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To Walk The Mist Chapter 87

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Hi guys, it's your author here. This is both a notice and advance information for future reference.

I did this when I was writing Lucy Wickshire. Those that know my other work understand what I'm about to say.

Your author is pretty ill, guys. I spend most times under care and you will sometimes hear me say my laptop or phone got banned and taken away. I have been so for five years now. The first three years was so bad, I had to be withdrawn from school. While writing Lucy Wickshire, one always heard me say that I am a full time author. This is the reason why.

Sometimes I will disappear for a few days... I am usually not gone more than a week. This is usually because of medical emergencies.

I sometimes go to sleep and wake up a few days later in the hospital. Some days are worse than some.

I tell you this so that when I disappear, you do not panic and assume this book has been paused or is no more running. Not true. Although I have plans to publish this book in the future, it was written for the web novel world. I will be writing quite long.

I had an incident this morning, that is why I decided to make this post.

Now, moving to the notice; I will be away for two to three days. Nothing alarming, just some routine test.... Please bear with this unworthy author's issues and stick with To Walk The Mist.

I promise, you will not be disappointed.


Mfonemana Uduak (Author) @@
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