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To Walk The Mist Chapter 101

At first he was just enjoying the drama in the Heaven alliance. But seeing him hand over the keys to the Godhand and Earthbound gate, he realized how serious this was.

When the protector had said they were disbanding, yet retaining all six great factions, they had just thought going to sleep meant going into seclusion. Now seeing as they gave back the gate keys, they were worried. The Demon race have just made a show of force, now calling themselves, demon people. This was not the time to loose a power like the Heaven alliance. Giving back the keys was impossible. The heaven alliance was specifically given the keys. When those keys were distributed, they were told that the Heaven alliance will be their last line of defence. They understood that this alliance had deeper roots than one would think.

"We can not take that. That key must remain with the alliance!" The Ku clan head insisted. Many raised their brows at the attitude of the nine powers. Didn't factions and powers fight for possession of the gate keys? Wasn't it said that the gate keys could help increase ones overall strength? Why was one before their eyes, yet no one dared to collect?

What they did not know was that no one ever tried to gain possession of the gates under the Heaven alliance. Apart from ownership of gate keys symbolizing ones power and helping to raise cultivation, it was more importantly the key to the gates that kept locked the demon worlds from the human worlds. Every human world had they own gates. As long as one kept it locked, no demon can cross over. The Heaven alliance is a power that must stay! That was those particular gates were given to them.

"Hand it to the patriarch, then. We can no more keep it." Protector Nkong let go of the box and it remained floating in mid-air. With all said, he turned away with the other protectors except Protector A'miem, leaving behind he words; "All those who wish to remain, return to the alliance mountain range."

The drama was over. A innocent Heaven alliance meet ended solemnly. The demon people have made themselves known. The heaven alliance have made their intention to disband clear. But retaining all six great factions, many were skeptic as to the truth of their disbandment. Slowly everyone that came for the meet dispersed. They made sure to rush back to their clan to report the results of the meet. Many had forgotten the true reason they had gathered, which was to find out more about Tie Nse's disciple.

The very next day, news hit the cultivation world like a bomb. The Heaven alliance has disappeared!

"What do you mean they have disappeared?" people from a tavern discussed heatedly.

"Someone flew passed their mountain range today, and saw no mountain range!" someone said.

"Rubbish!" another exclaimed.

"Do you think a mountain range can just up and vanish?" another asked.

"Hehe... until you see a god, before you know there is are gods? Go look for yourself then." the person defended.

Discussions were hot. May wondered. When they said they were going to sleep, they really meant leaving the cultivation world. Many recounted what Protector Nkong had said that day and sighed. A battle force that transcends time. What did that mean?

When news of this hit, one could see former Heaven alliance members rushing towards the mountain range to see if the rumours were true. Amongst them were Elder Di and his faction of elders, Di Wong and some other disciples including Jia Lin. As they stood on their flying swords, they looked at the former mountain range below, that was now a flat field of grass. Many could not believe it. Only when they descended and their feet touched the ground did they believe their eyes.

"It's gone." Jia Lin paled. Without the alliance, what was he?

"Only the alliance mountain range disappeared. The two gate towers are reported to still be standing." one of the elders reported to Elder Di.

"What now?" someone asked.

"The two clans have sent someone to tell the gate members to evacuate. They are joining hands to maintain the gate in the alliance's absence. It seems they are really keeping the gate keys for the patriarch." another elder said.

"What patriarch? He is no more our patriarch!" another rebuked.

"The Patriarch! He is still around right? He went to train his disciple!" someone said enthusiastically.

"So what? He has abandoned our alliance." someone else said.

"Where do we go? The light realm will open in Ten years. Are we qualified to join now?" someone asked sourly.

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