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To Walk The Mist Chapter 68

WARNING: this author has been power typing all day, in fact all week. This is so that I can get to a point where I can comfortably increase our daily release to two chapters. I have yet to read through the chapters already written, as I am too busy creating more. You read at risk of your brain melting from grammatical errors.

Time in the astral roots was slower than the outside world. Those sitting outside the great spills in the various demon lands cities had been waiting for a week since the astral roots opened.

At this moment, the demon lands felt large tremors. As many could not use their energies because of the restrictions of the demon lands, many found it hard to stay on their feet. Panic broke loose in the demon lands, as many were confused by this phenomenon. A few metres away from the great spill entrance were different powers had gathered, the tremors had reached the inns and restaurants nearest to the great spill entrance. The buildings made with ordinary substances did not escape this calamity. They collapsed so fast, one would thought they had been descended upon by a giant hammer.

The city lord's residence felt the hit. Though a lot of clans had congregated around the great spill entrance, they were but smaller powers. Most higher clans and sects up the power chain were hosted in the mayor's residence, while others remained in the shadows, unconcerned with the happenings, and only watching. When the tremors hit the mayor's residence, they all tensed in confusion.

"City lord, what is going on?" someone asked.

A guard appeared from a transport talisman immediately and knelt tot he city lord.

"The tremors are coming from the astral roots." he informed. Other informants from other clans appeared and confirmed this news. At this stage, most did not stay back at the residence any more, as they moved towards the core of the tremors. On the roof of one of the buildings still standing, Tie Nse and Old Iba sat, watching the proceedings with a young man standing behind them.

"So, you still think this is not your disciple's fault ey?" Old Iba asked.

"It could be anything. Who knows, someone must have found a great treasure." Tie Nse said.

"These powers gathered here thinking so would be understandable. But you? Who are you trying to fool?" Old Iba said. They two seemed completely at ease as they talked leisurely and watched the chaos below.

"That boy... it is best to wait till he comes before we make any conclusions." Tie Nse said.

Just at that moment, an elder from the great spill transmitted information to those outside through the city lord.

"Maybe someone found a special treasure." someone speculated.

"This phenomenon, I have a bad feeling about it." another said. The city lord's eyes rounded out when he heard the contents of the transmission.

"No. this can't be happening." disbelief filled his eyes.

"City Lord, you know what is happening?" an elder from one of the powers asked.

"No..nothing." the city lord stammered. If he could, he would hide this information forever, the demon lands will be doomed if this gets out.

"Speak! You know of what is happening right?" the elder accused with a frown. His voice was loud enough for many to turn their attention to the city Lord. The city lord started to tremble at the attention, he wondered how he could hide this information. At that moment, someone said out loud; "The astral roots are drying up."

Everyone turned their attention to the person who spoke. "An elder from the great spill just sent out this information." the person explained solemnly. With this, many understood why the city lord was afraid to speak. The demon lands is nothing without the astral roots. This could signal the end of the demon lands.

"Those who entered the roots are getting ejected. They should be out soon." the person continued.

"When they come out, we must make them explain." someone said and the others agreed.

Old Iba glanced at Tie Nse as the news broke. "Have you thought of how you will get your disciple out of the demon lands with this crowd?" he asked.

"And they must not know who he is. We can not show ourselves." Tie Nse sighed.

"You know what usually happens when they come out of the roots right? This crowd is waiting to eat a big meal. Smaller powers sent their strongest members so that they could escape. Those without backing will be swallowed by the big fish. If your disciple walks out of there and we do not show ourselves, he will have to submit what ever he found. What will you do in that situation?" Old Iba asked solemnly.

"Yes... what will he do, I also want to see." Tie Nse said thoughtfully. His words caused Old Iba to sigh; this disciple is just unlucky to have this kind of master.

Somewhere in the crowd, someone sneaked back to the Ah clan and relayed this news. The Ah clan head looked at the elders and gave out his order, "Start evacuating people. We will escape to our ancestral land first. From there, we will leave the roots." he ordered. The other elders frowned.

"What about our young ones in the roots? Are we to leave them there?"

"They are as good as dead. At this point, if they know what is good for them, some of them will offer up what ever they have managed to find in the roots in return for safety. If the roots have dried, no power would even care to save us, now that the demon lands have no use." he said and looks of despair shrouded their faces.

In the great spill, the elders were choosing sides. Most that had never been with any outside factions were regretting this. Being an elder in the great spill was great, but now that the astral roots are drying, and at an alarming speed, where will they go. Most frowned because, with this development, their deals with some of the independent cultivators will be off. They had promised to let them stay longer and protect their treasure if they become part of their faction, but does that even could any more? They themselves will have no where to go. They would have to leave the spill. It was a gloomy situation.

Ed sat and watched his screeching Yhenxia sword hovering in mid air. He had started to noticed that many unknown things were appearing in the room where he sat and were hovering around the sword. They would hover a bit, then vanish. He was confused, but had no intention of stopping his sword. He waited a bit and the number of treasures appearing had increased to an alarming rate.

This astral roots was said to be where a cultivator ascended to the state of Godeater. This was why there were many treasures here. Treasures, they were called, but the only things valuable to a cultivator to be called a treasure, were things that bestowed power. These treasures were said to be from the cultivator's private collection. Things he did not need any more as he was now a Godeater.

But all these were nothing more than myths. Still, seeing the amount of treasures appearing in this room, Ed was sure of his suspicion. Godeaters were real. This was probably the only way he could leave this land. He had to become one. Soon, the screeching stopped. The fog in the room dissipated, revealing piles of spirit stones, inscriptions, armour and pills. It was so much, it filled the entire large room, forming a few small mountains. Without thinking, Ed swiped his hand through the air and all everything in the room disappeared into his spatial ring. He was now sure that this was the core of the astral roots. Not only was the spirit of the astral roots here, there was this much treasure in this room. He grabbed his Yhenxia sword from mid air and could suddenly feel so so many treasures in the sword. He almost felt as though if he reached out he could take out anyone. Suddenly, an idea formed in his head. The Yhenxia sword was given to him by the Oracle of Deranox. It was said to be the last of it's kind. A relic from the time of Quest takers. Sine he had gotten this sword, it had not reacted at all, no matter what he tried. He knows for sure that the last Quest takers to travel across planes had to reach the stage of Godeater to do so. The cultivator ascended to become a god eater, was he a quest taker?