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Warning Tsundere President Chapter 32

"Well, who knows, men are just disgusting. Always unappreciative of what they have, only aware of what they don't. I mean, our Lu is still attractive in her own way, it's just that she had to stay low"
The conversation was none of Lu's concern.

As only she knew the truth that Chen wasno longer in this world.

Standing at the corridor outside the cabin, Huo was taking a cigarette. Columns of smoke were discharged from his nose as his fingers clipped his addiction.

He bitterly smiled as he overheard the gossip coming from behind the wall.

Meanwhile inside, two boys had joined her side by side before Lu realized. She was going to do another bottoms-up, until one of them grabbed her by the arm.

"Zhao Yang, my girl, how boring if you were to drink alone. Come, let's have a toast."

"Let go of me." Said Lu expressionlessly as she looked at his arm.

"Okay, fine, princess," said the boy gleefully, "We are going for karaoke later and you are joining us."

Lu was not in the mood to entertain the fella as she poured another glass of wine into her mouth, which the entire gesture greenlit the upcoming flirting.

"Come, one more, for our class," he quickly filled the glass for her, knowing it was a golden opportunity to taste a beauty in her misery.

The entire glass was shoved to her before she reached out with her hand, "Zhaoyang, what about a cross-arm toast?" It was an etiquette in Chinese culture for one to wrap one's arm to the other to toast, usually as a wedlock gesture. And that explained the attention of classmates upon her again.

She was at loss for words appropriate to diverge the attention.

And that was when a thump at the door caught them.

The thick door covered in soundproof cushion was then sluggishly open, as Huo Yunting the gorgeous debuted and attracted all the girls at the scene, including Lu.

How comehe's here

Huo, with his eyes wholly on Lu, walked towards her with a fantastic smile refined by his devilish nature, very naturally said, "It's just so happened that I have a dinner next door, the manager recognized you so I came to pick you up. I'll take you home tonight."

Lu could not take the suspense really well, as she ceased breathing for the past few seconds upon seeing the man approaching him.

What is he planning again?

She got her answer the moment Huo mentioned the sentence"I'll take you home" with a quick raise of his brows.

He does have a plan!

It might be a docile smile from Huo yet the boys were seeing otherwise. Between those raising brows of joy, there seemed to be a fierce warning coming from him, demanding no intimate contact upon his woman in any form.

The talkative boy went quiet and subconsciously, as if welcoming the true king of all beasts, let out his seat beside Lu for Huo who sat down without even bothering this side character.

He turned his head to Lu, as he spoke caringly, "You'll have some food and we would go home afterwards."

Lu Zhaoyang returned an awkward glance, as her hands shakingly picked the chopsticks up, placed one sashimi into her mouth and began chewing very, very slowly.

It was supposed to be a delicacy yet she could taste nothing else but confused fear.

The cabin turned utterly silent as the ladies were stupefied.

And they thought Lu Zhaoyang was the unwanted, when a better man, probably way wealthier and more prestigious, had just showed up.

"I'll take you home tonight."

The sentence was rather suggestive.

What was their relationship?

After a moment of astonished silence, the chatty atmosphere returned, with the focus, of course, on the hero and heroine of the biggest gossip this time.