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Warning Tsundere President Chapter 33

The discussion went on vigorously as the ladies literally had their eyes glued upon Huo Yunting, getting intoxicated by his fermenting charm.

That moment when he gently wiped away the stain near Lu's lips, it almost felt like their sanity was breaking out like a green-eyed monster.

This man simply looks too perfect!

"Look at that suit he's wearing," whispered one classmate, appraising, "Guess what, that's the latest work from a well-known designer overseas called Leo. I saw it on the magazine yesterday." Her eyes were shining like diamonds as she lifted her index finger, "Exclusive to only *one*, just one! Across the globe!"

The ladies shifted their attention upon the clothing. It was a dark fitting suit with gold-rimmed buttons, where one could feel the attention to details even at a glance.

"That's not all!" Ms. Appraiser continued, "The suit, the shirt, even the pants he was wearing, all of them go by six digits at least. I can never afford them even with my annual pay, including bonus and a few lotteries."

"And we thought Lu was abandoned" The gossipers were feeling foolish of their words earlier.

Oh how awkward

"So is that her newyou-know-what" They were confused as the man, despite his loving care towards Lu, did not have any suggestive gestures upon her. Their observation contradicted with their hypothesis, and the conclusion regarding their relationship could not be made.

"Please, stop drinking. Drinking is bad for you," said Huo as he moved the glass ahead of her, "Would you like juice or milk?"

"None of those, thank you," immediately she replied, with her eyes stuck to the ground, wondering if she had gotten to safety or even more danger.

First thing's first, she was not sure if Huo might be recognized by anybody as the president of Thunderbolt.

Second, she could never ensure that the beast would not bite, as in, whether if he would expose the fact that they were married out of a whim.

The gazes from the people around grew more passionate while this man just nonchalantly enjoyed casting his role as Mr. Nice Guy. He would inquire her courteously if she wanted to eat anything in particular, and he would help her with the food by making sure her plate was full all the time, even feeding her. Of all things he just would not get any closer to Lu to clearly, officially declare their relationship.

Darn it! Stahp!

She knew he maintained the ambiguous distance on purpose, but she did not know the next page of her script, whether her role would still be the new toy of a wealthy man or the married happily-ever-after of a kind husband. Her caution was driving her up the wall and the devil certainly enjoyed it.

"So, Lu, tell us. Is he your new boo?" Said one of them out of curiosity.

No matter his otherworldly appearance, his worldly wealth demonstrated via his exquisite apparel or his worthwhile elegance, he was the perfect man, at least to every single lady inside the cabin who tried their best getting the man to look at them.

Nevertheless, very unfortunately, the man had no interest towards anybody else other than Lu, who was eating like a hungry piglet.

The question had been tumbling inside them, just like the butterflies in Lu's stomach, and it was also the trigger for dramas. She tightly grabbed her chopsticks that they might just snap any second, as beads of sweat were dripping from her chin. The president had his role currently depicted as "the Mysterious Friend" and she knew any answer would have been a buzzer.

"Hey," said Huo as he reached to her ears, whispering with a strange smile, "Aren't you telling them that you are married? are looking for a new man here, that's why you aren't telling?"

His words had caused fissure in the cabin.

With his handsome face, the joking tone, as well as his very wrong smile, his question was more like a giveaway than a kind advice, even though he did not admit that he was her legal husband.

Well, Lu almost wanted to reply with a slap, both sides, and a kick, right outside.

Very helpful hint, Einstein! Thank you very much!

The boy who wanted to pick up Lu just now was utterly stunned, that he almost dropped his glass.

And he thought he nailed the girl, now he could not even play Kiss-the-Bride with her, especially when he knew it was a poodle-against-a-wolf scenario.

Lu slammed the chopsticks onto the table.

She must go.

She must go now!

What if the next moment Huo was identified as the president?!