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To Walk The Mist Chapter 93

The three protectors were the Ke clan protector, the Ku clan protector and the Jade phoenix alliance protector. They looked at Tie Nse's form and laughed.

"Do you really think it will end the way you want?" the Ke clan protector asked.

"All of you coming here today, do you think this your territory? You come with this much arsenal, are your trying to start a war?" Tie Nse asked.

"Don't beat around the bush, boy. Your clan knows that it is in our right to ask for explanations. You refuse to give up information about your disciple yet he may have messed with the Baju valley. Do you think that place is a play ground for your alliance? Is this the heaven alliance's stand?" the Ku clan protector asked. His words caused the Ku clan members to pale.

"Protector Tang!" the Ku clan head scolded in panic. As his words rang through the arena, everyone turned to look at him in confusion. Protector Tang frowned at the clan head's expression. Speaking through mental communication, the Ku clan chief told him to say no more.

"Why?" Protector Tang asked.

"You must not put the clan in danger. We will speak of this later! Withdraw!" the Ku clan chief said. This caused the protector to frown.

"When did you loose your courage? You must not forget who you are!"

"Protector Tang! This is an order!" the Ku clan chief felt panicked by his refusal to obey. The Ku clan like many other powers had internal strive. To think that the protector standing before him was from the second branch, making him very bold to disobey. But this was not the time to fight. Before he could say a word, Protector Tang cut their mental connection and returned his eyes to Tie Nse's form.

"Does the Heaven alliance stand against the nine powers?" with his question, everybody in the Heaven alliance tensed as silence descended upon the arena. This was becoming a big issue. If the nine powers place this crime on the alliance, the nine powers will probably join hands and fight the heaven alliance.

"Patriarch!" the first person to speak was Elder Di. Tie Nse did not bother glancing at him.

"You will not be seeing my disciple until he wishes to be seen." Tie Nse said and the Heaven alliance members turned gloomy. There were many who thought that the patriarch should give up the boy. After all, one life in exchange for the entire alliance.

"Good!" the Ke clan protector said and there was suddenly crack through the air. The next moment, he was standing before Tie Nse. Tie Nse's expression did not change as he watched the hand descending on his head. He made a waving-away-a-fly motion and the Ke clan protector, felt a strong pressure slap him away.

Without bothering for the protector slapped away, Tie Nse stepped into the air, his grey robes waving with the wind. Flipping his palm, he manifested a sword and blinked before Protector Tang. Protector Tang produced a lightening shield at Tie Nse's descending sword.


A wave of lightening pushed through the crowd as Tie Nse's sword clashed with protector Tang's shield. Tie Nse did not stay to see the effect, as he made sift hand seals and a wave of earth erupted between him and the Jade phoenix alliance's protector's spear tearing right for him.

Flipping out of the way, he ascended into the sky and descended just as fast on Protector Tang. With him, a large hand flashed through the air in pale orange light. Looking at the hand alone, one could tell the pressure it was coming with.

Everything was happening too fast, the audience could not keep up. To counter Tie Nse's phantom hand, the Ke clan protector's voice rang through the arena.

"God's Back!" at this, an expansive pink shield covered the air. To this, Tie Nse did not care. His phantom hand descended.


"Phoenix wings!" Lady Mi bellowed.

Light waves crashed through the arena. Dust and screams filled the air. Many escaped as fast as they could, but did not manage to escape fast enough. Though injured, many kept their lives. Looking up, they found that light in shape of phoenix wings protected them.

In the distance, Lady Mi coughed up blood. This fight was too dangerous. In a panic to protect the audience, she hand put out all her strength. Seeing her own blood, she smiled with self mockery. A mere wave from Tie Nse's attack and she could not handle it. This Tie Nse was too strong.

"Tie Nse, stop!" and old voice emerged from the dust.

"So, you finally decided to come out. Outsiders appear in the alliance territory and act brazenly, yet you, the alliance protectors did not feel the need to appear." Tie Nse laughed at the man who spoke. Many looked up to see two old men and a woman float in.

"You are the patriarch, Tie Nse, do you know that? All this fuss for what? Do as they say, hand over the boy." the woman said.