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To Walk The Mist Chapter 92

He was serious? He was really going to tell them about his disciple?

They all looked at Tie Nse suspiciously.

"Tie Nse this is no time to joke!" the Ke clan chief said and Tie Nse was at a loss. Were they not the ones who wanted to ask questions? Now he has given them an opportunity to ask what they wish, yet they are rebuking him?

"Patriarch Tie seems to be serious, we might as well hear him out." Lady Mi said.

To this, many raised their brows, tie Nse being the leader of this.

"You wish that I offer all information about my disciple to you? Don't stretch beyond your arm's length!" Tie Nse rebuked.

"Fine. Since patriarch Tie is ready to answer questions, I will be first to ask. How did your disciple stay in the Baju valley that long?" A'yong of the ancient land sect asked. Many trained their eyes on Tie Nse waiting for an answer.

"My disciple's special constitution allows him to stay in the valley. He is not affected by the energy there. To him, it is just a normal land." Tie Nse answered and they all frowned.

"What kind of special constitution?" sect leader A'yong asked gravely.

"A'yong loves the body of a child, despite being the oldest amongst all here. You must not forget the length of a child's arm." Tie Nse warned gravely.

"Did he get anything from the valley?" the Ke clan head asked.

"How would I know? The boy does as he likes." Tie Nse said, looking away childishly. This made the others frown.

"It seems Patriarch Tie has no intention of speaking to us openly." Lady Mi smiled coldly.

"You expect secrets? No one knew Lady Mi's soft looking face and be so thick." Tie Nse answered with a sneer.

"That boy that claimed to know your disciple, the energy manipulator, he said your disciple could kill you. What does that mean?" sword sect leader, Se Tibe asked gravely. Many wanted to know the answer to this too so they trained their eyes on Tie Nse's form.

"Se Tibe, even if you wish me dead, you should try to be more subtle." Tie Nse saying this, of course knew that they were only worried for themselves. If his disciple had the ability to kill him, then they were not safe either. Nevertheless, Tie Nse did not care for their concerns.

"Tie Nse, your disciple was the last known to enter the Baju valley, the first to come out. Since then the Baju valley has been locked. This crime can not be ignored. Hand him over for investigation. If he is innocent, then he will be fine. This is your responsibility too, as Heaven alliance patriarch. The significance of the Baju valley can not be understated." a voice rang through the arena. Many turned to look at who had spoken. All except Tie Nse.

"The Ke clan came prepared. I was wondering how long you intended to hide for." Tie Nse said, not caring to look at the man floating in the sky.

When the man in question heard these words, his eyes narrowed. How could Tie Nse had found him out? Had he gotten that strong that he could no more hide from his eyes? Tie Nse did not give him a chance to contemplate if he had found him out and confirmed his worries.

"Since the Ke clan left protector has showed himself, why don't the rest of you come out?" Tie Nse said and the arena tensed.

"Left protector? What's that?" someone in the audience asked his colleague.

"You don't know? Each power has at least two protectors. But the alliances and the clans have more. The two most powerful protectors are usually divided into left and right." someone explained.

"What protectors? What have I never heard of them?" another asked.

"What do you know, they are very old and before our time. How would we ever hear of them?" another answered.

With discussions popping out around the crowd, two more protectors floated into the arena.

"You have no fear." one of them said.

"No." Tie Nse did not bother to mince words.

"Will you willingly hand the boy over or not?" the other asked, a dangerous air slipping from him into the air. Many suddenly found it hard to breathe. Apart from the tension and excitement in their bones that a fight is about to break out, and they would have a front row seat to it, the aura those above were releasing, was very suffocating.

"When did you have the right to request a disciple from me?" Tie Nse asked, his old face smiling dangerously.