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Warning Tsundere President Chapter 37

"So what? My daughter has never lacked pursuers too!"

Mo Yuan put down the fork and patted her hand. "Tell me, what can your father do for you?"

This pleased Mo Shan immensely. She sat down properly on the sofa and said, "Brother Yunting is now living in the city and rarely comes back to the capital. It's so difficult to meet him, much less get to know him. I was wondering if you could visit Uncle Huo with me. I hope to reach an agreement between the parents on both sides, when it comes to matters like this"

She smiled shyly. "You understand me, right?"

The Mo and Huo families were on good terms, despite lesser interaction between them in recent years. Besides, the Mo family was influential in the capital, and a dynasty of sorts. She believed that Huo Zhenning would agree on their marriage.

When she finally got married with Brother Yunting, she would be in the best position to remove the slut, Lu Zhaoyang. That woman will never approach her man ever again!


Mo Yuan hesitated. He knew that Huo Yunting was a man above his peers, and his daughter is definitely qualified to become Huo Zhenning's daughter-in-law.

However, without the man himself giving consent, how could he promise his daughter that the marriage will come to be?

Mo Shan panicked at his reaction. "Dad! You know Brother Yunting. He may give the impression of being frivolous, but he's really a good man at heart. You don't have to worry about me being married to him. Besides, with Uncle Huo backing me, he wouldn't dare to bully me!

"Think about it. Brother Yunting has not gotten married yet all this while. Perhaps he likes me too. Didn't you and Mom got married first and then worked on developing your feelings for each other later? I can do the same with Brother Yunting!" She turned to her father and started working on his shoulders again. "Dad, Brother Yunting has not seen me for years, but I know that he will fall for me again, given time. Give me some credit!"

"Oh, alright! I'll make the visit!"

Mo Yuan loved his precious daughter. He would never reject her wishes and disappoint her.

"Let's go right now!" She stopped her hands and said. Her face lit up brightly.

"Right now?"

"The earlier the better, Dad. On my last visit, Uncle Huo agreed with me. Besides, I'll feel a lot safer if we do this soon"

Mo Yuan noticed her excitement and did not want to risk saddening her. He stood up from the sofa and smoothed out his clothes.

"Butler, get the car."

Mo Shan could hardly contain the joy inside her. She walked beside her father with a wide smile on her face.

Mo Yuan made a phone call to Huo Zhenning while on their way there. When they arrived, the Huo family was already waiting for them to have dinner together.

Xue Yuming gently hooked her arm around hers and chatted warmly. The four of them enjoyed their dinner.

This was the best setting to discuss matters. After a moment, Mo Yuan stated the nature of his visit.

He picked up his wine glass, looking a little ipsy. "Zhenning, my friend! When a daughter's of age, it's time to get married! Look at my own daughter. After she saw Yunting on her last visit, she dragged me all the way here to see him for myself!

"I've always liked your daughter. Yunting is very busy now, and seems to neglect planning for his own marriage. I had let him on his own all this while, but I also think it's about time"

Huo Zhenning clicked his glass against Mo Yuan's with a hint of a smile on his often solemn face.