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Warning Tsundere President Chapter 46

Huo Yunting stood a few feet away from her with a hand in his pocket, looking like he had just arrived moments ago.

She greeted him with a professional tone. "Mr President."

"Sorry to interrupt. I trust you have learned enough about your stepfather's preferences?" Huo Yunting spoke with unfettered disdain.

"That is none of your concern." She held tightly onto her phone and walked past him.

Despite sticking close to the wall, he still managed to catch her by the wrist.

"Anything else?" She asked robotically.

The place was deserted, but still a common area. Anyone could walk by and see them.

"Lu Zhaoyang, let me remind you that in order to make him happy, the first step is to not make me angry, or else"

He could announce to everyone about their marriage whenever he wanted, and then all would know about their act of incest.

"... I understand."

Her hands clenched tightly as she suppressed the anger boiling inside her.

She had acted a little too impulsively just now. After going through so much, there was nothing she could not endure.

Satisfied with her answer, Huo Yunting let go of her hand and left.

It seemed that she had been treated too well recently that she had forgotten about the reality of her situation. His actions reminded her of it.

Lu Zhaoyang was the daughter of that woman.

After work, Lu Zhaoyang left the office on time (a rare occurrence) and went shopping for a practical but appropriate gift.

She stared at the present in her hands in daze, hoping that the party tomorrow would go smoothly.

The next day, in the spirit of cooperation, Huo Yunting joined her in the car as they made their way to the Huo family house in the capital.

He was quiet throughout the journey, focused on his driving, his mind unreadable to her.

Huo Yunting noticed her confusion. He turned to look at her with a charming and teasing smile.

The undercurrent was unsettling to Lu Zhaoyang. After a moment's hesitation, she said to Huo Yunting, "Can you please be a bit more lenient with my mom? You can even just ignore her entirely."

His words always sounded so harsh to her, much less her mother.

Huo Yunting's attention never left his driving. With one hand on the steering wheel and another casually resting on the window frame, he behaved as though she was not even in the car.

From the moment the car arrived at the airport until they board the plane, he did not utter a single word to her.

His silence and passivity kept Lu Zhaoyang on the edge of her seat

In the meantime, at the Huo family mansion

Since Huo Zhenning was an illustrious member of society, his birthday party was attended by almost everyone worth knowing in the capital.

Today was a celebration of his own birthday, but also the day he would make a very important announcement!

Mo Shan wore a long chiffon gown in light pink. Her wavy long hair was fixed into bun at the back with a diamond hairpin, and her delicate features were accented with exquisite makeup. With a champagne glass in her hand, she greeted the guests with a sweet and welcoming smile on her face, carrying herself with grace and elegance.

Xue Yuming, dressed in a purple chi-pao, made her way through the guests to Mo Shan. "Shan, why are you still here? Yunting is on his way here, do you want to wait for him with me at the door?"

"Of course!"

At the mention of Huo Yunting, Mo Shan immediately left everything behind and held Madam Xue's hand.

Almost all the guests were here, but Huo Yunting and Lu Zhaoyang were still nowhere to be seen.