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Warning Tsundere President Chapter 35

The ladies were getting restless as envy took over their entire body.

But what could they do? Lu Zhaoyang was pretty as a Disney princess after all, she deserved a prince on the white horse!

She had a hot ex so it was only reasonable she got a hot husband.

"Still! Still ugh!!!" One classmate grunted. The reasoning did not help lifting their mood at all.

(Back at Huo and Lu's residence)

While resting against the back of her chair, Lu shut her eyes to her husband's question.

Her husband Huo could see the slump in her mood, as he hugged her tight, "Is the past better than the present, that keeps you thinking of it all the time?"

She was showing resistance as she tried squeezing out of his grip, but it was obviously a fruitless attempt so she stopped eventually.

"Huo Yunting, you like gossip that much?"

"Wouldn't mind gossiping if it's you," he said softly as he went to raid her earlobe while muttering, "So, who is this man?"

The ticklish feeling was so overwhelming that her body tilted to one side, "What happened, happened. It's already in the past, so could you please forget about it? Am I obliged to talk to you about my every single ex?"

She refused to talk more about Chen, for that was her deepest, darkest secret which should never be mentioned to people.

"Fine," he whispered, as he let go of her earlobe, "I'll talk no more about him, even though I don't know who he is. I'll let the dead rest."

Even though he did not get any information regarding this man, at least her reply relieved him a little.

After all, she is his wife, his belonging, his property. He would not want his property to be thinking of other men.

Lu thought that she would be spared when she was partially drunk and Huo looked merciful tonight. However regarding her husband's nature and stamina, she was wrong very wrong.

That night was another "eventful" night.

The next morning, Lu was half-dead, as she almost needed clips to hold her eyelids up when she tried to review the documents.

Nearly dead as she might be, she still managed to discern Yu Man'er fiddling with her phone, probably sending reports again.

That hoe better behave herself or I'll make sure she won't last till next month in Thunderbolt Corp.

Yu Man'er had been observing the president's "sister" for a long time. She took out her phone again upon seeing Lu Zhaoyang leaving her the place without anything in hand.

Suspicious, very suspicious! I need to report this!

A few rapid taps and off the report went.

A while later, Mo Shan replied, "At Kyoto now. Let her be for the moment"

Yu Man'er kept her mobile phone instantly. If Mo Shan said let her be, then she would let her be, since she was, after all, the nomical "sister" of the president. It would spell trouble if Yu Man'er did anything funny to her.

Later on that red-letter day was the time for another meeting, where the president would sign a contract with Hai Shang Corp. Under the bright lights inside the meeting room, , Huo Yunting was spinning his expensive dark pen in his hand as he listened the president of Hai Shang delivering his ambitious speech.

"The project this time would be a successful one, I reassure you, President Huo. Of course, the project would not be a success without you doing us a favor" said the president of Hai Shang, who was in his fifties, yet with a fearful courtesy towards Huo Yunting like a person in his early twenties.

Man talk about the new sweeping the old.

Now the old is begging for mercy. That is why kids, never mess with anyone from all walks of life as they could be the big shot you kneel begging for in future.

"You're being too courteous, sir. I do not really excel in such kind of projects. You are the one doing me a favor," said he as he stopped spinning his pen.

Probably the longest line that Huo Yunting had ever said to anybody other than his wife in the first 40 chapters

"Leave the chit-chat for later. Let's sign this contract."