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Warning Tsundere President Chapter 45

"You" Her word froze. Knowing well what Huo Yunting was capable with his mouth, she decided to flee from the scene.

And Huo Yunting, like a bodyguard, followed after her. The dark lust in his eyes seemingly lingered.

Madam Xue you are sure one great woman. To please the old man, you literally utilized everybody, even your own daughter.

You want me to go home? Sure, I'll go, and I'll make sure I'll get you a gift, a surprising gift.

Lu was at loss of appetite during dinner, as she picked up a few slices of meat then gargled some wine, intending to sleep through tonight with alcohol.

Her husband had another plan, as he still stalked her around even at home and in bed.

Lying next to Lu, he shot a glance and squeezed up to her ears. His watery lips teasingly made contact with the sensitive earlobe. It was a contact, not too indecent for foreplay, not too innocent for a touch.

Lu was not entirely cured from her fever, her face remained red, only to further redden due to alcoholit was very charming.

Before Lu could resist, her cheeks were held, as his cheeks were approaching. Fear filled her eyes as she turned her head away, "What are you doing? I'm still unwell."

"Don't worry. My immune system is strong. Share all the virus you have with me."

His lips were already so near, that she could clearly feel his piping hot breath. She wanted to reply but her lips were sealed tight with his hunger.

Her shoulders fell onto the bed weakly, as she closed her eyes. Slowly accepting her fate and letting the devil devour her.

Kisses and gropes pulled her down, all the way the bottom of lust.

Just when Lu was expecting an insertion as her inevitable fate, Huo suddenly laid down obediently, as the light was switched off.

Amidst darkness, she could hardly see a thing, yet she felt her ears caressed by his words, uttered using his magnetic voice, "Good night. You'll need the stamina to pay what your mom owed to my family. Don't think of escaping even if it's an installment without contract."


She could not breathe for a second, as the intensity of her consequence was overwhelming, that even after she relaxed into her slumber, the bitterness still wrenched her heart.

Sometimes she just hoped those gods, spirits, whatever supernatural and beyond humanity actually existed, to comfort her that there will be end to this horrible part of her life, and hopefully it will come soon.

The next morning, Lu had recovered. She got up and changed into her usual office woman outfit. While she was trying to clear her workloads, her phone rang, as usual.

As usual.

She took it and stormed out of her office, only accepting the call after reaching the end of the corridor.

Sigh, I'm probably the only girl on earth who would phone her mom like Swiper.

"Yang Yang, how's my sweetie? Have you asked him about the birthday? It'll be your father's big day tomorrow!"

Madam Xue's dramatic voice swarmed upon her before she greeted her mother.

"Mhm" she replied, "He has agreed, we would be going home together."

"Really? Oh, how wonderfulI knew my daughter is the wisest of them all. Do get home as early as possible,okay?"

Madam Xue, who seemed relieved as her plan was working, sounded lighthearted than before.

Only Huo Yunting's appearance could make her look proud.

"Mommy, what does daddy like the most? I'm going to get him a present, well, sincethis is the first birthday we actually spent together"

He might not be her biological father, they were not so close either, but sending gifts to a birthday person is a basic move of courtesy.

"..." Madam Xue was apparently giving deep thoughts about it, for it took her a few seconds to form a reply, "He doesn't have anything in mind. Anything for a grown man,maybe ties or wallet will do."


She hung up and turned to her back, only to be frightened into making a jump.