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To Walk The Mist Chapter 75

In a hidden realm accessible only from the Ku mountain, the Ku clan chief and his elders sat in a humid hall. The hall looked something like a cave. The ceiling was high and the walls were wet. If one listened over the occasional crackle of lightening as it run down the walls from the ceiling, one could hear the slight sound of water dripping from the walls.

"The Demon race are becoming more active as of recent." an elder said.

"We have found several properties in the south under their influence. This is twice as much in one month than has been in eight decades." another said.

"I did not call this meeting for the troubles of the Demon race. In the past month, several of the nine powers have been attacked." the clan chief said, his muscular frame flexing as he talked.

"As for that matter, the Jade phoenix alliance seems to be the first to have been attacked. Even our Ku lightening forest was not spared." an elder said.

"Who would have such courage? Who would dare anger the entire cultivation world?" an elder asked.

"You know who." someone said. This caused the old men to go silent for a while.

"He would not dare!" an elder fumed.

"Is there anything Tie Nse would not dare do?" the clan chief asked.

"Even his Heaven alliance was hit too. It may not be him." someone said.

"He completely ignores his alliance most of the time. It is possible he just walked in an took what he wanted without asking." another countered.

"That is not why I called you all here." the clan chief spoke at last, "We need to know exactly what was taken from each of the powers and what he plans to do with them."

"He just got a new disciple and is now doing this. If it is him, we need to be careful."

"All these things he has stolen, could it be a weapon, an inscription ingredient or a pill?" one asked.

"The greatest inscriptionist is one of our own. The forge has not made any move to bring Mae Nim from exile. This kind of ingredient, only he could handle it. The only loose end is the cottage. The cottage master is the greatest alchemist and he is an enemy of Patriarch Tie Nse. Is it possible he would work for him?" someone asked.

"No one has seen the cottage master the past month." another said.

"The Jade phoenix alliance may have once thought that it was a personal attack to Gate Lady Fulren's son, but seeing how other powers have been attacked too, there is no way they would believe it now."

"They probably think as we do. This will make them more interested in Tie Nse and his disciple." the clan chief said.

"His disciple, we can probably get more information about him soon." someone said.

"The Heaven alliance meet." another muttered.

"Many eyes will be watching the meet."

"The Heaven alliance usually invites the nine powers to come watch, but this has always been just a cutesy. With recent development, even if they fail to invite other powers, they will come." the clan chief said.

"This kind of situation, we cannot send just some ground's keeper." one of them suggested.

"True." they all nodded to this.

"I will go." the clan chief said and they all froze.

"Clan chief, this level of matter does not need you making an appearance yourself. Just one of us is okay." someone protested. They all thought like this. How high was their clan chief, a little Heaven alliance meet does not warrant his attention.

"Tie Nse will come. This event is one he has never missed, no matter how much he ignores his alliance. This is why the leaders of the nine powers will come as well. A confrontation is inevitable. Non of you will be able to handle him." the clan head said.

He was right. Thinking about it, they understood this point. If the leaders of the nine powers will be coming themselves, sending them, will be putting them in an odd position. They will be unable to talk in the midst of such powers. If a fight breaks, they will be unable to stand their ground with the rest.

"Clan chief, there is something else." a skinny bald man broke the silence, "There is word that the south side city in the Demon lands has become like the Baju Valley."

His words caused those around to look at him in horror.

"How is this possible?" someone asked.

"Young master Ku Nam just returned from the Demon lands with an artifact. He said that the astral roots have died. Could this be a side effect of that?" someone asked.

"If so, why did it not affect all three cities." another countered.

"A subordinate of mine that went there to confirm this, said it was just like the Baju valley and kills even faster than the famed valley." the bald elder said.

"Tie Nse gets a new disciple, he puts the boy in the Baju valley, the boy stays for ten years and comes out unscratched. Since then, no one is capable of entering there. All our criminals can no more be sent there since our keys have become useless. Now, another Baju valley has been created in the south side city. Even if that little boy, Tie Nse, swears that this is not related to him and that disciple of his, I will not believe it. And I dare say none of the nine powers will too. It will be an interesting Heaven alliance meet." the clan chief said.