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To Walk The Mist Chapter 91

Tie Nse's calm eyes scanned the leaders of the other powers.

"You dare?" he asked.

"Why wouldn't we dare?" Lady Mi answered.

"As far as we know, that boy you are training could be from the demon tribe." the Ke clan chief said. Yes, he was reaching. Still, there was no way they were going to let this opportunity go. Tie Nse had done a good job avoiding them this long, they could not allow him leave without getting as much information on this boy as possible.

"You claim my disciple from the demon tribe because you can not understand him? You might as well name me a demon too. After all, before I came, you all looked upon yourselves as great!" Tie Nse did not mind tearing off their face before this audience.

To his words, the other leaders frowned. All of them knew that this was Tie Nse's pride. But never had he said it so blatantly.

"Pervert!" Lady Asin of the spirit lantern sect spat.

"I have never understood why people call me pervert. Lady Asin, did you see me in a perverted act?" Tie Nse said and she frowned at his innocent expression.

"Your righteous looking face looks like that of a pervert. Everyone knows this. You must not make such faces for others to feel disgusted." she answered with a snort. Tie Nse was about to respond when he saw that the entire audience were nodding to her words.

"Besides the point!" the sword sect's leader, Se Tibe reminded them that they were straying from the topic.

"Patriarch Tie, your disciple entered the Baju valley without notification to the rest of us..." before the smiling boy's words could land, Tie Nse rebuked.

"Since when did one have to inform the other powers to send someone into the valley, A'yong?" he frowned.

"He walked out unharmed after ten years, making one wonder if the security of the valley has slacked." the boy continued with a smile.

"Forget walking out, the entire Baju Valley has been locked since then. Tie Nse, since when was the Baju valley a possession of your Heaven alliance?" the Ku clan chief asked. Even if he wanted to stay out of this argument, he had kept quiet so long, the Ke clan chief had started frowning his way. Though he did not wish to be involved in this, as he understood that if Tie Nse noticed that he knows his disciple's identity, his clan may end up like the south side city. Besides, there was still a possibility Tie Nse did not know that they knew his disciple, so it was best to act like every other power. This new power they could not understand, they had to be careful.

"The Baju Valley is locked?" Tie Nse was genuinely surprised. He understood what his disciple had explained to him. But he had not expected that this would be the result.

"If it was your disciple being a monster like his master, it would be okay. After all, how you raise your disciple is not the business of outsiders. But things like the Baju Valley is a different case. You must explain clearly!" Lady Mi said righteously. To this, no one believed a word. This was just an excuse to covert the patriarch's disciple. Everyone knows that. Yet she is saying it so righteously.

"Be careful with your righteous expression, Lady Asin is sensitive." Tie Nse said and Lady Mi almost choked. She was about to rebuke when she saw the crowd nod to Tie Nse's words.

"Are you trying to avoid this, Patriarch Tie? You can't deny that your disciple is involved in this." Sect master Aya of the ten thousand word sect asked gravely.

"You have pinned a crime, can this patriarch even resist?" Tie Nse said.

To this, they all frowned.

"No matter how special your disciple is, you must not take the safety of the Jade continent as a joke. The Baju valley is amongst the six holy locks, they keep the four gates locked and the Jade continent safe from the demon race. This matter concerns all!" Lady Asin said and many finally saw this in a different light. She was right. Even though her motives for challenging the patriarch was less than noble, her point can not be ignored. What if the patriarch's disciple had messed with the Baju valley and opened a lock?

"Be careful Lady Asin, your sensitive eyes may not be able to stand your face right now." Tie Nse said dangerously. Though it may sound as though he was mocking lightly, everyone felt the temperature of the arena drop.

The patriarch was serious.

Even the other powers tensed. Was he going to resort to fighting his way out? Tie Nse was not a usual character that could be rated by usual standards. It has been long since one had seen him fight. Still, they did not expect it to be easy. As he is at the edge of the soul realization stage and has always been known to display powers far above his level, if he insisted to fight them, they may need the protectors they brought with them to lend a hand. Embarrassingly, none of them were confident that they could all fight him and win. To an draw, yes. But to win, they were not sure.

This heave alliance patriarch had stood alone and fought two first stage heaven seeking protectors when he was at the soul awakening stage to a draw. They were not sure how much stronger he was now, but they were sure it would not end well.

Just when they thought Tie Nse would go on a rampage, his pressure lifted and the air around him returned to normal.

"Ask what you wish." he said and the entire arena froze.