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Warning Tsundere President Chapter 1

A sudden knock on the door paused the intimate session, the fondling froze and the biting stopped.

However, the heart still raced and the breaths remained heavy.

"Secretary Lu, are you there?"

Lu the secretary was there. It was just that she was ratherpreoccupied. "Haahmmm" She tried to resist within the grasp of his strong arms, wanting to break free, yet her body implored her to respond to the invitation, the passionately possessive invitation. "S-stop" His breath tickled her neck, as she whispered her struggle.

"Secretary Lu? Hm, she seems to be not in." Footsteps were heard leaving.

The silence was broken with occasional whispers and sharp hisses. A moment later, Lu's daily quest had finally ended as she laid on the desk, feeling like her body was falling apart.

She dragged her drained body off the seat and picked up her scattered clothing. Her hands were shaking as she buttoned up her nearly-torn shirt. Her colorless eyes captured the dominant man zipping away his beast upon a glance. The man then decided to take a rest on the sofa, smoking at his remaining lust.

Lu Zhaoyang flattened her lips and she swiftly tidied up herself, as the heat slowly faded from her sweating face. The passion ebbed away and rationality returned. She stared at him calmly.

"We still have a video conference at 3 pm later. Don't forget that." She said.

With a laid-back attitude, Huo Yunting sank into his sofa. The columns of cigarette smoke enveloped his handsome being. His rosy lips slightly pursed as they formed a rather mysterious curve.

"...Mhm" A while later he stood up, rubbing the cigarette on the plate as he briefly replied.

The strange romance faded and a frigid silence arrived.

The president yawned and put his coat back on, "My secretary would have the jobs go down in records, while I" he turned his head and looked at his secretary, "... would have my secretary go down for me."

They were quiet until the president pulled a compliment, "It looks like my decision of taking in you was right. You *are* a satisfactory secretary, or should I say satisfying?"


With her fists clenched, she watched the man leaving the scene. She painfully laughed as she wiped her mouth.

Well, thank you very much! If it was not your demand, I would never be here in this hell I guess?!

Lu swung her head and replaced her black-framed glasses. Her hands were busy tying her messy hair back into a standard office bun. The old-fashioned appearance toned down her seductive charm.

She took a folder and stormed out of the President's Office.

"Oh hello, Secretary Lu. I was looking for you." Her colleague greeted her when she returned to her own desk.

Lu Zhaoyang was the chief secretary and the personal assistant to the president of Thunderbolt Corp. She was that big shot who would review all the important, top-secret documents before passing them to the president himself.

Thunderbolt Corp. was a dark horse, the promoted pawn that suddenly showed up establishing itself as the top international corporation three years ago.

The founder of the corporation,Huo Yunting, was akin a great lord who debuted with his own kingdom to the world.

"Send these to the directors of each department. Ask them to submit the semi-annual report to the president ASAP. Remember to CC me the report too," said Lu Zhaoyang expressionlessly as she handed over the folder. Her order struck the office like the name of the company. Her direct, demanding attitude was quite a foreign sight after seeing her sexual expression inside the President's Office before.

"Yes, Miss Lu."

But little did the world know about her "unique" relationship with the president - the tragic tale where her mother hooked up with Huo Yunting's father and sent Huo Yunting's mother to the mental hospital for good, and also the terrifying aftermath detailing her fate of becoming Huo Yunting's wife as a way to repent her "sin" which although committed by her mother.

And certainly, she did not want the world to know about it. Eventually, both Huo Yunting and Lu Zhaoyang stayed quiet about their (forced) marriage in front of their newly, happily married "parents". They were recognized as stepbrother and stepsister - it was a saving grace for her already-jinxed life, a way to keep the troubles away.

Yet if only she would be spared from the plight, her seeming doomed fate...

Secretary Lu carried on typing her mechanical keyboard...