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Warning Tsundere President Chapter 31

The person snatched the juice from her and poured her a new glass of wine right after.

The glass was passed to her and with a glance, she decided to drink it, to the very bottom.

"Now that's the lady of our class. You're a much better drinker than I imagined!"

Well, it was no use to talk, she did not want horrible attention.

Her classmate also did a bottoms-up, while he took a step towards her, "How did ya come today? What happened to ya Boo, the one ya got in the college?"

That was the kind of attention she hated. The question was *really* helpful that everyone in the cabin decided to look at her by then.

"Oh right! I almost forgot you had a boyfriend back in college! How did you guys go? Both of you were so sweet back then, we almost got diabetes by just looking at you two. Are you guys married already?" The female classmate joined in.

"I know right! If I remember correctly, you guys planned to marry after college ended. Hey, wait a minute, where's my wedding invitation?"

The gossips were deafening to Lu's ears. She felt major discomfort as the bitterness tinted her face.

She poured herself another glass of wine. The stare from classmates remained.

Amidst anticipation, she shook her head briefly.

It was a goner although those precious days they got together once in a few months were probably the happiest time of her life.

Those were the times where he would hold her hands as they strolled beneath the blossoming cherry blossoms, vexing classmates even spring, and he would reach his hand out to pick the petals on her hair, with most gentle whispers.

"I can't wait anymore. Yang, we would get married after you graduate."

The voice came warming like the sunlight of spring. It was so comforting

She could still remember the heat on her cheeks back then. It was like fire, burning with passion, as she disregarded the passersby around the campus, "Okay! I'll marry with you after graduation!" She shouted.

But well before she managed to even see her gown and mortarboard, he was gone.

At the cabin, her nose was knotted with misery as she finished another glass of wine.

Her ex-classmates looked at her in different expressions. There were sympathy, disdain and delight.

Her ex-boyfriend spoiled her rotten back then. He was that very handsome man in school, with a sense justifiable of his superior social status, even though no one was really sure of his identity till today.

"Geez, Lu! Don't tell me, ya' both been flopped? Haven't I warned ya about pretty boys? They never last, just like their look! So, what about you and me? We could work this out if you want to." The classmate earlier laughed.

"You can just leave this hobo alone. I have my own house, my own car, my own income, nothing in the 5Cs is missing. How about that? Zhaoyang, please, I had always loved you since we were in college" A slender classmate of hers came into the scene, making his offer as his eyes coveted her curves desperately.

Well, unlike the whistling wolves demonstrating masculinity before her, her female classmates were more interested in the latest gossip between Chen and her, especially the four ladies who once stayed the dormitory rooms opposite hers.

"Sigh, what a pity that Lu lost her walking ATM. And I thought she would become princess of a wealthy family soon. I guess she was abandoned, judging from how perfect her ex was."

"True. I mean that man has that look you know. That I-am-supreme look. Probably he ditched her because of her inferiority."

"I knew it, women can't just have the outside. Their family matters. The ending could have been very different if Lu was Princess Morebucks in the first place."