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Warning Tsundere President Chapter 41

He did not give her a chance to speak, as he shoved his lips upon hers a sudden invasion into her lair again. It caused the temple in her head to crumble and shook her already-chaotic mind.

Few seconds left, the passion of the kiss infected her body with a sort of heat taking over her.

"Now it won't be bitter." He released her lips and smiled like the bad boy on the street.

Lu's sight blurred out, as if starting to see the world through rose windows and the vision upon this man turned dreamiermore enchanting

Like that person

For one sec Lu thought she was talking to somebody else

Amidst drowsiness, Lu could feel her confused body being placed on something fluffy and softit was her bed? She could not tell anything before she accidentally fell asleep due to her medicine. In the meantime, Huo Yunting was there by her side and surveying the rare silence of his belonging. His eyes reflected the slight blushes on her face. She was as if Snow White, only more modern and more independent.

Her long eyelashes relaxingly rested on her cheeks and the curves were perfect for him. She was soundly asleep, judging from her stillness.

Huo Yunting was always the bad boy, the harsh person, the tyrant in the office, yet, at that very moment, somehow that stillness of hers unlocked something in his chamber. He felt a soft spot for her, a woozy feeling that astonished even himself.

And that was when the loudspeaker shouted from outside.

"Sir! Boss! Brother Huo!!"

Goshthe loudspeaker again

Huo frowned, as he got off the bed and walked to the door.

"Boss!" Huo Li jumped at him upon seeing him at the door, "Breaking news! Chengnan, we" Huo Li did not manage to finish before Huo Yunting hauled him by his collars.

"Brother Huo, what are you doing!? I'm straight, ruler-straight! Don't go aggro on me! I'm too pretty to die! Aaaah! I'll walk by myself! It's okay!"

Huo Yunting's eyes were soulless when he returned a gaze, as his steps hastened, dragging Huo Li all the way out of the office like a puppy on strap.

"Put me down!"

Huo Yunting only loosened his grip after they shut the door to his office tight.

Huo Li scratched the wrinkled collar briefly, "Brother Huo, we are both men after all. You shouldn't go hanky panky with me, people would misunderstand us. I wouldn't mind you doing that to me again in the next life if I'm a woman. It'll be an honor to seduce you."

Huo Yunting stared at him and he suddenly smiled, bright like the sun, yet it felt cold like winter for Huo Li who shuddered, "There better be proper reason for you to be here, or else"

"Of course there is!" Huo Li decided to cut out all jokes he prepared, "Good news. According to my source, the land in Qingshan neighborhood is calling for bidding. I mean, Hongshan neighborhood is not bad, but Qingshan has way larger land while its traffic is convenient, though only much farther away from the city. But well, with your wisdom, there's always solution for things, right?"

"Mhm," replied Brother Huo flatly, as he walked away.

"B-brother Huo, how can you stay so calm on this?" Huo Li tailed him clumsily.

Both Huo's stopped before the lift, as Huo Li pressed the Down button for his Brother Huo. He looked at him, a roll on his eyes, a smile, "Don't tell meyou knew this all along"

"Not quite," said Huo Yunting as he entered the opened lift.

"As expected from my boss, the great Brother Huo! Not even a whisper could escape your ears! You are the know-it-all!" The flattering remarks were starting to get too much, as Huo Yunting was so disgusted that he shivered a bit. Huo Li was sounding like a fanatic who had just met his god. Huo Yunting could not help but to take a few steps back away from his #1 fanboy.

Well, she's resting in the room. It is a good time to settle this thing.


Not too long after that, Lu Zhaoyang's brows furrowed, as she sleepily opened her eyes, "Mhmmm"

She rubbed her eyes and looked around, only to see Huo Yunting nowhere.