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Warning Tsundere President Chapter 36

"Alright, alright!" Hai Shang's president took up his pen and signed on the contract.

Suddenly, Lu Zhaoyang realized the meaning behind the words of the president of Hai Shang Corp.

As a businessman, especially a seasoned and cunning one like Hai Shang's president, he would not have backed out of the contract so easily when a problem came up.

She knew that Huo Yunting had paid the price, but she failed to recognize the magnitude of it!

If she remembered correctly, Huo Yunting placed great importance on the land in Hongshan. He had allocated a shockingly large budget for the project, and even specifically ordered for inter-departmental cooperation to prepare multiple development proposals for the land.

Why would he express disinterest now?


After the contract was signed, Huo Yunting left the office ahead of everyone else.

Lu Zhaoyang sent off the president of Hai Shang Corp and then headed straight for the president's office.

Huo Yunting sat lazily on his chair, resting his eyes. He kept his eyes shut when he heard her approach, and teased her casually, "I'd rather skip the useless speech of gratitude and get a kiss from you."

Lu Zhaoyang wanted to scream her head off. She must be crazy to worry so much about the Hongshan project.

Thunderbolt Corp was a massive organization. Losing the project would not have been a huge loss; all the work would have been wasted was but it was just a tiny speck of effort by the company!

She turned away to leave.

Huo Yunting opened his eyes and enjoyed the view of her backside. "Come back here. If you don't kiss me, I'll go out there and kiss you. Don't complain about the audience when that happens."


She paused. There was nothing she could say to his arrogant face, so she stomped back to him.

She walked around his office desk toward him, closed her eyes and steeled herself. She bent down to his porcelain face and quickly landed a peck of a kiss.

Before she could move away, a hand grabbed her head from behind and pressed her lips against his. He tasted her deeply and passionately.

Long moments later, Huo Yunting let her go, satisfied. His eyes still glistened with sexual intent.

Lu Zhaoyang retreated hastily, pursed her lips, and went straight for the exit.

Huo Yunting watched her escape as he touched his own lips, muttering, "It tasted sweet."

(The capital, at the Mo family residence)

Mo Shan was sitting on the sofa, peeling an apple, while also keeping her father company in watching a movie. She went to the kitchen to dice the apple, and then served it to her father on a platter.

"Dad, have some fruits." She offered a tiny silver fork to him.

Mo Yuan looked away from the screen, and knew immediately that she was about to ask him for something.

He laughed and took the fork. "What can I do for you?"

Mo Shan smiled sweetly. She sat down beside him and massaged his shoulders. "I've visited Uncle Huo and family a few days ago, and I saw Brother Yunting. He's still not married yet, and Uncle Huo said he's interested in tying the red knot for us"

Mo Yuan smiled kindly. "Has the young lady given her heart to someone?"

Mo Shan pouted, looking abashed. "Dad, please!"

"Haha, I have not seen Yunting for years, I wonder what has become of that rebellious young man."

Mo Shan immediately interrupted. "Brother Yunting looks even more handsome now. He founded Thunderbolt Corp, so there is no doubt of his abilities. He's always been pampered, and so popular among the ladies and I am only one of them."