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Ultimate Scheming System Chapter 707

The Holy Senior? What is going on?

Xu Que and Liu Jingning looked at each other in surprise.

In front of them, there were a group of cultivators of the Form Synthesis Stage and, among them, were Dong Genji and a few Patriarchs of Influential Factions.

Obviously, these cultivators were from the other side.

Xu Que and Liu Jingning were wondering why they were suddenly showing such a great respect to the Ancient Bronze Hall.

Who is the person they are admiring?! Can it be Jiang Hongyan?

“Xu Que?!” Dong Genji spotted Xu Que and frowned.

Xu Que turned around and smiled. “Dong Genji, we finally meet. I think it’s time for me to take what you owe me back now!”

“I owe you nothing!” Dong Genji sneered and shook his head. “I have given that Ancient Book of Records to these cultivators of the Form Synthesis Stage. If you want it back, ask them, if you have the balls!”

“Oh, really?!” Xu Que looked at the cultivators and smiled. “I am sorry. Do any of you have my Ancient Book of Records? If you do, please give it back to me!”

However, the cultivators did not reply. They were all waiting with great respect for someone who was coming out of the Ancient Bronze Hall.

“You know what! You are not even entitled to talk with them!” Dong Genji laughed at Xu Que.

Xu Que stayed calm and sighed, “It seems that they are all deaf, what a shame!”

“How dare you!

“How dare you talk to us in that tone!”

The cultivators angrily reprimanded Xu Que and stared at him coldly.

All of a sudden, an enormous pressure of power was about to fall upon Xu Que.

“My goodness!” Liu Jingning was shocked and almost suffocated by the power. She never expected that these cultivators were this powerful!

Then, when she was about to pull Xu Que back away from the cultivators, Xu Que suddenly moved forward and punched the air.


A fist-shaped light appeared in the air and faced off with the pressure.


Something exploded. Xu Que let go an Acting-Tough King fist, which cost him 1,000 Acting Tough Points and withstood the power pressure.

Then, there was still pressure heading toward Dong Genji.

“What?! This is impossible!” Dong Genji was stunned. He never thought Xu Que could be this powerful. He was so terrified that he even forgot to run.

“I have never seen anyone practice such an incantation before. Do any of you know what it is?” An older cultivator of the Form Synthesis Stage asked. Then, he got rid ofthe power pressure heading toward Dong Genji.

All the cultivators turned to Xu Que and asked, “Answer us! What is the incantation you just practiced?!”

Xu Que patted his clothes and did not even look at them. He then said coldly, “Who the hell do you think you are?! You are not even entitled to ask me questions!” Xu Que could no longer stand their pathetic arrogance.

“How dare you talk to them like this?! Now kneel down and say you are sorry!” Dong Genji was furious.

Xu Que sneered, “Dong Genji, you are such a jerk! Tell them that the entire four continents are under my control. I don’t care where they come from or how powerful they are, they need to kneel down in front of me!”

The next minute, a magnificent power pressure erupted from him and was about to hit the cultivators. “This is my Taoist Connotationeverything in the world must obey me!”


The cultivators were shocked, even the one who was almost in the Crossing Calamity Stage. “Interesting! I never thought that here in the four continents, which have been restricted for such a long time, there is someone who has such a powerful Taoist Connotation!” The old cultivator who was in the Crossing Calamity Stage said.

“Young man, who on earth are you? Why are you interested in the Ancient Book of Records?”

Before Xu Que even spoke, Dong Genji said hurriedly, “He is called Xu Que and comes from the Exploding Heavens Faction! Before the Holy Senior went into the Immortal Hall, he was always flirting with her. You see, he still hasn’t given up!”

All of a sudden, everyone began to stare at Xu Que harshly, including the one who was almost in the Crossing Calamity Stage. It seemed that they could no longer suppress their intention of killing him.

Xu Que and Liu Jingning were stunned.

They called the Ancient Bronze Hall the Immortal Hall, and Hongyan the Holy Senior?! So they were all admiring Hongyan?! Thinking about this, Xu Que became totally confused and had no idea why Jiang Hongyan became their Holy Senior all of a sudden.

Hearing this, Liu Jingning sneered, “You are really good at lying. I will remember that you are the one who never gave up flirting with Hongyan!”

“Liu Jingning! How dare you speak ill of me! You even tried to kill Jiang Hongyan before!” Dong Genji lied.

“You” Liu Jingning pointed at him with her finger and became furious.

“Jingning,let’s not be angry at what this liar says! He can say anything he wants, and only fools would believe his words!” Xu Que said coldly. He was also indicating that if the cultivators bought Dong Genji’s words, they would also be fools.

The old cultivator who was almost in the Crossing Calamity Stage sneered, “Young man, if you think Dong Genji is lying, tell me the truth then! What on earth happened between you and the Holy Senior and why are you here?!”

Xu Que’s eyes shone brightly and he said loudly, “Because she is mine!”

“How dare you!” The cultivators said with great anger.

The old cultivator who was almost in the Crossing Calamity Stage sneered also andsaid angrily, “Young man, you will pay for what you have said just now!”

“Oh, really?! You are so confident that you can kill me?! Let me tell you, if I were facing a cultivator of the Mahayana, the Great Vehicle Stage, I would probably be afraid and run away. But, as for you, you are just like an ant to me!” Xu Que said calmly and summoned the System. He was already ready to get into a fight with them at any time.


Something exploded inside the Ancient Bronze Hall.

All the inscriptions on the walls of the Ancient Bronze Hall gathered together and then rippled like a drop of ink that fell onto a piece of white paper. Then a shining entrance appeared.

A beautiful, noble, and elegant figure slowly walked out. As soon as Xu Que saw her, he felt that all the living creatures in this world should kneel down in front of her.