

And Lou Qingwu stayed still for a whole night.

As she saw the first rays of sunlight through her window, she still couldnt clearly articulate what her heart was feeling.

She strangely felt like she was going to go crazy, just thinking about the possibility that it was her fault that Feng Yege had been roped into something.

When Thousand Face and Lan Bai stood in front of Lou Qingwus door, they suddenly didnt feel like they could go inside, knowing what they found out.

But they had to see Lou Qingwu eventually.

Gritting their teeth, they knocked on the door.

After pushing open the door, the two people walked towards Lou Qingwu, lowering their heads and not speaking.

The two peoples reactions made the stiff hand that Lou Qingwu had left on the table, slowly move to grasp something.

Maybe, she was thinking too much.

Did you find something?

En, reporting to master, we found something. Thousand Face lowered his head, his face uneasy.


Master, you Thousand Face quickly looked at Lou Qingwu before meeting her sharp eyes.

He sucked in a deep breath, forcing himself to stay calm.

He slowly described what he found out, I found out that Little Bell had gone to find the Night Prince, and she gave him a letter. It was most likely about your disappearance, but we couldnt find out what was exactly in the letter. The Night Prince had destroyed the letter in a fit of anger at the time. Afterwards, the Night Prince followed Little Bell out of the city, probably luring him news of you and the third prince. Afterwards afterwards the Night Prince went by himself to a small wooden hut for nearly three hours.

Once he reached this point, Thousand Faces voice grew deep, with a hint of irritableness.

Lou Qingwus hands slowly tightened, but her face showed no emotion.

But inside, there were great billows inside her heart.

She felt like her throat was getting a bit dry, Three hours, what was he doing inside that wooden hut.

... when this subordinate found out, I snuck inside and discovered discovered Thousand Face had trouble speaking it out loud, his expression was unnatural.

Lou Qingwus face paled.

Thousand Face gritted his teeth and went on, Inside the wooden hut, there were lots of shredded womens clothing, and on the bed, there were

What was there? Lou Qingwu felt like she was going to go crazy, otherwise how could she be so calm?


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