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To Walk The Mist Chapter 79

"I know who the Heaven Alliance Patriarch's disciple is. If it is that boy, it was I that handed him to the patriarch." his words caused the Ku clansmen to pale.

The clan chief's expression turned dark.

"Speak!" he ordered.

With this, Elder Hu switched to mental communication to explain.

"If my thoughts are correct, this disciple of his, is the boy Lady Jian followed around in the Ou clan valley, refusing to come home for fear of leaving his side." he said and the elders glanced at each other.

"I had once reported to the clan that the Lady refused to return because she wanted to remain at some boy's side. To get her to return, I thought it would be best if he just left without her. I had met the alliance patriarch at an inn. He was drunkenly complaining about how disciples were hard to find." they could all tell where this story was going. Seeing their dark look, Elder Hu hurriedly explained.

"I looked at his cultivation and could only see that he was at the spirit awareness stage! I just told him of the competition going on in the valley and if he was interested in finding disciples, he should go and watch. He took interest in the boy and took him away, allowing Lady Jian to return back to the clan." he explained.

"That is why cousin wants to kill you. You took away her love interest." Ku Nam chuckled. He was the only one at the moment that seemed to have the heart to smile. The rest of them looked as through they had picked up a rock and dropped on their own foot.

Such a good youngster. The kind that made them much more weary of the Heaven alliance. The kind that added to the monster Tie Nse, to raise the Heaven alliance till they had to think twice before acting against them. It was only a matter of time before the two clans fall under the Heaven alliance. And this young genius was handed to the opposition by them.

The clan chief was so angry, he could not breathe. The look on the Ku clan members' faces caused the Jade Phoenix alliance beside them to frown. They had heard when Elder Hu exclaimed. The rest that was said was spoken in secrecy and mental communication. Seeing their reaction, Lady Mi frowned at this, but looked away. It was not her place to ask. The clans and the alliance were on different levels.

"Young master Nam, you have met the boy." Elder Hu said and Ku Nam frowned.

"He was the one you were speaking with when we came to pick you up a the south side city."

a cold face flashed passed Ku Nam's mind.

"Him." he said thoughtfully.

The rest of the clansmen waited for him to continue, but he did not.

"Uncle, you must never make it known that we know who he is, especially to the Heaven alliance." Ku Nam said seriously.

"Why? This information gives us an upper hand." the clan chief's frown deepened.

"If his disciple is who I am thinking about, there is a high chance he is the one that caused the south side city to descend to such a state." his words caused them to tense up.

"I'm thinking, no one has ever seen him, or seen him and known it was him. Even in the great spill, no one alive truly saw how he fought. Those that were there, were too busy running away. Yet, he had killed thousands of cultivators. If Elder Hu coming to pick me, revealed that we were from the Ku clan, there is a high chance those that died in the city recognized the Heaven alliance patriarch and in turn, him." Ku Nam explained.

"You are saying that to keep his disciple a secret, Tie Nse turned that place into a ghost city and could the same to us?" the clan chief saw Ku Nam's point.

"Think about it, Uncle. Since this person appeared in the cultivation world, he did something to the Baju valley, an don't forget the rumours of his intense spirit picking. He appeared in the great spill and the astral roots dried up. It is highly possible that he caused the matter in the south side city." Ku Name explained.

"You think he caused the drying of the astral roots too?" the clan chief's face turned worse. What kind of entity was this boy? It would have been fine if he was theirs, but he is not!

"It did not occur to me before that all that happened in the astral roots could have been related to him. Now that I know who he is, I am eighty percent sure that he caused the astral roots to dry." he said and they all sucked in a breath.

"When he was living in a certain section of the great spill, the astral veins will suddenly dry up in that section. If my guess is right, not only did he dry up the astral roots, he got the most benefit from there. If so, his master must have come to pick him up, to prevent these benefits from falling into the hands of others. If so, some people must have recognized the patriarch. With all this in mind, his disciple caused the ghost city incident with his own hands." he explained. His words convinced all of them thoroughly. Especially since he is the only one that had met the boy after Tie Nse took him as his disciple.

"Before we understand this boy and what he is capable of, we must not let him find out that we know of him!" the clan chief had made his decision, "Elder Hu, leave at once! If you could recognise that Tie Nse boy, he could recognize you too!"

Elder Hu complied and vanished at once using a teleportation talisman.

Just as he vanished, Tie Nse's eyes found it's way to where the Ku clan sat and they all tensed.