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Warning Tsundere President Chapter 34

The eyes of people on the table were lusterous, unsure if they were impressed or just jealous.

The laughing stock just a few seconds ago had just ascended into the wife of Mr. Moneybags. The irony was distasteful in this drastic turnabout.

"I'm getting blind by looking at your boyfriend, his handsomeness burns my eyes!!" Said one girl across the table, covering her eyes in agony.

"Oh my Zhaoyang, you and your handsome gentleman, how fortunate you are. ThoughhmmI feel like I had seen him somewhere before" Muttered her classmate as she looked at Huo with her friend, like a pair of hungry tigresses upon their prey.

"Rightvery familiar, but I can't remember where."

Lu, upon hearing the very dangerous line, no longer felt like staying any longer.

At this rate, if would be only a matter of a few minutes until Huo Yunting became the next cover person on gossip magazines.

She left her chopsticks and pulled up Huo by his arms, "Sorry, I have to go. Enjoy, kay, thanks, bye!"

Huo Yunting remained surprisingly cooperative like a giant doll he was, letting his woman dragging him out, "Guys, eat as much as you like, I'll pay."

Gasps echoed within the cabin.

"I knew he's rich."

The food in this place was expensive for a fact. They even considered splitting the bill on a single slice of cake!

"Yes, sir! Yes, sir! Three plates full!"

"Zhaoyang, your husband is the best!"

"Zhaoyang's boy for the win!"

Lu could not be bothered by these words, as she ran away quickly.

Huo utilized the motion by hugging her waists, whispering by her ears, "Our princess is sure proud tonight. How about a reward for her royal knight?"

The princess returned the knight a glare.

"Why are you here?!" Said Lu, upon leaving the place and loosening her grip, though her boy remained like a koala at her waist.

"There are always time for this but not now. More importantly, who is this *ex* of yours?" He asked with that keyword emphasized.

Lu halted her step, the somberness cracking her expression. She tried playing calm, "For starters, could you please let go of me? You are a public figure at the very least. So stop playing tug war with me like a child."

"Well, unlike s-o-m-e-b-o-d-y, I would not be afraid of who I am. You do know whether if they found out, I don't give a d*mn," said Huo teasingly as he approached Lu, smiling seductively.

Lu could not stop her man, so she hastened her steps.

The devil quickly tailed after her and caught her exact pace, "So who is this ex?"

He did ask Huo Li to investigate this man but they had gotten nothing, probably because the man might not be from this city, though the fact that he remained completely hidden suggested that he might be a big shot."

How curious

"Oh my gosh! Come, check out the window."

"Stop eating, for pete's sake!" Shouted the two classmates as they stood by the window, observing the car Huo opened for Lu.

"Rolls-Royce? Limited edition too!"


The women screamed, as the excitement and tension could no longer be held.

The male classmates joined the crowd by the window too, as they witnessed a dark Rolls-Royce zoom by the restaurant.

"Girls! One day we will be like her! Let's work harder!"

The girls did not seem fine with Lu's tremendous "achievement", unlike the boys who admitted their fate to never drive a Rolls-Royce by being envious and returned to their seat shortly after.