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To Walk The Mist Chapter 98

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Readers, we've got a problem...

I stopped crying for a while to type this. (I and to stop to post this before they take away my phone!)

Let's get scientific a little. I tell u I'm sick a lot and that is a story for another day, but yesterday, I had a doctors appointment and was diagnosed with stage 4 carpel tunnel syndrome (you are going to have to google this). Honestly, I think I kinda knew. Usually apart from my illness, it was usually hard for me to sit and type for long. That was why your chapters were short and not regular.

It did not help that I would have spasms of sciatica every now and then, but now I finally understand why my hands go numb and hurt after typing for a little bit.

Honestly, you would think that is the issue here and the reason why I'm crying but it's not. I'm in serious pain that is why. Ignoring the pain, guys, we've got a problem. I have to wear a wrist guard for at least twenty hours a day for one week!

We're doomed!

What are we going to do this week? I can't type with a wrist guard.

So, the only solution is for you to suffer this week. I will put in the four hours I have free to use my hands to type. This way I will accumulate chapters to release daily Next Week.

Your vexed right?

Allow this lowly author to kowtow in apology through cyberspace.

I'm sorry. I have no choice. Being ill this long, my power of attorney has been firmly in the hands of my parents...

This author promises to sneak away to give you chapters!! Believe in me!! @@
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