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To Walk The Mist Chapter 95

"Unlike the Heaven alliance protectors that hold not respect for the patriarch seat, those who disobey the Ku clan chief will be punished! I hold the power to banish you. We are not lacking those of your calibre. Do not let me repeat myself." the Ku clan chief's voice lowered dangerously.

Protector Tang froze as he heard those words. Yes. The Ku clan was a bigger existence than the Heaven alliance. Their leaders can only be from the direct bloodline's first branch. The ability to operate lightening was a bloodline skill that is stronger with how close a person's linage is to the direct bloodline. Though the clan had protectors that had the same name and shared the same Ku blood, they had outsiders who join the clan and take up responsibilities like protectors. Even though he was of the Ku bloodline, he knew that anyone who betrayed the first branch would be punished severely. Even though the second branch fought for more power, they did not dare to openly stand against the second branch. This was not allowed.

Still, he did not understand why the clan chief would go as far as to threaten him here. At first, he thought that the clan chief was being careful of the alliance's new strength, but looking at his dead serious eyes, he wondered if something more was going on. Right now, the alliance protectors have betrayed their patriarch, yet the clan chief refuses to act?

Embarrassed at the clan chief's threat in the presence of all these people, yet confused and slightly scared, he bowed his head and stepped back till he now floated right behind the clan chief.

Seeing the Ku clan retreat, the Ke clan frowned. They suddenly had a bad feeling. The Ke clan was always the the cautious one and not the Ku clan. Something more was going on!

At the Ku clan chief's insult to the heaven alliance protectors as he scolded Protector Tang, the alliance protectors frowned.

"Ku clan chief, your words are uncalled for!" Protector A'miem rebuked.

"He is not wrong though." Tie Nse chuckled. The crowd seemed to angry with him as they nodded too. But Tie Nse could not be bothered about Protector A'miem after he had spoken. He turned to give the Ku clan chief a deep look.

"I knew that old man from before was familiar." he said and the Ku clan chief's eyes contracted as he froze.

"He must have told you,then. You know, yet you remain cautious." Tie Nse said as though thinking. His words confused all of them, especially the other powers. What did the Ku clan chief know?

Seeing the Ku clan chief's frozen state, they started to have a bad feeling. The other protectors started to withdraw their hostility.

Seeing the way things turned around so fast, Protector A'miem panicked. This was a good opportunity for her to force Tie Nse to take her grand disciple as his disciple.

"You still try to act mysterious?" she glared at Tie Nse, "There are so many other great juniors you can take in as your disciple. Give up the boy, this woman will give you another one! Di Wong, come here and bow to your master!" she ordered and Di Wong felt a little unwilling, as he did not like that he had to be forced upon the Patriarch, but he still went a head and knelt,

"Master." He said, but Tie Nse kept his eyes trained at those from the Ku clan. His eyes scanned them, till they landed at Ku Nam. Realisation flashed in his eyes.

"So, that's it." he said, "it is understandable that you be cautious." Tie Nse said.

"Because of Jian, we hold no grudge." the Ku clan chief said.

"Jian?" Tie Nse raised a brow, "That little girl? ah..." Tie Nse finally understood. The moment he saw Elder Hu just before he vanished he thought him familiar. He remembered that it was him who led him to the valley to get Ed. Even though he had recognized Tie Nse and told his clan chief who his disciple was, Tie Nse did not understand why they would still e cautious. Knowing who his disciple is, most would have tried to use this against him.

When his eyes landed at Ku Nam's form, he recognized the boy that had been taken from the south side city by the Ku clan elders before his disciple turned the place to a ghost city. As his disciple was in the astral roots the same time this boy, he must have met him. These two things, the Ku clan chief must have put the two together. He probably figured that his disciple had something to do with the south side city matter.

Jian; that girl that insisted to follow his disciple everywhere. They must have thought that they could use this relation someday.

"Relax. I don't find your caution cowardice. You have been in the Baju valley before. It is natural that you remember how scary it is. As long as you don't move, he will do nothing." Tie Nse's words caused the Ku clan chief to let out a sigh of relief. Tie Nse was right. He truly remembered how horrific the Baju valley is. He had stayed there for thirty minutes, the longest anyone ever has, before Tie Nse's disciple appeared out of no where. People say that the leaders of the nine powers can not survive there for more than a day, but this was even an exaggeration.

Seeing Tie Nse ignore her, Protector A'miem's eyes burned with fury as she glared at Tie Nse's form.

"since you do not wish to listen, this old woman will take up the responsibility of the elder and teach you a lesson! Guest, be patient, since this is a house issue, we will settle it ourselves. As the Head Protector's representative, I will extract the location of that boy for you myself!" she bellowed and dashed towards Tie Nse.

Many were shocked stiff. She was taking the initiative to attack the patriarch? Was she rebelling?

Tie Nse did not bother with this loud woman. He saw that no one stepped up to defend him. He glanced at the elders who were looking away and the two protectors standing aside and sighed. He flipped through hand signs swiftly and a large hand appeared, blocking Protector A'miem's attack.

"It matters not, I am stepping down as patriarch and leaving the Heaven alliance." Tie Nse had not spoken loudly, yet everyone heard him.