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Warning Tsundere President Chapter 43

The black book was virtually invisible especially when the owner himself had hardly read it. It was literally an ornament in his room.

If it was not Lu's coincidental glance at things, Huo Yunting might have fallen into Huang Dong's trap.

While she was inspecting the device, a loud creak of door caught her off guard, as she skipped a turn to see Huo Yunting's entrance.

She dashed to him and the man thought it was a warm puppy welcome from his woman. He smiled.

Tsk, tsk, tsk, now who's being needy? Looks like you recovered well.

"And I" Just when he was going to tease his girl again, Lu covered his mouth aggressively, almost causing him to come crashing down.

For a second, he thought the woman was having a low blood sugar moment, but it was a rare occasion that she would offer herself for a hug. So, he should not let go of this golden opportunity for his passionate lady. Eventually, he wrapped her in his arms and looked at her from above.

It was the deadliest seduction coming from a woman technically naked in his unbuttoned shirt, as it was revealing portion of the fleshy spheres within.

He almost could not breath.

Lu gave a confused glance, signaling to let her go, almost demanding. But Huo decided to get very close to her face upon release.

She hurriedly pushed him away and pointed at the desk a few times, with a tug at his arm and a finger in the middle of her lips.

He stared at the desk with squinted eyes, while subconsciously he loosened his grip and let his woman guide him to his desk.

Lu pointed at the bottom of the desk.

The silent morse code went:


Huo lowered his back to have a careful observation, as his eyes darkened when he got back up. Lu then dragged him to his rack, with her index finger at the black book this time.

He uninterestedly gave a glance, then caught her in his embrace again, as he delivered his caressing whisper, "Darling, tell me, what do you want as a reward?"

The hug was uncalled for, while it was tigtightas hell! Lu could barely breathe.

There's a bug here you idiot! Geez, you seriously are fearless! What bold plans do you have in mind again?!

But well, Huo Yunting read her, as he took out his mobile phone and called Huo Li.

The fan boy was sure fast, as the knock sounded like a car crash, "Come in." He stormed into the office with an insulation barrel. People usually use the barrel to store food and that association made Lu pretty hungry, as she rubbed her tiny belly.

Gosh, I seriously could use some rice.

She reached her hand out, wanting to take that barrel, yet Huo Yunting snatched it away while his embrace tightened.

His eyes shot a glance at the bottom of the desk and of course, the fan boy understood the gesture.

Silently he took the pack of toolkit he brought with him and uninstalled the receivers.

Huo Li was rather skilful at this, within no time he had already removed the two devices.

He played with the two bugs in his hand like a toy, "Tsk, they sure have some fancy stuffs. These are some high end stuffs. The range of transmission is much larger than most receivers in the market. Who installed these at my Brother Huo's room? Did he or she want to die?"

"Tell me, darling," said Huo Yunting as he looked at Lu in his embrace, with a gentle smile that struck her for some reason at that moment.

"Huang Dong."

"Ohthat guy" Huo Li recognized the person, "Isn't he that Humpty Dumpty who wanted to get rid of you?"

Oh wow, Humpty Dumpty, this is too accurate.

Lu could not help but giggle, probably because of the approval from the acquaintance.

Huo Yunting's mind was roaring, demanding no other man to have beheld the beauty of such a smile, so he glanced at Huo Li, "Thank you and get out."