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To Walk The Mist Chapter 77

Tie Nse appeared in the Heaven alliance city. The city stood at the base of a mountain, at the entrance to a mountain range. He did not immediately make his way to the alliance, he instead melted into the crowd with Sung Sung at his side.

The Heaven alliance meet was a competition open to public viewing, this was why it was not a shock that the city was flooded with people. Not only does the alliance make profit from the show, they can showcase their younger generation to the world; allowing them to gain fame and standing in the cultivation community, and allowing the other eight powers to see the potential of their younger generation.

Tie Nse entered a reserved room in an inn unnoticed. The owner was a friend that always kept this room empty for him. The heaven alliance meet was officially beginning the next morning, so he decided to wait till then to make his appearance.

Inwardly, he sighed. This was the consequence of having a disciple like his. He needed to be careful, even in his own territory. He did not believe for one moment, that the other powers were not looking out for him.

He turned to Sung Sung, who he had ignored all this time, "Boy." he called.

"Patriarch." Sung Sung immediately went on his knees.

"Already calling me Patriarch, you have accepted to enter the Heaven alliance then." Tie Nse said, taking a seat before the boy.

"Then you must also understand that I take the safety and privacy of my disciple seriously." he said gravely, causing Sung Sung to freeze.

"I would not dare tell anyone!" Sung Sung swore.

"You would not have a choice in the matter. Someone of the soul seeking stage can search your memory easily and see what you saw." Tie Nse said and Sung Sung tensed.

"Come closer." Tie Nse said and the boy gulped.

"I will not hurt you. Your special constitution is one that would be a shame to go to waste." Tie Nse said and Sung Sung visibly relaxed. He hurriedly crawled before Tie Nse with more courage. Tie Nse placed a hand on his head and began to lock his memories. A flash of pain tore through Sung Sung's skull.

Crying out in pain, he doubled back and fell. It took a few seconds for his vision to return. Searching his memory, he could still remember his encounter with the patriarch's disciple.

"What happened?" he asked in confusion. He had thought the patriarch meant to wipe his memory. Seeing that it was intact, he was confused.

"Wiping your memory will not work well. The Ke Clan have a way to recreate lost memories. I have tied your memory to your life strings. If anyone tries to get it, two of you will join the dead together." Tie Nse said and Sung Sung froze. Still, he could not find a reason to complain. He had seen what happened to those at the south side city. He already understood that they had shown him mercy by letting him live.

"Thank you for sparing my life, Patriarch." he bowed.

"I gave you a token with my emblem. Take it to council head Si. Tell him I wish that he take you in as his disciple." Tie Nse said and Sung Sung kowtowed and left.

He walked out into the crowded street, melting into the crowd and making his way towards the Heaven alliance grounds. He stepped out of the crowded city into a restricted section. People seemed to avoid this area, no one daring to pass.

"Halt!" he heard a guard say. He looked up to find two of them on the guard post.

"The Heaven alliance meet is tomorrow. Come back then." one of them said.

"I have come by order of the patriarch." Sung Sung flashed the token at the guards and they glanced at each other briefly.

"Do you think anyone can just make such a claim?" Sung Sung could tell that they could not recognize the token in his hand. This made him sigh in frustration. Did the patriarch use this emblem at all?

"it is better that you report this before sending me away. You already know the patriarch will make an appearance soon. Why would I lie. Patriarch told me to come find council head Si. If I am telling the truth, have you thought of the consequences of sending me away?" Sung Sung said and they glanced at each other again, before giving him a deep look. One of the guards nodded and the other rushed inside to make a report.

Sung Sung waited a while before the guard returned with a grey haired man in tow.

"Show me the token." Council head Si said and Sung Sung flashed it again.

Council Head Si smiled and looked at him deeply, "Where is the Patriarch?"

"Are you Council head Si?" Sung Sung asked and the man nodded hurriedly. At his confirmation, Sung Sung fell to his knee and bowed deeply.

"Master." he said and Council head Si paled. He felt a rush of anger overwhelm him. The Patriarch had done it again! His mind fumed and he felt the need to cry, 'Patriarch, can you stop sending me disciples? If not that I cunningly distribute them to the other elders, my mountain would have been crowded!'