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To Walk The Mist Chapter 74

Jia Lin stood at the top of the mountain, bathing in the sunlight. He could feel the worshipping gaze of the girl just by the corner. He loved this.

"Brother Lin, congratulations on completely learning the thousand swords skill." she said.

He did not bother to glance at her, much less respond.

At early spirit merging, he had represented the sage empire in the Godhand meet, fighting his way to fifth place. Being only the only spirit merging cultivator in top ten, he had impressed the crowd and Godhand gate elders. It has only been one year since that day. Since then, he had entered the Godhand gate as a core disciple and gained the recognition of the gate master, who took him in as his disciple.

Ten years had passed since he stood in the valley and told Ed that he was too old to join the emperor sage academy and in those ten years, he had long forgotten who Ed was.

Jia Lin was no more a young boy of thirteen. He was now twenty-three and looked it too. His tall frame and broad shoulders looked elegant in his white garbs, with his long black hair tied back. It was no wonder the girl behind him stared so much infatuation. This was a common look on the female disciples in the gate. No matter how much they yearned for him, they were not as beautiful as lady Jian. And he knew that with her background, she would be just as powerful today.

He turned from the beautiful scene before him, and started to descend the mountain.

"Let's go." he said.

The girl nodded and followed him to descend, not minding his cold attitude. He had always been like this since he entered the gate, this only made him more mysterious and appealing in the eyes of the female disciples.

She had been here to help him train for the past two months. Being an expert in a high level energy stabilizing skill, the gate master had her follow him into seclusion. As he practised the thousand swords technique, she was to help his energy stay stable, so as not to be drawn in to the skill too long. This job, she took happily, because it meant spending long days and nights with him.

Jia Lin made his way to the gate master's residence and was let in without identification. The girl behind him stay back as he made his way into the inner courtyard. Walking before door, he knelt and kowtowed to someone inside.

"Master, I have returned." he said.

"Come in." a cold voice said from inside the room.

He did as told, and entered to meet an old man whose entire hair on his face, till his beards and long goatee were white.

"Master I have completely mastered the thousand sword skill." he knelt before the old man.

"Don't kneel on ceremony, sit." the gate master said and he complied, sitting in lotus fashion.

"You have done me proud. Learning any high level technique in two months is something to brag about. Learning the alliance patriarch's technique in two months is even more outstanding. You broke the record of learning it in six months." the gate master said.

"Thank you master." Jia Lin answered.

"You must immediately enter the Fire tower to increase your strength. You will be leading the team to the heaven alliance meet." the gate master said.

"Why did you change your mind? You had said it would be years till I can qualify to join." Jia Lin asked.

"The bar of qualification has been lifted. Usually only those from the late spirit awareness can join, but there has been some changes in the alliance. Those below can now have a pre competition battle. Those with most potential can join the alliance meet." the gate master said.

"Why is this so? Hat happened in the alliance?"

"The patriarch got a disciple." the gate master said, and watched Jia Lin's expression.

"I see." Jia Lin always heard stories of this alliance patriarch. The youngest in history. He is not even hundred and is at spirit realization. Many have yearn to be his disciple. To learn under such a legend. Even he is not immune to such yearning. Hearing that someone got lucky, he was not phased. It was just luck. If he too met the patriarch, he would get picked. He was confident in his ability.

"I know what you are thinking, it is not so." the gate master said, as though he saw right through him.

"The patriarch has not taken in a disciple since he became the patriarch forty years ago. Many said it was normal as he was still young and had time to train a successor, but it appears, it is not so. All the young geniuses were probably not worthy in his eyes." the gate master said and Jia Lin was skeptical.

"Rumour that he got a disciple surfaced not long ago. It is said he had gotten this disciple ten years ago. He chuck the boy in the Baju Valley and the boy came out." seeing as Jia Lin was not moved, the gate master explained.

"The Baju Valley has a special atmosphere. No one, even the great leaders of the nine powers and their protectors can survive in that place for more than a day. Because of this, it has been used as an execution ground for as long as I know." the gate master's words caused Jia Lin to frown.

"It was said that the patriarch put him inside and he stayed there for ten years and walked out of the valley unscratched. It is said that he is only at the spirit picking stage. Because of his existence, the other powers are afraid of the alliance. Our patriarch is already and oddity. Now, they hear that he is training another odd one. Many are cautious." the gate master said. Jia Lin became solemn at this. Just mastering this technique in two months is special, but the patriarch only likes oddities.

"I did not tell you this to break your spirit. I told you this to raise it. Now that the patriarch has made it clear how special one has to be to be his disciple, many want to send up their odd balls to measure up with his disciple, maybe, catch his attention." the gate master advised.

"That is why the bar for participating in the alliance meet has fallen." Jia Lin said in realisation.

"Yes. Since the beginning of the alliance, the alliance meet has been a place were young ones gain the patriarch's attention. But since the patriarch took power, he only came and watched like a game and left without care for the potential displayed on the stage. Now, many think he worries not about your cultivation level, but how odd you are. You need to work hard. You may be outstanding here, but al powers under the heaven alliance are eligible to participate in the alliance meet. With the bar lifted, many will bring out their hidden cards." the gate master said.

"I will work hard." Jia Lin bowed