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To Walk The Mist Chapter 99

Many turned to the protector that had just arrived. Behind him were the other five protectors. No one needed telling that this was the head protector, Nkong.

Seeing them arrive, Tie Nse only glanced at the old man before looking away. While Protector A'miem paled. She wondered how they knew to come and looked at her colleagues, who looked away. They betrayed her?

"The treaty says as long as a power is strong enough to demand a token, they can. The light realm tokens can only be given to those who complete the one-three-six tree. We have." to Ndong's words, many sucked in a breath.

The one-six-three tree was the basis for one to be given a light realm token to allow their disciples to participate. One peak soul awakening cultivator, three soul realisation cultivator, six heaven seeking cultivators. As long a a power; clan, sect or alliance, had these in their ranks, they are to be given a token.

These laws have kept order in the cultivation world. Breaking it now, would mean giving the demon people the right to revolt. Even though they said they now had these in their ranks, many were sure that they probably had more than this. This meant that they were a threat. Now that they were technically human, they could participate in the cultivation world. Many frowned at this. Were they supposed to just accept this?

Still, what could they do? The demon people appeared before so many and demanded what they were due. Even though they had demon to their name, they were people. How to deal with this. It was known that the cultivation world was controlled by the nine powers. But ordinary cultivators did not know was that the world they were in was only one in many worlds. All these worlds had fought away the demon race together. To this, there are people higher than their world. Those that truly made sure the pacts were obeyed. If they refused now, they will be unable to explain themselves to the other worlds.

Still, why did the demon people choose their world to do this? They obviously knew that the nine powers will have no choice, yet of all worlds, they chose theirs. What was the motive? They all smelled something fishy with their actions. The other powers glanced at each other as though coming to an understanding.

"Usually when this happens, an auditor is sent to the power involved to verify their claim. Only after will the token be issued. If you have made yourself clear, step back. The heaven alliance has thing to discuss." Protector Nkong said. To this, Ndong bowed and stepped back.

At this moment, Protector Nkong's eyes landed on Tie Nse. He had heard a little bit about what happened and could see as Tie Nse was refusing to look at him that the patriarch was serious. Moving forward, he led the other six protectors in front of Tie Nse to bow.

"Patriarch." he greeted respectfully.

"Not any more." Tie Nse answered him.

"Are you sure?" he asked Tie Nse solemnly.

"The heaven alliance has lost it's way. I do not have need for you any more. I will keep the patriarch seal. Maybe one day, you will have a chance to redeem yourself." Tie Nse said and faded into the sky, leaving the crowd speechless.

"It has been an honour, Patriarch. The alliance will wait for the day it can redeem it's honour." the six protectors immediately descended and kowtowed three times in the direction Tie Nse had faded.

Is that it? Many started to wonder. What did their words mean?

"If he is really going to leave, he should leave back the seal!" Protector Amiem said. To her words, Protector Nkong sent her a cold stare.

"From this day, the Heaven alliance is disbanded." as his words landed, everybody froze.

"What?" some of the elders paled.

"The heaven alliance was created as a private army of the patriarch and his disciples. When we are no more needed by him, we loose meaning." Protector Nkong let his words sink in. Many started to discuss.

"The heaven alliance has no time, ambition or purpose. It exists when the patriarch wishes it." Protector Nkong said.

The other two protectors behind protector Amiem paled at this. They had always known this. But never has a patriarch had no need for them.

"The alliance can exist for eternity if needed. It can transverse time. It is not just any power. It is the patriarch's power. As we have been abandoned, we must sleep till a patriarch exists who wishes us awake. Those who wish to leave the alliance, this is your chance." many could not process what was going on. Things were moving too fast. How did it get to this?

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