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To Walk The Mist Chapter 78

The sun had yet to truly settle in the sky, yet one could see a sea of people moving in one direction. The gates of the Heaven Alliance arena was wide open, allowing a stream of people to enter after showing their bought tickets or invitations. At the middle of the arena, five large stages had been built for the event. All seemed to not care about the stages. Their voices did not sing the praise of anticipation for the young hoping to show their skills on the stage. All eyes instead looked to one spot on the stands. This spot was where Tie Nse was expected to sit.

At the moment, only few elders had made an appearance. Special seats for the other expected eight powers were already filled. Several Heaven alliance outer elders took on the job of showing theses guests their seats. After fulfilling their jobs, they ran back to report that the leaders of the nine powers themselves, had arrived. There was tension as this information spread.

A heavy gong sounded and five elders accompanied Council head Si to take their seats. Amongst them, was Elder Di, whose hawk eyes scanned the stands before sitting. The council head greeted most people with a nod before sitting. He was too tensed to make proper conversations as he looked at the patriarch's seat.

It was normal for Tie Nse to arrive late to this event. It was so normal, they would usually start without him, then he would make an appearance half way. It was the patriarch's way and no one truly feared if he would stay back one of the events. He always came. But this time, the heaven alliance truly feared he would skip this meet.

With the leaders of the other eight powers present, the Heaven alliance would be at a disadvantage if their patriarch decided not to come.

"Begin." The elders heard a familiar voice echo through the arena. With excited eyes, the Heaven alliance trained their eyes on the form of their patriarch. No one was sure when he appeared, he just did. Taking a seat after speaking, Tie Nse eyes scanned the arena. The entire filled arena was silent as many looked around the patriarch as though looking for something, or better yet, someone.

Tie Nse's eyes narrowed at this, knowing very well who they were looking for. They had hoped he would come with his disciple.

"If the meet is not taking place, say. This old man has things to do." he scolded the dazed elders. His words woke a lot of people up, causing somewhat of a wave of disappointment through the crowd.

Council head Si cleared his throat in embarrassment and stood to address the crowd.

"Welcome to the heaven alliance meet. We welcome, all guests." as he said those words, he could not help but look at the VIP section of the stands.

"This meet is unlike the rest held in past years. Changes have been made to it's structure. Like announced, late spirit awareness cultivators can participate in the meet by passing the preliminary stage. In this meet, talent can trump strength. Those who wish to participate in the preliminaries, step on the stage." Council head si said, then sat back down. He turned his head to meet Tie Nse's cold eyes.

"What preliminaries?" he asked.

"It was agreed upon by the council." was all Council head Si could answer.

"They wish to see if their little disciples will please me? How did they come up with this idea?" Tie Nse asked and he gulped. The elders listening looked away as though this did not concern them.

"It is said that your disciple is only a spirit picking junior but his special constitution caught your attention." Council Head Si answered.

Tie Nse looked at all who got on the five stages and frowned.

"So, that is why." he said.

The officiating Elder for the meet got a nod from the council head and went ahead to introduce the judges for the competition. The five elders were equal judges, the council head had the power to pick independently and the patriarch could choose at will. With that, the competition started.

On the VIP stands, sat the Ku clan. The Ku clan chief had come with four elders and his nephew, Ku Nam. Amongst the elders was a very pale Elder Hu. When he saw Tie Nse appear, he immediately recognized him. His blood froze causing him to immediately pale.

"Impossible!" he exclaimed. This caused his clansmen and some of the Jade phoenix alliance sitting close to look at him. Lowering his voice, he blocked with his energy, prying ears.

"Elder Hu?" the clan chief raised a brow. Seeing that the sound was locked in, he knew the man had something to say.

"That person who just came, he is the Heaven alliance Patriarch?" Elder Hu asked and one of his clansmen nodded.

"I know who the Heaven Alliance Patriarch's disciple is. If it is that boy, it was I that handed him to the patriarch." his words caused the Ku clansmen to pale.