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To Walk The Mist Chapter 88

Many turned to look at Tie Nse, waiting for him to elaborate. Tie Nse looked at the bunch and yawned.

"I am proud that the Ukon clan have gotten five good descendants, but this patriarch is too busy for this drama. The top winner will be decided in the next battle." he said and many paused.

The Ukon Clan? That odd clan famed to be the brains of the heaven alliance? Their descendants were participating? Many looked round, trying to recognize them.

"The Ukon clan's famous invisibility skill is truly admirable." Council head Si said.

Many recognized faces they had not seen fight on the stage and looked at them in awe.

"We thank patriarch and council head for your compliment. Grandfather said that the patriarch was attending the meet. Since his time, the skill has not inheritors. He asked that we show you that the clan still holds strong. He will be happy when he hears of your praise." one of the clansmen spoke.

The other powers sighed at this. The heaven alliance has a lot of hidden factions that people have forgotten exist for so long. Lady Mi reminded her self, that this alliance has stood longer than her own and their power is deeper than one might think.

Who did not hear of the might of the Ukon clan. They were the smartest people in the entire alliance. They did not create weapons or big alchemy support for the alliance. They were the brains of every thing. During the demon wars, the former heaven alliance patriarch made all troupes, teams and the entire army, under the control of the Ukon clan. Even to the smallest squad. With all the leaders being members of that clan, the heaven alliance did not eat much loss during the war as compared to the other powers.

Many attribute the level of power the heaven alliance had at the moment to the miraculous success in that war. While other powers lost a lot of their disciple and geniuses to the war, making them weaker after it, The heaven alliance did not loose much. As powers like the clans were trying to rebuild, the heaven alliance was growing.

This clan had a host of skills, but the most kept secret was the invisibility skill.

"The patriarch intends to end the meet?" someone finally realized the words Tie Nse had said.

Many turned to look at Tie Nse, especially the elders of the alliance.

"Patriarch, what do you mean?" Council head Si asked.

"I cannot wait to see if you all reach the top. The winners will be decided today." Tie Nse said. No one understood that he had received a message from Old Iba that his disciple will probably breakthrough in a week. Even though Old Iba had said a week, he could not trust that odd boy he took up as a disciple. It may happen much sooner than anticipated.

"I will set the stage." Tie Nse said and a loud clap of his hands rand through the arena.

Just at that moment, the ground trembled. Many looked around in confusion. As though pulled by a big hand, the ground on which the contestants stood. The five stages were lifted into the air. The sky seemed to crack in two, pulling the stages into it.

Some trained their eyes on Tie Nse, the others trained them on the spectacle before their eyes.

Of course, those that watched Tie Nse speedily wave through several hand signs, were leaders of strong powers present, especially the other eight powers.

"Impossible!" Lady Mi exclaimed.

"We can not keep quite again, can we?" the person who spoke was the Ke clan chief, Ke Nti.

They were all thinking the same thing. Tie Nse had already gotten to this stage of soul realisation? This was the final stage and he was not even hundred!

They could not let him train another him. If this was allowed to happen. The Heaven alliance will become unrivalled amongst the nine powers.

The stages and earth taken with them had formed one centre stage in the sky. To different side of the stage, stair cases in the sky appeared. All leading to ten doors. Tie Nse manifested Ten swords and threw them into the sky. They all found their way behind each door and hung right behind it.

"All those sword have grades. They are a ten sword set. The top ten will be decided upon which sword chooses you. Climb!" Tie Nse's words rang through the arena.

Many were still flustered and did not know what to do. The crowd was in uproar. What was happening? The meet will be decided just like this? The other powers frowned at Tie Nse's form that had taken his seat immediately after speaking. What could be so urgent that he would shorten the meet? It must have something to do with that student of his!

The contestants were mostly confused. The more determined ones immediately started to ascend the stairs. As their feet touched the stairs, their bodies froze.

What nonsense was this?